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Everybody wants to invest in things that yield a profit - and everyone wants guaranteed returns. The first desire is important: it motivates you to do research and invest wisely. The second desire is a pipe dream: you can never guarantee a return because you can’t predict what will happen with all the variables involved. So pursuing good investments is a good idea - and creating an investment strategy based on what you learn in your research pays dividends in and of itself. On this episode, Ryan shares what he’s doing now that he has an influx of cash from the sale of one of his businesses and what he’s determined are his best bets for investments. In essence, he’s sharing his own investing strategy, so don’t miss this episode.

Entrepreneurs are good at making cash, they are bad at keeping and growing it.

One of the things Ryan has noticed in his years as an entrepreneur is that those who have been successful at making a lot of money AS entrepreneurs are typically not as good at keeping that cash and making it work for them. He believes that part of the benefit successful entrepreneurs can create in the world is the growth of wealth which then serves to create more jobs and fuel the economy. On this episode, Ryan gives you a peek into his own investment strategy - with details about the things he’s investing in right now for passive income and growth of his personal capital. He not only shares what he’s doing, he also tells you why.

In some cases, the only thing you should be investing in is your own business.

Investments sound exciting and the prospect of putting your money someplace that it can grow without much effort is very appealing. But if you are still working a 9 to 5 job and running a side hustle or part time business on the side, Ryan says that you’ll receive a far greater return if you put that cash into the growth of your business. When you do that you’re creating a machine that can generate more income over the long haul and it’s more likely to succeed because you’re greasing the gears with financial lubricant, so to speak. Find out why Ryan believes that’s the best approach to investing for many new entrepreneurs, on this episode.

Attention and audience are currency, they are assets that can be turned into cash flow.

One of the things Ryan has said on previous episodes of the podcast is that he’s leery of investing his money when markets are high. It’s like trying to catch the very last bit of a good thing, and it’s risky. In times where investment returns are not as certain he’d rather invest his money in things that will position him well for the future. One of those things is advertising. He’s putting some of his funds into promotions and getting more people onto his mailing list. In his mind, doing that is setting him up to make use of that list of followers to sell his own products should the market turn down. You can hear more from Ryan about how he’s investing his money, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Here’s why investing in companies that are experiencing hard times is a good move.

There have been a lot of interesting news items lately about companies that are having an image problem, and sometimes it’s more than just their image. The recent United Airlines fiasco about how they dragged a man off one of their planes is an example. Ryan says that when those kinds of things happen to a well-established company, their stock tends to go down. But in his mind, if the company is a stable company otherwise and is well run overall, he’ll actually buy stock when things like that happen. His assumption is that the company will rebound and stock prices will rise again as a result - and he has a win. You can get a bit further into Ryan’s “investing brain” on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:24] Investing: It’s problematic when the markets are at all-time highs.
  • [3:26] The power of “normalizing” a windfall of cash.
  • [5:00] Why Ryan is not going to buy cryptocurrency.
  • [6:01] The strategy Ryan is following: Cash flow first - long term wealth second.
  • [7:46] 3 goals Ryan looks for in investments.
  • [8:33] How you can know if the only thing you should invest in is your own business.
  • [10:20] Cash flow funds and syndications: one of the places Ryan is considering.
  • [13:55] It’s always a good idea to buy the stocks of good companies at good prices.
  • [18:20] It’s good to buy companies that you can impact (Oprah does this).

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