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This episode is all about unwavering faith that you can accomplish your singular mission.


Hal Elrod survived 2 very serious brushes with death — with a joyful, happy attitude — which gave him singular insight on overcoming and achieving your goals, and to top it off he has bootstrapped a multimillion dollar business.


If his advice on the subject isn’t solid, there is no advice to be had!


Key takeaways

[2:14] Ryan asks what unfulfilled dreams Hal Elrod has turning 40: Lakehouse dreams!


[4:36] Hal Elrod’s talks about his background from direct sales to keynote speaker, writer and coach and publisher.


But being self-published is a tough hustle: Miracle Morning was published on 12-12-12 — he needed an unforgettable date because of his significant brain damage from a car collision at the time — during the year and a half that followed he did hustle, we’re talking: 150 podcast interviews, 40 + speeches, 12 local and national television interviews. It took 6 years to get to the million books goal.


[12:48] Ryan asks Hal to talk about the radical new publishing business model he implemented


[15:00] Hal explains his quantum year, the one where he accomplished everything:



Double best years’ sales

Side goals:

Publish first book

Launch speaking career

Launch coaching business

Put on 20 pounds of muscle

Meet wife

Rock climb 3 days a week

Lead a team to achieve at their highest level


[23;34] what is the process you can predetermine and commit to which if you commit to over time will move you goal from possible to probable to inevitable?

1. Predetermine the process

2. Don’t be attached to the day to day results.

[25:11] Having the singular goal forces you to structure and schedule your life in a way that permits success in more than one area.

And by way of following your goal, the one thing that if of most consequence, you are countering human nature and it’s usual path of least resistance.

[26:46] Ryan had his own ridiculously productive year but shares how the process has seemingly exhausted him. How is Hal just such a happy dude, he never seems tired despite almost dying twice and accomplishing all those goals how o you go all in on a goal without it being a total grind?

Have enough goals that you love, that energise you, to balance out the ones that are less joy-a-riffic.

Don’t let your goals compete: if all the thinking and energy and planning goes into the one main mission, the rest of the goals find their place.

[31:17] Hal touches on the importance of a foundation schedule — especially for entrepreneurs — including fun time, and free time. Structuring your schedule gives you more freedom and it prevents you from getting lost chasing the shiny things.

[34:13] Hal has talked about his car accident story very publicly but has been more reserved about his battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

He shares the gut wrenching details of how he found out he would have to fight the odds with a 10% chance of survival (downgraded from 30%).

The day he was diagnosed he had to have unwavering faith that he would be in that 10% and make it his singular mission to live.

1. I will beat this

2. This will be the best thing that ever happened to me

[40:47] Do medical doctors factor in commitment in the way of recovery? Hal shares how his doctor convinced him to do chemo despite the fact that he was initially against it and was aiming for a more holistic approach.

[46:18] Our greatest growth comes of our greatest adversity, Hal chooses to live as if every adversity is his growth and treats it in a positive way. Forget hindsight 20/20!

[47:44] Ryan’s final question: does Hal still have a singular mission, or does he ease off sometimes? He does, it’s actually 2 grand missions and he shares how his foundational schedule ensures these missions long term.

[52:02] Ryan thanks Hal and invites listeners to subscribe to the podcast and send him their comments on Instagram @RyanDanielMoran.

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