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Aubrey Marcus had an awesome chat with Ryan about getting everything you want out of life. Many of us believe that we can only chase certain goals by sacrificing other things we desire. Aubrey’s life is proof that we don’t have to do that; you need to listen to this podcast so you can incorporate his great advice right away. Here are some of his key points:


Time is not what you think it is

For Aubrey, 30 minutes of absolute presence with someone is worth 3 days of not really paying that much attention to them. If you give people and tasks concentrated attention, you can accomplish much more, since you are more efficient with your time.

Balance is something to be measured over a lifetime

Work-life balance is crucial, but it’s not what you think it is. Sometimes Aubrey parties and relaxes for a few days, and sometimes he has work “sprints” lasting months or years. You can put your nose to the grindstone for awhile, and then take a lot of time off to decompress, and that’s a balanced life.


Perpetual action is distraction

It’s really hard for entrepreneurs to take time away from their business. The self-validation that comes from economic success and hard work seems to disappear when one takes a vacation or pursues something else. Don’t get locked into a mindset that you have to keep at it all the time; that just distracts you from what’s really important in life.


It was great hearing Aubrey’s perspective on a life worth living!


Key takeaways:

  • Time is not what you think it is
  • Balance is something to be measured over a lifetime, and
  • Perpetual action is distraction

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Show Notes

Garrett Gunderson gave a great talk at Capitalism Conference 2017 about how to invest your money properly and save a ton of cash. There’s so much great information in his 50 minute talk that we can only cover some of the best tips here; you really need to check out the whole thing to make sure you’re not flushing tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) down the drain. Here are some of his awesome, actionable tips:


Focus, don’t diversify

Diversifying your investment portfolio makes no sense if you don’t think about why you’re putting your money where you’re putting it. The key is to focus in on a couple things that will actually pay off in the long-run, which means paying proper attention to your investments.

Compounding interest over decades is super slow

Anybody can invest in a safe plan with their bank, with a tiny bit of growth compounding over decades. That’s really slow wealth creation. Garrett prefers wealth acceleration, by taking advantage of high-return investments that will pay off in a few years, not a few decades.


Have a brainstorming session with your accountants

Look at all your annual expenditures, and meet with your CPAs to figure out how to write off as much as possible. Garrett’s written off housing expenses, travel expenses, and lots more by being creative but still working within the IRS’s regulations.


It was awesome getting all this great advice (and more) from Garrett!


Key takeaways:

  • Focus, don’t diversify
  • Compounding interest over decades is super slow, and
  • Have a brainstorming session with your accountants

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Ryan was stoked to talk to Zach Lee, his first student who ever came to one of his paid-for workshops. A father of young children, Zach’s found a way to be there for his family while also reaching 7-figure success. Here’s how he does it:


Find A Good Idea, Then Hone In On It

Zach likes to build businesses from scratch, scale them to 7-figures, and then start another one. He’s managed to build several brands with dozens of products that way.


With the limited time he has available, Zach figures out a good product idea for the marketplace, sets a team to implement it for him, and then oversees the process. By focusing on one idea at a time, he’s effective and efficient when at work.

Put A Premium On Your Business Time

If you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing when you get to work, you’re going to be wasting your time. Zach’s become really good at delegating tasks to his team and contractors, and dedicating his own time to take direct action with his businesses. He doesn’t lose a minute.

Put A Premium On Your Family Time

As a parent of young children, once you step away from your desk, you step right into your “second job”: being there for your family. You need to devote attention to your rugrats, especially during their high-demand early years.


And you shouldn’t want it any other way. As Zach knows, now is the time when they’ll want to hang out with you the most. These years are short and you need to spend the time on them they deserve. Doing so will make you a better parent and a better entrepreneur (since you won’t be clouded with guilt about not being there for the little ones when you go back to the office).


It was awesome hearing from Zach!


Key takeaways:

  • Find a good idea, then hone in on it
  • Put a premium on your business time, and
  • Put a premium on your family time


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Show Notes

We’ve leaked another great Q&A session from Capitalism Conference 2017. Russell Brunson talked to us about building a great team and more, and we wanted to share his actionable tips with you. Here they are:


Build a team with the best people so you can do your best. Russell’s amazing at some things. He’s horrible at lots of others. That’s totally okay. He was able to grow his businesses by building a team with awesome, talented people with complementary skill sets. Just like the Avengers, they’re so effective, it seems like they do the job of ten or more people each!


Make sure your business is doing the best it can by getting the best people.


Your marketing funnels may be better than you think. If you think your funnels aren’t doing well, you might be wrong. You need to look at each of your touch-points throughout the funnel and identify which ones are bad and which ones are actually doing well. It could be a traffic issue, an ad copy issue, or something else that’s at the core of the problem, not the entire funnel.


Don’t be afraid to express vulnerability. We want to show ourselves as strong in a hyper-competitive business world. However, customers are really drawn to authenticity and vulnerability. Being able to talk about issues that are important but may also make you seem vulnerable - Russell did when discussing fertility issues - can really resonate with the public.


It was awesome listening to Russell at CapCon!


Key takeaways:

  • Build a team with the best people so you can do your best
  • Your marketing funnels may be better than you think, and
  • Don’t be afraid to express vulnerability

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Show Notes

Ryan had a great chat with Travis Sago of Bum Marketing fame. He told us how “idiots” (really meaning “regular” people) get rich with pretty straightforward tricks. It sounds cheesy, but we know you can get something out of what he has to say to get your business booming. Here’s what he shared:


Offers x Execution = Business Success


If you have a great product for the market (Offer) and build it, market it, and distribute it well (Execution), then you’ve “won” at business. That’s all there is to it.


It’s possible to do well with an awesome product and okay execution, or with a mediocre product and great execution, but you’ll find greater success doing well at both.

Watch what the market wants

Anyone can sit in a corner and imagine something. However, if you don’t look at what people’s actual purchasing interests are, you’ll have no idea whether or not it’ll make a wave in the market.

Let’s say you're relaxing at a farmers’ market. If you just observe what shoppers are looking to buy and where and how they are dissatisfied with what’s on offer, then you’ve found an opportunity to meet an unmet demand.

Dial-in on value multiplication


You could tunnel-in on stuff like SEO or other tasks that might get you 4% more traction in the marketplace. That’d be a boost, no doubt, but wouldn’t you be better off making something that really resonates with the market? That could multiply your revenue!


It was great hearing from Travis!


Key takeaways:

  • Offers x Execution = Business Success
  • Watch what the market wants, and
  • Dial-in on value multiplication

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This has been a rough week. Rough month? Year?

My content creator C-Money was over at my apartment, I had just put Esther to bed, and we got out a bottle of whiskey.

I started opening up about some of my frustrations as an entrepreneur, some of the mistakes that I've made, and if we could do it all over again, how I would do things differently.

I've had some ups and downs, I have had to fire some employees and hire new ones, and it feels like a time of transition.

But my whole life as an entrepreneur has been filled with ups and downs... maybe you can relate?

Listen to this episode if you want to avoid the mistakes that have cost me millions of dollars.