with Ryan Daniel Moran

Jeff Lieber sits down for an interview with Ryan Daniel Moran. Is Ryan a robot? He shares the one aim that drives all of his actions and how his personal routines enable him to get more done.


Jeff and Ryan also discuss how to build an audience in Amazon, as well as how to prepare for the future in order to thrive in the long term despite Amazon changes.


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“I think the biggest opportunity, the biggest white space, is building brands around audiences.” — Ryan Daniel Moran

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Bradley comes on the Freedom Fastlane podcast to have permission to get unstuck.


Today, Ryan gives advice he rarely gives, and he coaxes Bradley into realizing you know what you want, even when you think you don’t know! Also, how to best use your social media when you’re an introvert.


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Ryan picks up a thread he didn’t get to on the last episode: his predictions for the coming elections, Woohoo! Controversy! He names names, makes bets, and draws interesting business lessons from the current candidate positions.


Ryan also touches on the lies he has believed about money and his current understanding of freedom.


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Patrick Donohoe interviews Ryan Daniel Moran in this intimate conversation about the nature of Capitalism and how defending its core principles serves humanity on a large scale and time frame.


Patrick and Ryan also touch on the hardships, failures and challenges of entrepreneurship as well as discuss politics.


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Frederich Hayek

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Turnkey Product Management


Quotes (edited)


“Profit is the reflection of you doing good, and with that you can do whatever you want, you’ve already paid your debt to society by doing that good thing in the first place.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“The only person in politics smarter than AOC is Donal Trump.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“Today is the first time a message can be delivered at scale, and because of that, we are now incentivized to do whatever gets attention on a mass scale, especially when you’re doing something like running for president.” — Ryan Daniel Moran

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Douglas retired from his family business in 2011. He battled burnout and depression and has been dabbling in longevity meetups. He is looking for involvement.


Ryan helps him see how he’s already filling a niche — he looks good at 67! Now he needs to start, Ryan breaks down what he should do.


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Ray Kurzweil — The Age of Spiritual Machines




Peter Attia

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Ryan opens up today’s edition with some business news you need to find interesting — pay attention!


Creativity is the key to your pursuits, why? Ryan shares the insights he’s picked up over the thousands of attempts at creation he’s made.


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What does it mean to be a man and an entrepreneur today? Ryan shares his thoughts on masculinity, loneliness, creativity, capitalism, growth and religion.


Ryan opens up about what influence he wants to have as a man and what he has learned about women. And tune in to hear the number one rule of business he has always violated as well as what you should be willing to sacrifice in the pursuit of truth.


Key takeaways


Men are trained to shoulder and carry the burden, do it alone, and do it in silence. This is a lie.


Ryan’s journey started with being aware that he felt alone and noticing that every aspect of his life was better when he wasn’t.


Challenge [8:13] Ryan shares his biggest challenge so far in his journey as a human, a man, and an entrepreneur. He also touches on his take on the meaning of life.


[10:00] Loneliness shouldn’t be man’s default state, but it’s the case for the majority of male leaders today.


Capitalism [12:29] is one of Ryan’s entrepreneurial ventures and it’s been the vehicle for building the community he’s looking for.


[15:12] Ryan talks about the extraction versus the input mentalities he sees in young entrepreneurs and explains which of them best benefits Capitalism as a model.


Part of why exists is to change the conversation around entrepreneurship.


Fear and purpose [22:10] Who does Ryan fear the most in this world? He explains the pitfalls of eschewing in opposition to the importance of finding purpose.


[24:44] A 25 year plan is Ryan’s way of harnessing his ability to make good decisions long term. The benefits of long term thinking cannot be overstated.


Ryan is expecting his first boy in December — this led him to an ‘oh! shit’ moment — and it may well be the start of his thought process beyond the 25 year mark and into “post-Ryan”.


Q1 [31:19] Mike asks Ryan about working with very — very — young entrepreneurs. This leads to an interesting conversation about perception.


Q2 [37:17] Kids don’t have any preconceived notions, should it not be easier to make them entrepreneurs? Nature vs nurture: Ryan opens up about what he wants for his own children.


Q3 [40:15] Still want to buy the Indians? Yes, but… there’s a caveat! And this is a multi-part answer on how Ryan has grown and who he has grown into.


