with Ryan Daniel Moran

Alex went from sleeping on the floors of his gym to building a $30M/yr business in just three years… without taking on any outside investments.

What’s more… His business has helped more than 40 of his clients become millionaires.

Alex recently wrote a book that Ryan considers to be the best business book he’s ever read. Listen in on their conversation to hear more about the strategies Alex teaches, follows, and outlines in his book... and how you can implement them in your business right now.

Capitalism causes big problems in the world.

No, you haven’t accidentally downloaded a podcast from Ryan hasn’t been taken over by aliens. You’re exactly in the right place. And if you get squeamish when people blame capitalism for disasters like oil spills and atrocities brought on by racism and racial inequality, this episode is exactly the one your brain will thank you for listening to today.

As it turns out, having problems in the world isn’t actually a problem.

In fact, by the time this discussion sinks in for you, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for problems. The bigger, the better! In fact, with this perspective, you’ll fall deeper in love with capitalism and entrepreneurs, too.

But even more importantly, you’ll leave this episode with a highly-effective (and enormously lucrative) way to think about problems - big or small, personal, business-related, or global. “Get this” and you’ll have a whole new way of thinking about your financial freedom.

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There are two humongous milestones in the development of your brand.

The first comes when you reach the point of being “all-in” on it. Like, it’s not just a smart idea for a business. It’s not just a clear path to a million dollars. It’s not just something some investor might want to throw money at.

Instead, it’s the hair on fire moment when you really see the massive positive contribution your brand can make in the lives of the people you’ll serve. It’s like the mission behind your brand takes on this feeling of enormity, urgency, and maybe even a sense of, “If I don’t do this, if I don’t serve my people with this, I am missing out on an important part of my whole purpose for being on this planet.”

Ryan had that experience recently with his new brand, and he’ll tell you how he reached this point of going all-in on this episode.

But the second milestone, that’s the one that may make this the most powerful episode you ever listen to. Why? Because for entrepreneurs looking to scale a brand, what Ryan shares with you in this episode will clear a straight path for you and help you to bypass popular pitfalls that could sidetrack you for years (or forever). Getting clarity on this singular question will not only give you a whole new perspective on how to scale… it’ll also help you make crucial strategic decisions easily and wisely.

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Most success stories get told backwards, from the great win all the way back to the humble beginnings. Think of all those “they started in their garage” stories. They wouldn’t be nearly as compelling if the story ended in the founder going to work at a ‘regular’ job because of failing.

A lot gets lost in the telling that way. Hindsight dictates which efforts, twists, and turns are worth recalling because they became significant. But what would it be like to look over Bill Gates’ shoulder while he built Microsoft in his garage? Or to stalk Target’s deodorant aisle with Moiz Ali as he built Native Deodorant?

Wouldn’t you gather far richer insights by studying a brand in real time as it climbs to an eight-figure valuation? To see all the experiments, to understand the thought processes, to witness the moment when a brand caught fire?

In this episode, Ryan sketches out his plan to take the Switch Supplements brand, and On Switch (its first product) from $0 to an eight-figure exit. Just as he teaches other entrepreneurs to build a million-dollar brand using his book 12 Months to $1 Million as a playbook, he’s following that same plan for this brand.

As you listen in on his plan, you’ll pick up strategies and thought processes that can help you build your own million-dollar brand. Will the brand become a huge success? Nobody knows for sure, even though it sure looks like that. Either way, because you listened to this episode, you’ll have an insider’s perspective when it all shakes out in the end.

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