with Ryan Daniel Moran

Today Ryan shares some tips on staying motivated, even when entrepreneurship becomes hard, lonely business.

Tune in for 3 practical things you can do to keep yourself on track as well as some down-to-earth real life examples of how those practices helped Ryan through some tougher moments.


Key Takeaways

[:28] Dopamine floods your brain when you start a new business, you are full of energy and drive, but it doesn’t stay there long term so today is going to be about sustaining momentum.


[1:42] First things first, entrepreneurship is very hard and it will demand more of you than you could ever imagine. So it’s virtually impossible to sustain momentum and stay motivated when you’re building a business that you don’t like or building it with someone you don’t like, there’s really no fixing that.


But if you do love your business, here are 3 practical things you can do to keep momentum (there’s a bonus at the end, too!)


  1. 1. Focus on the people [3:39] Take the time to be plugged into the people giving you attention and money, or the people you want to serve. The way you get rich and the way you sustain momentum is giving. Quick tip: run a poll or survey to get feedback on your people ask them what you are doing that resonates with them.
  2. 2. Plug into a network [8:10] entrepreneurship is lonely, and you will need a community of people you can talk to about your difficulties, other entrepreneurs who will understand what you are going through. Join masterminds, online communities and build a list of people you can count on: every opportunity comes from others and having a network facilitates that.
  3. 3. Compare yourself [13:10] but only to yourself! Look at how you did today, and plan how to do better tomorrow. Ryan tries to be transparent about how it can suck so that people who do compare themselves to him can have a more holistic view, but be careful, not everyone does this. You can use other people’s experience as models but won’t be motivation, what will motivate you is your own growth.
  4. Bonus! Follow a plan [18:00] you will not always feel motivated and on the days when you don’t feel good you will need to rely on that routine to drive you forward, Ryan uses Tribe 5. This will help you track if you’ve done what you were supposed to do today, and if not? It happens. We are motivated by progress so it’s hard to follow a system and stay unmotivated for very long.
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