Q4 [46:38] John asks what is the impact Ryan wants to have on the world? To be an example. The perception of men and masculinity is of destruction and divisiveness. Masculinity is more about leadership, service and kindness.


Q5 [50:36] Leadership comes with criticism. Is there any way to avoid it or do we have to steel ourselves?


“Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it.”

— Credited to André Gide, 1952. Translated to English, 1959 (“Croyez ceux qui cherchent la vérité, doutez de ceux qui la trouvent.”)


Q6 [57:04] How did Ryan lose his religion? In short, the church has a lot of dogmatic people claiming to have found truth and Ryan isn’t done looking for it. But in reality it was a complex, scary and painful journey which may someday become a book.


Q7 [1:02:12] After questioning his faith and losing his religion, where is Ryan today? Ryan offer a vulnerable, honest and very personal answer.


Thanks for listening!


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“Men are trained to shoulder and carry the burden, as well as to do it alone. This is a lie.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“I just find that I make better decisions the longer term I think, it enables you to factor more things in.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“Are you here? Am I safe? Do you love me? If you think about it, ever fight you’ve ever had with a woman had its roots in one of these three things.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“Listen to the man who pursue truth and flee from the man who has claimed to have found it.” — Ryan Moran quoting André Gide


“American Christianity specifically keeps most people from experiencing God that Jesus of Nazareth referenced.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


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Today Ryan talks to Kei Nishida — Author and founder and CEO of — a business for which he’d like to acquire more customers and see their sales increase.


Blog traffic is working, email channels are working and event presence is working… how do you increase scale speed? Ryan offer tips from ramping up content writing to using the attention you’re already getting to your advantage.

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This is a short clip from a recent event when an attendee asked what to do with your time once you’ve achieved a certain level of success.


Ryan touches on the feeling he’s chasing, more so than a passion, it’s a goal of family, tribe and community.

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Ryan sits for an interview on the Outsourcing and Scaling Show with Nathan Hirsh he shares his thoughts on “Amazon businesses” and tips on how to break from that and into a real business.


Also, did you ever wonder what’s structure is like, how Ryan structures his schedule and what he’s learned about building company culture? Tune-in for a peek behind the curtain!


Key takeaways

[2:35] Nathan takes a minute to introduce Ryan “Delicious Leftovers” Moran to his podcast and asks him to share a little bit about how he was as a child: try to remember how you used to have fun.


First ventures and umpiring lessons [5:16] Ryan doesn’t consider ever having had a first “serious adult” venture. It was really more of an accumulation of all of his smaller endeavours, driven by the goal of becoming a real estate investor. Both Nathan and Ryan used to umpire, they talk about the kinds of lessons they learned and skills they developed.


“An Amazon business” [8:15] The tools have changed drastically, from the time Ryan was coding dreamweaver on a dial up modem. But with more resources and ease of opportunity, there are now more players competing, so the game has become about quality — both in product and customer experience.


Most people are short sighted though and will start thinking that they run an Amazon business. No one ever says “I have a Walmart business” or an “affiliate business” but people do say I have an “Amazon business” the reality is that Amazon is a customer acquisition strategy, not a business.


People who win are the ones who do digital marketing, who focus on people.


Where to start [11:48] Ryan’s advice for people who want to start marketing starts with a mindset change: an AMazon business doesn’t exist, you need to start building your own asset.

1. Budget your profits — the cheque you get from Amazon is not your money, it’s the company’s money.

2. Invest in customer experience.

3. Build an audience — either build it yourself or create a long term partnership with an influencer.

4. Try your hand at search engine optimization, no one is doing it: you’ll have an edge.


People [15:04] Making money is about people, it’s about who you surround yourself with, and it’s about your emotional intelligence. You have to learn how to succeed through others.


Ryan shares what he hates to do that is critical to moving forward in building your business: job descriptions… What is required to move you forward? It’s always the right time to hire when you know what you’re hiring for.


The opposite never ends well, Ryan has failed that way many times and he shares a few.


