with Ryan Daniel Moran

Today’s episode is about daily routines, how they generate momentum and help drive you forward even when you aren’t at your best.


Weather you have an established practice or are just starting out, tune in for some practical advice on how to structure your mornings and your days for a better chance at achieving your goals.


Key Takeaways

[:27] Morning routines: they’ve become really popular and complicated, but don’t get overwhelmed by other people’s routines or try to reverse engineer their lives.


Take control of your own life, and be happier, wealthier and wiser, if you do nothing else, Ryan explains why you should stop this one thing and start this one other.


1. STOP THE PHONE [3:00]

Be intentional about the use of your time from the moment you wake up. Don’t put yourself in a position where you are reacting to what the world throws at you, there will never be time to build what you want and do what you want if you are constantly reacting to what other people say and do.



Journal about your goals. The practice suggested in the book The One Thing is a good starting point:


Take your life goal, put it on a timeline and break it down to what you need to do in 10 years, in 5, in 3, this year, in 3 months, in 2 weeks, and finally, today: what is the One Thing you should do today in service to that goal.


It will set the intent for your day and put you in a position of intention and control over your time, your goals and ultimately your life.


[9:52] If you only stop the phone and start journaling, you will have a leg up on everyone. But if you want to take it a step further, create a system that will accelerate your results: TRIBE 5


Time — how you spend it and who you spend it is your happiness.

Relationships — every dollar you make will come from someone else.

Income — sustaining your happiness.

Body — ROI is really low when you’re dead.

Expansion — challenge your mind.


On a quarterly basis, set targets for each area of focus and determine the habits that are required to foster those goals. If you’re just starting out, try these goals on for size:


T target: don’t check your phone, decide on your intent for today.

R target: connect with 2 non work related people per day.

I target: accomplish your One Thing.

B target: get a workout in before going online.

E target: listen to a podcast, read, etc.


And finally, here is what a daily routine looks like with TRIBE 5:

Wake up

1. Set your intent (don’t look at your phone!)

2. Work out

3. Do your One Thing

4. Connect with 2 people

5. Read


At the end of the day, grade yourself on 5 without judgment.

[22:50] If you are starting over or going through a really hard time, just do one of those things, never miss it and it will create momentum in your life and momentum creates success.

Thank you for watching and let lkndflckjsndlfcjbasldvkjbadvjna

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