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I just had an intriguing chat with eCommerce entrepreneur Jeff Lieber on what new strategies can keep your business relevant on Amazon RIGHT NOW.

If you’re working in the online physical products space, you need to listen to this episode today.


Make the most out of the Giveaway system

Amazon Giveaway is a powerful means to drive interest into your product. You can get really creative with it and get a lot of business. For example, Jeff uses Amazon Giveaway to run contests, getting thousands of people to watch a promotional video in exchange for only two product gifts and some small discounts for those who didn’t win; a really cost-effective offer!

Don’t think of yourself as an Amazon business

Ryan and Jeff know that Amazon is a dominant player in physical products sales. However, even successful business with a strong presence on the platform still expose their products to other markets, such as retail. The more you diversify how you offer your product, the less reliant you are on Amazon for success.

Informed confidence is the best mindset

It’s important to believe in what you’re doing as an entrepreneur; there’s no better way to motivate yourself. If you want to ensure your business remains successful, you need information to support that confidence.


Get knowledge of the sector you’re working in, what opportunities there are for you and your company, and who you might want to add to your team, and you could ensure the future for you and your business.


It was great chatting with Jeff Lieber!


Key takeaways:

  • Amazon Giveaway is powerful
  • You don’t run an Amazon business, but you may run a business that uses Amazon, and
  • Inform your confidence in your business

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