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Molly Pittman had an awesome talk on creating high-performing ad campaigns at the Capitalism Conference this past December. She had a ton of great information, so you definitely need to listen to the whole episode to make sure you make the best use of her tips, but we’ll give you a sneak peek at a few of her main points here:


Craft a great offer

If your offer is bad, your ads won’t work. Period. Think about how the market would value your product and its competitors, and how you can play around with that to offer something really compelling to your target audience.

Write great ad copy

This ties in with the earlier point, as if you can’t figure out how to write great ad copy for your product, then maybe you don’t have a very good offer. Again, reflect on the value proposition that your product gives consumers, and try out a variety of ad copy “chunks” to see how your target market responds.


Produce awesome ad creatives

Make sure that the ads you end up making visually adhere to your branding. When you put your messaging out, if people can immediately realize which company’s ad they’re looking at based on its style and use of color, then you’ve made a strong impact before they’ve even finished going through the whole ad!


It was awesome listening to Molly at the Capitalism Conference!


Key takeaways:

  • Craft a great offer
  • Write great ad copy, and
  • Produce awesome ad creatives

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