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One of the most important things for anyone who wants to build a better life or more successful business is the setting and accomplishment of goals. But we often don’t meet our goals. Do you know why that is? Do you know what holds you back? On this episode, Guy and Ilan from Satori Prime are sharing the things they teach about mindset, goal setting, and goal accomplishment.

All progress starts by telling yourself the truth.

You won’t be able to get anywhere in building a better life or business if you are unwilling to admit what your current situation is, and why you are there. You have to start with telling yourself the truth. That’s the only way you will notice what is really before you and what is holding you back so that you can take steps to move away from it. This episode with the guys from Satori Prime is practical for helping you tell yourself the truth so you can finally begin moving forward.

Setting goals is a hopeful thing. It’s the doing of the goals that is the hard part.

All of us like setting goals because it makes the optimistic part of our brains turn on. It enables us to dream, to imagine a more positive and profitable future. It simply feels good. But when it comes to applying yourself to the accomplishment of those dreams, it’s a different story. If you want to know how to get moving toward the accomplishment of your goals, Ilan and Guy from Satori Prime are on this episode of the podcast to tell you how.

The only goals that really work are goals that pull you towards them.

When you are setting goals you need to ask some hard questions about why you want the goals you’re setting. Is there something outside of yourself that you feel compelled to satisfy or is the goal coming from a place that is entirely internal? You need to know the answer to that question because goals that motivate by “pushing” are the kind of goals that never get accomplished. But goals that pull you, that draw you toward them are almost always accomplished. You can learn the difference and how to spot your true goal-setting motivations from this episode.

To attain your goals you need to chunk them down into manageable pieces.

Let’s choose a crazy goal as an example to help us think about the practical steps of goal setting. Say you want to earn one million dollars in the next calendar year but you’ve never earned that much money in a year before. That goal in its entirety can seem overwhelming and if you stay fixated on that you won’t move very far. So you’ve got to “chunk down” your goals - break them into smaller, bite-sized pieces that are not so overwhelming. That way your mind can grasp the steps to achieving your goals and move you there bit at a time.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:23] Ryan’s introduction to this episode featuring the guys from Satori Prime, Ilan and Guy.
  • [3:39] Why resolutions don’t work at all and what to do instead.
  • [7:10] A very simple way to create your goals for a new year.
  • [11:27] 3 steps you need to take before you ever write down a goal.
  • [17:00] How goals lead you to the challenges that cause breakthrough.
  • [22:11] The best way to handle resistance.
  • [29:12] Learn to think of your own goals like a coach would.
  • [31:30] Bonus tips for creating new goals.
  • [34:08] The kind and size of goals that are possible and how to set them properly.
  • [42:08] Ryan’s summary of the episode.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Stop making resolutions. They don’t work. Instead, you want to look at your mindset and make significant changes in your beliefs.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Learn to counsel yourself like a coach would. When you can get outside your first person perspective you’ll be able to see more objectively and make better decisions.

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Pay attention to the results that come from the tweaks you make to everything in your business - from systems, to workflow, to sales pages. It’s those little tweaks that will tell you what is working and what is broken. When you are able to optimize what is working and fix what is broken, you’re able to increase your profits. On this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan is excited to tell you the things he’s been working on that have generated the $1.1 million for this past month and how he thinks the changes being made will impact the company’s growth.

We’ve struck a deal (almost) with a major retail chain.

One of the things Ryan shares on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane is that he’s in talks right now with a major retail chain to sell one of his product lines in their stores. He’s excited about the possibilities (naturally) and is eager to get the agreement. The reason he's so eager is because he’s confident that he and his team are going to be worlds ahead of the other brands in the space when it comes to marketing. His plan is to take over the market. You can hear why Ryan is moving this product line to a non-Amazon based sales solution and what he expects to come of it, on this episode.

In every business, you need to understand the impact the tweaks you make, are making.

Until you have your business firmly established and dominating your marketplace you need to constantly be assessing the things you do to make the business run. Team structure, workflows, personnel, software - anything that can create a bottleneck in your process and profitability needs to be examined. That’s because the things you change can bring tremendous results - and you want to notice what works so you can do more of it. You’ll also be able to see what is not working and do less of it, change it, or get rid of it altogether. Ryan’s got some strong opinions about the importance of the constant business maintenance that has to happen and he shares them, on this episode.

Every entrepreneur has to learn how to build and lead a team.