Structures, meeting and company culture [22:53] Ryan shares a bit about how he structures his businesses: who’s in charge of what… He also touches on the traits he looks for in his teammates and colleagues, how he runs meetings and what kind of culture he is trying to develop at


Two things Ryan learned through personal experience: if your culture sucks, something about you sucks, and people need more guidance and feedback than he thought from the get go.


Scheduling [30:13] Ryan touches on which parts of his schedule he protects and which are more flexible, his current objectives and focuses as well as what he chooses to do weather it’s morning or evening.


Owning the Cleveland Indians [31:37] When Ryan was 12, he wanted to be the General Manager of a Baseball team but he also realised that if you are the general manager, someone has to hire you — you are not in control. The owner is in control.


Nathan and Ryan nerd out on Baseball. and CapCon [34:39] Ryan shares what the purpose of is and explains how the Capitalism Conference was born, what its goal is and what’s in the cards for the future.


Thanks for listening!

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Jason Franciosa — long time follower of Capitalism.Com as well as Co-Founder and CEO of Element 26 — joins the show to ask Ryan some questions on how to go from $50k a month to the $100k a month mark.


Tune in to hear Ryan’s tips on not skipping steps when planning ahead, how best to communicate with customers, better ways to build audiences and finding the magic-making team member.

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Corrupt politicians? Economic hardship? Income inequality? Compared to who!? When!?


In North-America, primary needs are met and more often than not, wildly exceeded. We have lost most of our bases of comparison and so the ability to evaluate our relative situation. Ryan shares his fears around us forgetting how good we have it and what we could lose as a result.

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Are you in the low 7 figures, and a bit stuck? You might’ve become an Amazon channel manager. Ryan explains how to get off the hamster wheel and build up and past 7 figures.


Key takeaways

The three parts of business are pretty straightforward: 1. Sales channel, 2. Product and 3. Audience. Uniting these three aspects is the key to propelling your brand past 7 figures. Here’s how.


BUSINESS PART 1 [6:13] Sales channel — where are your sales coming from? For most of the world, the answer is not Amazon…


You are a channel manager. On a hamster wheel. [9:52] Somewhere in the low seven figures lives the hamster wheel in which you can’t grow as fast as you used to and you can’t do all of the work alone. That’s when you know you’re an Amazon channel manager. It’s humbling.


Tip: Don’t fall into the trap of then becoming a — let’s say — Shopify channel manager on top of an Amazon one…


Getting out of the wheel will suck [13:04] There was a time, when you just started your business when you sucked at it. But you got better. Now you’re good, the only thing that threatens you is if Amazon makes a change… So you protect your investment and you enter defense mode.


The only way out of defense mode is to hire better people who do specific things better than you.


Tip: After 180 days if a new hiree is not out-earning you, they may be the wrong person for the job.


Now you can focus less on working in and more on working on your company...


BUSINESS PART 2 [15:25] Products! No one got big, got rich or got famous selling the same product as everybody else. This is the unhappy place where we’re trying to outreview our competitors, over analyse our keywords and wage price wars.


Risky business [24:52] If you’re over a million, it’s time to take some risks on products: create a product people actually want, not what everyone else is white labelling from Alibaba.


More risk = more reward.


So, your sales channel is optimized and you have a unique product in the marketplace: you are ready to jump off the hamster wheel and into the big league.


BUSINESS PART 3 [26:38] Audience! Ryan’s favorite audience builder is currently search engine optimization — what’s old is new again — in fact all of his companies were built on search engine optimisation and email.


The hero’s journey [31:35] Whatever you sell, you should always remember that it’s about the people who buy your product and how it helps them in their journey: people don’t care about you or your business, they care about themselves. They are the hero. They are Luke Skywalker.


You are not the hero, neither is your business. You are Yoda, you serve the hero.


Tip: Add an email insert into your packaging, start turning sales into CUSTOMERS.


There is a huge difference between a sale and a customer, and the latter is where real value is built…


Ryan’s closing tip 1 [42:21] You are at a million or up and can’t pinpoint what your business’ purpose is — aside from more sales — you are in trouble. Figure out who you are.


Ryan’s closing tip 2 [47:09] Where is you time and focus going? Outsource all outsourceable tasks and spearhead new initiatives — stop being the operator of all things and start being the leader of all things.


Thanks for listening!

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