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There are lots of crazy things people to do to attain success. Jesse Itzler is one of the rare individuals who does crazy things more for the experience and the learning than for anything else. In this conversation you’re going to get a quick dive into the mind and life of an amazing guy who has built million dollar companies, intentionally put himself in the most difficult of circumstances, and has come away hungry for more. You won’t want to miss this conversation with Jesse Itzler.

Building a private jet company from nothing but an idea.

When Jesse Itzler and his business partner had the idea to sell $25 flight cards to enable people to have access to private jets many people thought they were crazy. When they had the opportunity to pitch their idea to the founder of NetJets they were thrown out of the meeting within 12 minutes. But they discovered after the fact that was actually a good thing. If you want to hear the incredible story of how two 20-something guys build and sold a company worth millions you’ve got to hear this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Failure is only the end if you stop trying.

Many attempts at building successful companies but failing all the same only taught Jesse Itzler one thing: You’ve got to keep trying. He’s the kind of guy who sees each try as part of the learning curve you have to go through in order to gain the experience and knowledge that will eventually make you successful. It’s a long game that pays off - but only if you refuse to let the failures beat you. Jesse shares how the failures have served him and explains how yours can serve you, on this episode.

He invited the toughest man alive to live with him for 30 days.

Jesse Itzler is not a guy to stay inside the box. When he had the opportunity to meet a Navy SEAL who was touted to be the toughest man alive Jesse had a crazy idea. He invited the guy to move in with him for 30 days and teach him everything he knew. They guy felt that if Jesse was crazy enough to ask then he’d be crazy enough to take him up on the offer. Jesse didn’t know what he was in for. On this episode, Jesse tells the whole story - from oxygen deprivation to no pee zones, to jumping into frozen lakes - the endurance, perseverance, and mindset lessons he learned have made Jesse even more of the undefeatable entrepreneur he is today. You’ll love this one.

Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016 is still open for registrations. Get yours today.

The one thing Ryan is most proud of that the Freedom Fast Lane team does every year is the Freedom Fast Lane LIVE events. Last year’s event was outrageously successful and this year’s promises to be an even bigger deal. You won’t want to miss today’s guest, Jesse Itzler, one of the speakers on day two - as well as the all-star investment panel, Peter Diamandis, and many others. You can hear how to get your ticket on this episode so be sure you listen.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:05] Ryan’s introduction of Jesse Itzler, an amazing man and entrepreneur.
  • [1:44] How you can still get your tickets for Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016.
  • [3:05] How Jesse got into the private jet business.
  • [6:50] How failure has taught Jesse to persevere and move ahead in spite of failures.
  • [11:37] Moving on to charity events and coconut water.
  • [13:42] Jesse’s book about a Navy SEAL who lived with him and trained his mindset.
  • [18:57] How Jesse and his wife, Sara Blakely met.
  • [21:05] The next ideas Jesse is working on for his future.
  • [23:12] Jesse’s advice about business and life success.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Don’t let inexperience keep you from trying. Jesse didn’t have any experience in any of the businesses he has made successful. But he knew how to learn, work, and pivot to find success.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Learn to shake it up. Learn that you are capable of much more than you think you are even when you’re at the peak of your perceived performance.

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Physical products are purchased by real people, people who have to become aware of the product in order to purchase it. That may sound like an obvious statement but too often those who create brands around physical products imagine all these buyers out there but don’t take the time to think through how they are going to find those actual people. On this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan chats with Khierstyn Ross about how she’s used crowdfunding multiple times to not only fund the creation of a physical product but also to build an audience of people interested in the product. You’ll get some great ideas from this conversation.

Crowdfunding is powerful but it’s not easy.

Many people think that crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are no-brainer ways to raise money to start a company. But the reality is that for every successful crowdfunding campaign there are many that fail. It takes hard work, market research, and a great campaign strategy to get your brand off the ground using crowdfunding. Khierstyn Ross has learned her lessons the hard way and through that process has built a business responsible for over $1.2 million in crowdfunding success for her clients. On this episode Ryan picks her brain about the strategies and approaches that have worked well to build sustainable physical product brands, so be sure you listen.

How crowdfunding can help you build your audience.

One of the most difficult aspects of any business is the marketing. You’ve got to find effective and appealing ways to get your products in front of the people who are most likely to need and buy them. Khierstyn Ross has discovered that though they weren't originally intended for building an audience, crowdfunding platforms are excellent ways to find those raving fans. Just think about it: Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns are raising funds from people who are excited to see the product created so that THEY can use it. What better audience could you have? Khierstyn shares how she advises companies to make the most of the crowdfunding audience, on this episode.

