with Ryan Daniel Moran

JP Newman completely started over at 35 and moved into a shabby rent-controlled apartment in Santa Monica at $400/month.


Today he has done over $1.5 billion in commercial real estate deals and runs Thrive FP, a real estate agency based in Austin, TX.


So what happened? In this podcast Ryan interviews JP around how finding his purpose, his big "Why" has been a guiding star in all of his success.


No matter where you are at in your own entrepreneurial journey, you will get there faster if you have a bigger purpose beyond the goals than just making money.


Beyond the tactics and formulas for business building, this episode will help you define what you want on the other side of achieving your goals so you can find clarity and dream bigger.


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(0:00) - Episode Teaser

(0:50) - Ryan Episode Introduction

(3:00) - Interview With JP Newman Begins

(5:00) - How Entrepreneurs Can Discover Their "Why"

(9:30) - An Exercise For Visualizing Success

(15:15) - Rewriting Negative Money Beliefs

(20:45) - How Your Energy Creates Your Life

(26:30) - Setting Bigger Goals And Creating A Vivid Vision

(37:00) - What JP Would Tell His Younger 35 Year Old Self

(42:00) - Results & Status Vs. True Desire Goals

(46:30) - The New Goals Of Thrive FP

(51:20) - Freedom To Vs. Freedom From

(54:20) - Ryan Outro & Takeaways

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You don't need to wait 20 or 30 years to get financial freedom from retirement or a pension plan. Today in 3-5 years you can grow and sell a business that will set you up for life. But while entrepreneurs are great at making money, they aren't always great at growing it exponentially over decades.


That's where Sam Prentice comes in. Sam talks about achieving Security, Liquidity, and Cashflow in what he calls a "wealth pyramid" by using smart strategies that will keep your money safe while funding your lifestyle.


If Ryan had known what they share in this podcast while he was building his business he says he would have paid way less in taxes, had a way more secure future, and he would have had way passive income from the way he invested after selling his brand.

No matter where you are at in your journey, this is one you won't want to miss!


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(0:00) - Intro 

(0:40) - Ryan Introduction 

(3:20) - Ryan interviews Sam Prentice

(5:00) - How Sam & Ryan Became Business Partners

(6:45) - The Main Challenge Entrepreneurs Have Investing 

(8:20) - The Wealth Pyramid Explained

(14:50) - How To Grow Wealth And Stay Liquid

(16:50) - Why Liquidity Is So Important

(21:15) - Cashflow Explained 

(28:10) - The Psychology Of Wealth And Cashflow 

(36:10) - When To Diversify vs. When To Concentrate 

(41:15) - The Capitalism Fund Explained 

(49:50) - Example: How To Invest After A $2M Exit 

Rob Oliver had a $30 million exit at just 26 years old, but Ryan met him when he was his Amazon vendor broker when he was just 23.


After starting his own business The Genius Brand he went to 8-figure in just 3 years and in this interview he shares how he was able to scale the brand so quickly.


Ryan & Rob share their brand building strategies and how to position yourself for a big exit.


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(0:00) - Intro

(1:35) - Ryan interviews Rob Oliver

(2:00) - Rob Meets Ryan Working On Sheer Strength

(3:40) - The Beginning Of The Genius Brand

(5:30) - Rob's Perspective On Amazon

(13:00) - Finding The Right Business Partner

(19:15) - How Amazon Has Changed Since 2016

(26:00) - The Secret Of Brand Evaluations

(27:10) - Why Rob Oliver Started Making Social Media Content

(33:15) - Rob's Perspective On Wealth Today

(41:30) - Post-Exit Depression And The Search For Meaning

(47:30) - Advice For People Getting Started Today

(52:50) - Ryan's Conclusion And Takeaways

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Adam Hendle joins the Ryan to break down how he founded an 8-figure brand with a surprisingly tiny team, before successfully exiting in just 3 years.


He did all this while working a full-time job, while raising a family, and putting his spare time into the company.


In this podcast he shares with Ryan what it actually took to build and sell Ballsy, the men's hygiene brand, and everything he has learned along the way.


Today he is working on a new laundry brand SLAY which is bringing the same sense of fun to a whole new space.


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(0:00) - Intro

(1:15) - Ryan Introduces Adam Hendle

(3:00) - Interview Begins

(3:20) - The Origin Story Of Ballsy In 2017

(7:10) - How Adam Found A Specific Audience To Serve 

(11:15) - Creating A "Love It" Or "Hate It" Brand 

(18:50) - Leaving A Comfortable Job At Google To Go All In 

(26:00) - The Hard Times And Struggles Of Scales 

(30:50) - Creating A Content Strategy That Sells

(35:00) - After The Sale: Financial Freedom & Purpose 

(41:00) - The Next Business Venture - SLAY

(45:20) - Takeaways From Ryan

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