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Jesse Itzler is a big believer in checking the box and moving on. When he gets a win, he will only celebrate for a night or two, then will think about what’s next.

To build your life resume is to do as many things as you can. This means finding the next project rather than celebrating the success of the last one.

This clip is from Freedom Fast Lane Live in December 2016, hosted in Austin, Texas. Ryan speaks to Jesse on his achievements and challenges in front of a live audience.

When discussing Zico coconut water, Jesse talks about the emotional connection he had with the product and how he wanted to share the benefits with the world. After partnering with them to make it hot, Coca-Cola bought the company a few years later.

He says that his biggest challenge in being a dad is recognizing that his kids are on their own journey. Jesse and his wife try to expose them to things which are hard, which they might fail at.

There is a valuable lesson in letting your kids see things you do which are hard but rewarding. It creates a new definition of failure, that celebrates the trying rather than the outcome.

Jesse says you have to be appreciative every day of how far you’ve come. When he is faced with a new project, he thinks about how much time he has left on this earth and weighs up the time and reward vs the aggravation.

His advice to anyone starting out in business is “pick good friends, pick good mentors, and never stop”.

See more great talks like this at this year’s Freedom Fast Lane Live. Hosted in Austin, Texas on December 7th-9th, we have an awesome line-up of speakers who will be sharing motivational content on business and the journey to financial freedom.

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