One of the things Ryan’s been learning lately is that he needs to become more adept at building and leading a team. He’s got a small team working for him now and constantly finds the challenge of maintaining good culture and building good systems to be difficult. But he believes that every entrepreneur HAS to learn how to do it because it’s the team that multiplies efforts and makes the business better, stronger, and more profitable. This episode is an up to date status report on Ryan’s businesses, including his personal growth journey - so you won’t want to miss it.

Acquiring businesses that can fuel larger dreams.

Ryan has been very outspoken about his goal to purchase the Cleveland Indians baseball team. It’s a dream - so naturally, it’s got to have a plan behind it if it’s going to come true. Ryan’s plan is to acquire and scale existing physical products businesses as a form of investment to fuel the revenue for that dream - and he’s chosen that approach because he feels it’s an aspect of business that he’s really, really good at. You can hear how those plans are going and about the “almost” acquisition of another business in his portfolio, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:01] Ryan’s introduction to this episode: His revenue report for January 2017.
  • [4:26] Dialing-in the launch process for non-Amazon products.
  • [6:03] Striking a deal with a major retail chain: a different business model.
  • [9:50] The supplement company: Body Vega Nutrition.
  • [11:40] The health and profits of Freedom Fast Lane.
  • [14:46] Ryan’s 3 year vision to invest in businesses.
  • [16:30] Goals for 2017.
  • [17:42] Ryan’s personal investments: wrapping up a multi-million dollar acquisition.
  • [19:56] Real estate holdings, fulfillment, restaurant, possible investments with TRIBE members.
  • [22:31] The new revenue for this month.
  • [23:10] Personal life: Ryan’s little girl is growing and delightful - hiring and leading a team.

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Every business owner needs to know the basics of managing the profits that the business makes. What are the best things to do with the money the business makes? How much should you invest back into the business? When do you know it’s right to take money out of the business and begin investing in other things? This episode of Freedom Fast Lane gives you answers to those questions and more. Ryan’s friend Matthew Paulson shares his approach to cash-flow investing, business profit margins and investments, and much more.

Why a ROTH IRA is the first thing everybody should invest in.

One of the biggest burdens for every citizen, but especially for small business owners, is taxes. It’s only right to pay your fair share of taxes but there’s no reason you should be paying more than you should. On this episode, Matthew Paulson shares his approach to taxes and the use of the legal tools - such as ROTH IRAs that can save you taxes and enable you to get started with investing in simple, but powerful ways.

What about crypto currencies like Bitcoin? Are they good investments?

One of the more trendy and new ways people are investing these days is through crypto currency - a digital form of currency that many people are predicting will be the way we buy and sell in the future. Matthew Paulson, Ryan’s expert guest on this episode feels that these types of investments are far too volatile and that investing in them is more like speculation than it is a true investment. You can hear Matthew’s reasoning and the things he’s learned in running his own businesses and investing his own profits, on this episode.

Are municipal bonds a good investment strategy?

Matthew Paulson believes that for most investors who are in a particular tax bracket, certain bonds are good financial investment vehicles to use. Though the earnings are typically much lower than most investors are hoping for (around 6%) there is a particular use for this kind of investment that Matthew believes every investment portfolio needs. You can hear his thoughts and understand more of whether or not bonds are right for you by listening to this episode.

Is real estate a good investment? If so, at what level does it make sense?

The internet is abuzz about the power of investing in real estate and many people seem to be doing very well purchasing properties, flipping houses, wholesaling, and more. But from Matthew Paulson’s chair, real estate investing only makes sense if you do it on a larger scale, simply because the work required to keep the properties up and managed well is much more than the passive, cash-flow style of business he likes to run. You can hear how Matthew has come to these conclusions and how he advises you consider real estate investing realistically, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:01] One of the most popular classes we’ve taught.
  • [1:00] Ryan’s introduction of Matthew Paulson and the idea of cashflow investing.
  • [7:16] When should you take money out of your business?
  • [10:15] How do you know which investments to make in your business?
  • [13:54] What should you do to invest the money you take out of your business?
  • [16:35] The 3 basics everyone should do when it comes to investing.
  • [25:42] What things should you NOT buy with your profits?
  • [27:04] Why digital or crypto currencies are volatile and not a good investment.
  • [30:27] The types of investments you SHOULD buy.
  • [33:30] What about municipal or government bonds?
  • [36:05] Owning real estate as an investment.
  • [40:04] All-in on your business and diversification in your investments.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: When you are first starting you’ll likely have to put most of what you earn back into your business. That’s what fuels growth and cash-flow and enables you to learn how things are going to work.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Set a minimum profit margin in your business. It will help you when evaluating opportunities and keep you focused on what you really want to accomplish.

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