You’ve got that great email list. How can it help your crowdfunding campaign?

When Ryan asked Khierstyn Ross how successful crowdfunding campaigns are using existing lists of customers or prospects she was quick to say that one of the biggest mistakes she sees is that though someone may have a large list, they often have let it go cold. In other words, they haven’t been staying in front of their list members often enough, providing good and helpful content all along. So when they suddenly show up in inboxes with an ask (like a crowdfunding campaign), people tend to view it unfavorably even though they did sign up to be on the list once upon a time. On this episode, Khierstyn shares the best ways to avoid that kind of response and get your list fired up about your campaign.

Is a crowdfunding campaign a good option for your next physical product?

What might it be like if you had all the money you needed to purchase, develop, brand, and establish your physical product line? Crowdfunding can do that for you. But you’ve got have the right product and the right approach. Khierstyn Ross has walked alongside many campaign managers to help them navigate the ins and outs of a successful product launch and on this episode she shares what she’s learned about good and bad products for crowdfunding, and how you can do your best to optimize your product line for a successful crowdfunding launch.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:05] Ryan’s introduction to this episode with Khierstyn Ross, crowdfunding expert.
  • [2:25] How Khierstyn has gotten to be a great crowdfunding consultant and expert.
  • [6:00] The types of products that do well in crowdfunding.
  • [12:26] The elements that go into a good launch strategy.
  • [18:23] What Khierstyn considers to be a successful campaign, and what should expectations be for a crowdfunding campaign?
  • [24:04] The things you should be doing with your email list if you want to do a crowdfunding campaign.
  • [29:58] Using crowdfunding to build an audience.
  • [29:50] The step by step bootcamp we provide for you to build your business.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Start building your email list YESTERDAY. If you can gather a crowd of people who are excited about your products and brand, any crowdfunding campaign will be that much easier to make successful.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Create and use Facebook groups to invite people into a private access club where people can get swag, discounts, etc. - then use those people to promote the products as a street team.

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This episode of Freedom Fast Lane we’re featuring something a bit different. It’s different because it’s not the typical type of episode we bring you. Normally Ryan chats with someone who is killing it in business or investing. But this episode is reversed, it’s an interview of Ryan from another podcast - The Start For Nothing Podcast. You’re going to learn a lot about Ryan, his background, what got him into business, how he started working toward true wealth building, and lots more. Be sure you take the time to get to know the man behind the Freedom Fast Lane brand.

The difference between making money and being an entrepreneur.

There are lots of people out there who can make money. And making money is not a bad thing. But there is a world of difference between making money and being an entrepreneur. A person who is only interested in making money typically does it any way they can. The product or service doesn’t matter to them, they just want to make money. But an entrepreneur is a person who is aiming at something bigger than themselves, looking to serve a specific niche market with products or services that make the end user's life truly better. On this episode, Ryan unpacks why he chose the entrepreneurial path as a better way forward.

Who are you serving? What are their pain points? How can you meet them?

When Ryan was asked how a person who has never run a business before could get started he had 3 simple questions. #1 - Who do you want to serve? #2 - What are their pain points? #2 - How can you meet the need they feel? Once you are able to answer those questions you will be able to come up with the right product or service and build a business. From there it depends on the execution of your plan in simple but effective ways. You can hear Ryan explain the process simply but with a good amount of detail on this episode.

The biggest jumps in growth for you will come from attending live events.

Both Ryan and the man who interviewed him for this episode - Andy Drish - believe that some of the greatest opportunities for personal growth and development come from attending live events. Not only is the content that is shared from the stage powerful but the energy and interaction between participants and presenters lend to a unique environment that spawns growth. Listen as the two chat about the importance of maximizing event attendance and find out more about the upcoming Freedom Fast Lane LIVE event in Austin Texas in December of 2016.

Creating the best event possible while trying not to lose money.

