with Ryan Daniel Moran

What if Ryan could show you 3 ways of never buying a house but reaping all of the benefits of real estate investment?

Find out how!

Key Takeaways

[:24] At 9 years old, Ryan used to read a kind of consumer report publication for children called Zillions — he was not the popular kid in school — that’s where he got his love of entrepreneurship, real estate and investing in general.

[3:10] Initially, entrepreneurship was Ryan’s way of making enough money to become a real estate investor so he started buying single family real estate as soon as he was able to afford to.

After doing it, he can openly say that it’s a mistake to do that if you are an entrepreneur. He explains why and moves on to what to do instead:


Go all in on your primary business and take your cash to put into passive income.


[8:00] The source of any income is never passive in and of itself, but it can be passive for you. Here are the three areas Ryan invests his own money:

1. Real Estate Investment Trust

2. Hard money lending

3. Real Estate Syndications and Funds

As long as you’re confident in the underlying business and people running that business.

Braingasm [15:20] Buy stressed assets, take investor money, fix ‘em up, get the value high and take bank loans to pay back investors quickly!

The Fastest route to freedom? Make your money in one specific business and invest the profits in an area you’re confident in.

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“Money while you sleep is nice, but it doesn’t really exist: there has to be a business behind the investment!” — Ryan Daniel Moran

“Income can be passive for you but the source of it is never passive.” — Ryan Daniel Moran

“I would never invest in a business where I didn’t trust the people.” — Ryan Daniel Moran

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