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Ryan had a great chat with Travis Sago of Bum Marketing fame. He told us how “idiots” (really meaning “regular” people) get rich with pretty straightforward tricks. It sounds cheesy, but we know you can get something out of what he has to say to get your business booming. Here’s what he shared:


Offers x Execution = Business Success


If you have a great product for the market (Offer) and build it, market it, and distribute it well (Execution), then you’ve “won” at business. That’s all there is to it.


It’s possible to do well with an awesome product and okay execution, or with a mediocre product and great execution, but you’ll find greater success doing well at both.

Watch what the market wants

Anyone can sit in a corner and imagine something. However, if you don’t look at what people’s actual purchasing interests are, you’ll have no idea whether or not it’ll make a wave in the market.

Let’s say you're relaxing at a farmers’ market. If you just observe what shoppers are looking to buy and where and how they are dissatisfied with what’s on offer, then you’ve found an opportunity to meet an unmet demand.

Dial-in on value multiplication


You could tunnel-in on stuff like SEO or other tasks that might get you 4% more traction in the marketplace. That’d be a boost, no doubt, but wouldn’t you be better off making something that really resonates with the market? That could multiply your revenue!


It was great hearing from Travis!


Key takeaways:

  • Offers x Execution = Business Success
  • Watch what the market wants, and
  • Dial-in on value multiplication

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