If you are not aware of the upcoming Freedom Fast Lane LIVE event you need to know that it’s an event created to be the event Ryan wants to attend. His thought is that if he creates the event that he’d want to go to, people who resonate with his approach and his message will naturally be drawn to the event as well. Ryan and his team have leveraged everything they can to put on the event with top experts in their respective fields with the goal of creating the best event possible without losing money. This is an event that’s not about profit - it’s about adding the most value possible to those who attend. If you want to attend FFLL this December, listen to this episode to find out more about what to expect and how you can attend.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:05] Ryan’s introduction to this episode: an interview he did on another podcast.
  • [2:00] The upcoming event The Foundation is creating.
  • [4:00] Why Ryan Moran has learned to think big and how it serves him.
  • [7:17] Ryan’s trajectory into business beginning at the age of 5.
  • [9:30] The difference between making money and being an entrepreneur.
  • [11:43] How Ryan went from conservative Christian to angry agnostic and back to a seeker of truth.
  • [16:30] The origin and development of the Freedom Fast Lane LIVE event.
  • [23:04] The power of attending live events.
  • [30:06] The first things to do in order to build a business from scratch.
  • [37:37] How to discover the best channel for you to maximize for your business.
  • [45:47] Ryan’’s summary and conclusion of the episode.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: If you want to establish a business that will endure over the long haul ask yourself these three questions. Who are you serving? What are their pain points? How can you meet them? Answer those questions and take action based on your answers.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Think bigger than yourself. You’ve got to have a reason, a cause that you’re going for if you are going to truly meet needs and benefit the world.

Resources Mentioned On This Episode

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Cameron Herold believes that it’s relatively simple to build a successful small business these days. He’s on record saying so many different times. The reason is that the technology and tools that exist make it a fairly straightforward process for anyone who is willing to learn how to put them to good use. But beyond that, to scale a business 100 times larger takes something special and Cameron is a pro at helping entrepreneurs figure out the pieces that make it possible. On this episode, Ryan speaks with Cameron about the things that most entrepreneurs miss when it comes to building a company that is able to scale - and Cameron unloads a boatload of tips for you.

A level people will walk away from more pay in order to work for a better company.

Most entrepreneurs who want to grow their business into the stratosphere don’t understand that in order to do so they have got to get the right, capable, proven, A-level players on their team. The objection is usually that the company simply doesn’t have the money to hire people of that caliber. Cameron Herold says that the A-level players can be attracted to your team if you create a better company. They will leave a higher salary to become part of something better that is going somewhere - and that’s where you can shine. Cameron gives his insights into what it takes to build that type of company culture and how you can go about finding and attracting those A-level players, on this episode.

The leader’s job is to grow the people they are supporting.

Many owners have it all wrong when it comes to carrying out the role of leadership over their company. They think that their job is to manage, to hold people accountable, but it’s not. The main job of any leader is to grow the people on the team. When the team members are able to carry more weight, make better decisions, and move the business forward without the leader having to call the shots, everything runs more smoothly and grows at an accelerated pace. Cameron Herold unpacks what that looks like on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, so make sure you listen to get all the insights he has to share.

How you can find A level players to bring onto your team.

If you are committed to bringing A level players onto your business team you’ve got to be willing to do the work. And the work doesn’t start by putting an ad in the paper or scouring LinkedIn for candidates. The work starts by building a company culture that an A level team member would be willing and eager to join, even if you offer less money than they are making now. Cameron Herold shares how that happens in the companies he coaches and shows you how to begin taking the same kind of steps in your business, on this episode.

Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016 can equip YOU to scale your business 100X

The conversation Ryan has with Cameron Herold on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane is just one example of the kind of great content you’ll receive by attending Freedom Fast Lane LIVE in December of 2016. Cameron is only one of the speakers who will unload the business wisdom and skills that will help you get past your invisible ceiling and scale your business to stellar levels of profitability and success. But you won’t get in on the action if you don’t make plans to attend. Tickets are selling out fast so make sure you take the time right now to reserve your place at F2L2-2016.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:04] Ryan’s good news and bad news.
  • [0:45] Who is Cameron Herold and why Ryan invited him to Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016.
  • [3:19] Why Cameron says small businesses are not hard to build anymore.
  • [6:33] Why scaling a business is all about the people you build the business on.
  • [10:10] How Cameron attracts A level players and gets rid of C level players.
  • [13:27] Why people will walk away from more play for a better company to work for.
  • [15:41] The magic of making necessary meetings effective.
  • [19:12] How Cameron creates a great team culture in remote teams.
  • [24:18] What you should of if your brain doesn’t work in these kinds of structures.
  • [30:55] How to find A players for your organization.
  • [32:11] How does the organizational structure need to change to scale the business larger?
  • [35:32] What Cameron will bring to Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Understand that if you leverage the technology and tools available today you can build a successful small business. It’s much easier than it’s ever been. You have to believe it’s possible and that you are able to do it.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Begin building your team members rather than managing them. The leader’s job is to grow the people they are supporting, not hold them accountable. You need to hire people who hold themselves accountable.

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