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We usually never leak calls from our mastermind group The Backroom but I think you will find this excerpt particularly useful.

There is so much money to be made when you are HAPPY and in your zone of genius, not putting out fires and doing low-level tasks that can be delegated or outsourced.

This episode of Freedom Fast Lane is all about staying in your zone of genius.

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I just had an intriguing chat with eCommerce entrepreneur Jeff Lieber on what new strategies can keep your business relevant on Amazon RIGHT NOW.

If you’re working in the online physical products space, you need to listen to this episode today.


Make the most out of the Giveaway system

Amazon Giveaway is a powerful means to drive interest into your product. You can get really creative with it and get a lot of business. For example, Jeff uses Amazon Giveaway to run contests, getting thousands of people to watch a promotional video in exchange for only two product gifts and some small discounts for those who didn’t win; a really cost-effective offer!

Don’t think of yourself as an Amazon business

Ryan and Jeff know that Amazon is a dominant player in physical products sales. However, even successful business with a strong presence on the platform still expose their products to other markets, such as retail. The more you diversify how you offer your product, the less reliant you are on Amazon for success.

Informed confidence is the best mindset

It’s important to believe in what you’re doing as an entrepreneur; there’s no better way to motivate yourself. If you want to ensure your business remains successful, you need information to support that confidence.


Get knowledge of the sector you’re working in, what opportunities there are for you and your company, and who you might want to add to your team, and you could ensure the future for you and your business.


It was great chatting with Jeff Lieber!


Key takeaways:

  • Amazon Giveaway is powerful
  • You don’t run an Amazon business, but you may run a business that uses Amazon, and
  • Inform your confidence in your business

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Show Notes

Ryan had a great chat with Ukrainian entrepreneur Igor Kustov on adapting to the new Amazon game. If you’re selling physical products online, you need to hear this episode right away; you might benefit from the actionable tips Ryan had for us. Here are some of them:


Establish a community

You used to be able to just give product away and, by that alone, rank high on Amazon keyword searches. Those days are over. If you want to rank on Amazon, you need to have a large audience of engage customers, with good numbers on an email list. If you have that engaged community, Amazon will reward you.

Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a really powerful tool for building that audience you need. It’s great at connecting people to your product and keeping them engaged. Make sure to learn the ins-and-outs of it.

Don’t ask for reviews until you’ve delivered value

If you are good to your customers, they’ll be good to you. Ryan’s often waited a year before asking particularly enthusiastic customers to post an online review of his products. No one will write nice things about you if they don’t know anything about you; build a strong relationship with lots of people and they’ll be singing your praises!


It was great chatting with Igor Kustov!


Key takeaways:

  • Build a strong community
  • Embrace the power of Facebook Messenger, and
  • Only ask for reviews after you’ve delivered value
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Molly Pittman had an awesome talk on creating high-performing ad campaigns at the Capitalism Conference this past December. She had a ton of great information, so you definitely need to listen to the whole episode to make sure you make the best use of her tips, but we’ll give you a sneak peek at a few of her main points here:


Craft a great offer

If your offer is bad, your ads won’t work. Period. Think about how the market would value your product and its competitors, and how you can play around with that to offer something really compelling to your target audience.

Write great ad copy

This ties in with the earlier point, as if you can’t figure out how to write great ad copy for your product, then maybe you don’t have a very good offer. Again, reflect on the value proposition that your product gives consumers, and try out a variety of ad copy “chunks” to see how your target market responds.


Produce awesome ad creatives

Make sure that the ads you end up making visually adhere to your branding. When you put your messaging out, if people can immediately realize which company’s ad they’re looking at based on its style and use of color, then you’ve made a strong impact before they’ve even finished going through the whole ad!


It was awesome listening to Molly at the Capitalism Conference!


Key takeaways:

  • Craft a great offer
  • Write great ad copy, and
  • Produce awesome ad creatives

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I just had dinner with Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes, Jay Shetty, Josh Bezoni, and Colin Stuckert.

I met Gary when I asked him to speak at the first Capitalism Conference.

I wanted to ask him about his vision and path forward to owning the New York Jets since I have my own goal of buying the Cleveland Indians.

He had some really powerful advice on the next steps in my career and wherever you're at in your entrepreneurial journey, I think you'll find his truthbombs just as meaningful.

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Ryan was delighted to have the chance to ask superstar entrepreneur Kimbal Musk a bunch of questions at the Capitalism Conference. He had a lot of interesting insights to offer, which you can implement in your business right now. Here are some of the main points:


Chase your passion

Food’s always been one of Kimbal’s passions. He’s turned that into a massively successful career as a social entrepreneur: growing, cooking, and selling real, healthy food to an increasingly overweight America. You can also find what really drives you, and use that to make decisions on the types of products and services you want to sell.

Don’t let people calling you crazy stop you

If you want to make something new to sell to the public, a lot of people might think you’re nuts. That could make you lose confidence and stop you in your tracks, but don’t let it. Kimbal’s encountered a number of “crazy” business ideas, but he doesn’t dismiss them on that basis alone.


The Information Age will affect everything

The interconnectedness created by technologies like the Internet has already made dramatic changes in how we live our lives. Kimbal sees those technologies as continuing to impact every industry in the years to come.


It was awesome talking with Kimbal Musk about his views on entrepreneurship!


Key takeaways:

  • Chase your passion
  • Don’t let people calling you crazy stop you, and
  • The Information Age will affect everything

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There is no such thing as "big goals" or "small goals", there are just targets.

I started lining out some targets for the next steps in my career and what's coming next from the Capitalism office.

I'm also trying to create as many millionaires as I can and give more away for free without taking such a salesy direct response approach these days.

One of the most common questions that entrepreneurs ask me is, "how can I grow my business without feeling like I'm pushing my products or services SO hard on my audience?" No one wants to feel needy or desperate. I have some thoughts on that...

I want to work with people who WANT to work with me. It's energizing. People who feel they NEED my tutoring, or my course, or my event to get to the next level are energy-draining.

Think about what will energize you in your business and then providing value to others will be rewarding... and FUN!

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Show Notes

In this talk at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2018 in San Diego Ryan talks about how to build a REAL brand that is SELLABLE... how to create a company that "old money" would like to buy from you for a big exit some day.

It’s filled with actionable advice that you can implement right now. Here are some of the key takeaways:


You can turn any marketing stream into a physical products brand

Do you know how to build an audience of tens of thousands? If you do, even if you don’t sell physical products right now, you can launch a line of three or four of them and sell them to people who you already know are interested.

People will always buy stuff

The market may change in many ways, but one thing always stays the same: people will always need to buy physical products to meet their daily needs. There will always be demand for that. That alone creates a huge incentive to get into the physical products market..

Make and brand stuff that speaks to people

If you come up with a unique idea for a product that really embodies the values of your target market, they will adore you. Not only will they buy your stuff, they will tell everyone they know who might be interested to buy your stuff. You’ll see a multiplicative growth in revenue.


It was great hearing Ryan’s talk!


Key takeaways:

  • You can turn any marketing stream into a physical products brand
  • People will always buy stuff, and
  • Make and brand stuff that speaks to people


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