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I don't care who you are. $75,000 dollars is a lot of money. But that’s what Ryan just spent on Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFTs. As an investor who’s spent most of his life studying the stock market and a capitalist who’s raised and deployed millions of dollars through the Capitalism Fund, for Ryan to drop this kind of cash on something so… weird? Well, there’s got to be a good reason.

The good news is, you don’t even have to understand what a Non-Fungible Token is to see what Ryan REALLY bought.

After listening to this episode, you probably won’t be one bit clearer about NFTs. But you’ll leave with something far more valuable - a model you can follow to build social capital and to strategically position yourself to get in front of leaders, thinkers, and mentors you want to engage.

Networking groups? Masterminds? They have their place. But this “strategy” can work even better, once you know how to use it. Why? Because when you come from a place of giving, service, and humility, wonderful things happen.

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If you want to make more money, you’ve got to work more.

Well, that’s what most entrepreneurs hear. But the truth is, if you want to make more money, you’ve got to think bigger… and that means you need time to be able to think big thoughts.

Yeah, but if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re already burning it at both ends. You can’t remember the last time you had “spare” time - and to be honest, even if you’re squeezing all your priorities in somehow, there’s always this fear that something’s slipping through the cracks.

Will this podcast episode magically help you reclaim an hour a day? Well, if that happens, it won’t be from magic. But that’s not even the big idea. Instead, here are five tips that, well, frankly, even if you followed just one, there’s no telling what would happen next in your life and business.

This is one talk that’s always a hit in our community because it’s so impactful. That’s why we’re sharing it with you today. When that braingasm hits you, let us know.

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“You should become an influencer!” No. Don’t do that. The world has enough content creators hoping they’ll become the next famous celebrity putting their face on products from makeup to wine.

But here’s a secret: there’s an enormous amount of opportunity for entrepreneurs who’ll partner with content creators who’ve built audiences. In fact, relative to the number of influencers out there, there are very few entrepreneurs capable of building a meaningful business selling physical products to these audiences. The opportunity lies in the wings, outside the spotlight.

In this episode, you’ll see how you can partner with influencers who’ve already built one of the three crucial elements of a successful million dollar business. The best part is, up-and-coming influencers are waiting and wishing for someone like you to help them find another alternative to lame sponsorships. This is an opportunity to build a business that excites everyone involved.

Here’s where the puck is headed.

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Question for you…

Would you be okay with owning only 10% of the business you founded? Not so much?

What if that business grew to be worth a billion dollars? Would you be okay with that percentage then? 

Ryan’s conversation with Brian Lee (founder of Legal Zoom, ShoeDazzle, Art of Sport, and the Honest Company) took a surprising turn when Brian revealed he “only” owns a small percentage of each of his businesses. But, as he said, "Look, I'm out to build billion dollar companies. I'm okay if I only own 10% of it."

While most entrepreneurs wear all the hats in their businesses, clinging to their ownership stake rather than bringing others on board, the Owner’s Model Ryan teaches blows that model to smithereens. As Ryan asks, “Do you want to eat a grape or do you want to eat a slice of a watermelon?” When an owner is willing to build a bigger pie, everyone benefits.

In this episode, you’ll discover exactly what you need to build a 7-, 8-, or even 9-figure business. And if you’re expecting to hear that you’ll need to work your face off for the next decade, you’re in for a very happy surprise.

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Hey brand builders, if you’ve ever wondered whether your business has what it takes to attract investors so you can take it to the next level, this episode is for you.

Inspired by the Capitalism Incubator’s recent Pitch Week, Ryan pinpointed four key questions every brand owner should ask. These are some of the questions investors are asking when they look at your brand to decide whether to take the next step with you.

If you can answer YES to each of these questions, chances are good that you’re building something investors would want to be part of. But if the answer to any of them is NO, don’t worry! You’ll also discover where to put your focus to get back on track. And remember - even if you don’t want investors, building a business they want to partner with results in a business you’ll love growing.


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“For the love of money is the root of all evil.” What’s an entrepreneur to do? We want to build something great, something that serves people. But we definitely want the money, too. Does that make us evil?

So many entrepreneurs carry at least a little guilt when they hear this verse - or its more commonly misquoted version: Money is the root of all evil.

That ends today.

In this episode, Ryan puts his pastor hat on to do a little exegetical work on the Greek in this passage from 2 Timothy. As you listen, you’ll discover what the Apostle Paul was really saying. 

And as its true meaning sinks in, not only will you find yourself operating from a far more resourceful, abundant, and free state, but you’ll also find a whole new level of freedom and inspiration on your entrepreneurial journey.

If this episode creates a shift for you, please share it with us.

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I wanted to share a conversation one of my students, Debbie, and I had recently. Debbie’s making great progress in her journey of building a million-dollar brand. But like many entrepreneurs, this is not her first go at building something big. This time, she’s going at it using the blueprint I share in 12 Months to $1 Million. 

Debbie’s nailed down her audience and her product now, but asked me for advice on how to attract investors. As you’ll discover in this episode, there are three big things an investor wants to see in place before they’ll get excited about throwing their money behind a brand. Plus, and this may be the most important piece of all, they’re looking for a certain mindset… and they can tell within seconds whether a brand owner has it.

Take good notes so you’ll be ready when it comes time to pitch investors for your brand. And do let me know if you experience any significant shifts after you listen.

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Are you facing a life situation you don’t want? Unhappy with your business, your money, or your relationships? We’ve all been there, wanting something to change. How long we stay stuck in that situation, though, largely depends on the questions we ask. 

In this episode, Ryan shares a line of thought experiments that will leave you in a more resourceful state of mind any time you use them. You can use what you’re about to hear to help yourself - or others - to leave excuses and paralyzing doubt behind. But even more, you can practice what you learn to create the life you crave, starting right now.

This is how you can change your financial situation, your relationships, your business… you life today. 


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