with Ryan Daniel Moran

Today, Ryan drinks along side Dr. Clement Wan, Coran Woodmass and Max Kerwick and touches on the difference between the manager and investor mindsets, what is required for a brand to be attractive to buyers, how to drag yourself out of a funk, and why you should focus all your business energy on an archetype.

Key Takeaways

[1:04] Making decisions from an investor’s standpoint versus a manager’s standpoint will be lucrative but benefit both positions! Dr. Clement Wan explains that when you start thinking as an investor you will strive for making your business a more valuable asset, and as a result alleviate some of the management workload.


[2:38] What do we say instead of generating sales? Build assets!


[2:59] Ryan taps into the law of attraction — does a bit of voodoo really — to call on someone who can comment on the current state of physical products on the marketplace: Coran Woodmass! resident Acquisitions Specialist and brand new American!

[4:00] Coran Woodmass talks about a recently launched deal and the reason so much money is flocking to it. It’s a real niche brand that can be scaled outside of Amazon, and it’s got a huge amount of user-generated content to boot!


[5:44] What do we say? Instead of being a content creator, be a content curator!


[7:05] The market is evolving and growing, but growing at the top end — the 8 figure exit is the entry point now — and the guys at that level are really need to spend the capital. So would you please build something worth buying, I would really like to buy your asset!


[8:50] Feeling down on your luck? This is the model to use to turn everything around.

  1. 1. Make a list of 20 to 50 people that you look up to, people you want to do business with, people who are ahead of you
  2. 2. … Call them
  3. 3. Talk about them — don’t make it about you — look for ways to help them and neve, ever pitch on the call
  4. [10:33] Max Kerwick is summoned to the hot seat and gets coached on how to hold his hands on camera (it’s all about the hands people). But really though, Max is here to coach us about what the biggest brands in the world have in common: an archetype customer. Don’t be theoretical or squishy, build and focus your entire business around a specific customer.
  5. Thanks for listening and letting Ryan and his guests invade your thoughts and world for a bit.
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