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Shakil Prasla has a unique business model which generates a huge passive income.

Acquiring a business bypasses the time spent on building a business from scratch.

But, when you get a business which hasn’t been reaching it’s full potential, how do you change it into something which makes you money without you needing to spend all of your time on it?

Shakil buys online companies for as little money as possible, sits in the owner’s seat, and delegates systems and processes to a manager.

This has allowed him to purchase eight different online businesses, all of which he has turned into profitable enterprises which makes him money while he has little involvement.

In this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Shakil explains how his business model works, how he acquires new companies, and the process he takes to make his income passive.

Key takeaways:

  • How to pick profitable products for a long-term investment
  • Finding good people for a successful online business
  • Spotting growth potential in companies you’re interested in acquiring

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