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Robert Herjavec probably sees more deal flow in a week than most people see in a lifetime, and every business he invests in must be successful.

What is the common thread among those businesses he invests in? Leadership that thinks big.

Today’s episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast features a conversation with Robert about reaching his $50 million goal before he turned 50, and how to think bigger than $50 million in annual sales.

The clip comes from his appearance at the 2015 Freedom Fast Lane Live even in Austin, Texas — an event which has grown into The Capitalism Conference.

To be able to go from a small company to a great enterprise, you have to be able to inspire others. You must be in the right market, but the greatest entrepreneurs are adaptable as business changes all the time.

Learn from empire builders, investors, millionaires, and billionaires at The Capitalism Conference held this December 7-9 in Austin, Texas. Grab your tickets today.

Key takeaways:

  • Reaching $50 million before turning 50
  • Spotting growth potential and making it happen
  • Finding the right businesses to invest in

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