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If you’re making sales on Amazon but are struggling to convert through your own channels, you probably haven’t built a brand.

During the recent Content & Commerce Summit in Los Angeles, Ryan caught up with the incredible expert marketer Ezra Firestone to discuss strategies for positioning your company as a business that takes orders from Amazon — not an “Amazon business."

Ezra Firestone is an expert when it comes to building a brand and community. He’s the CEO of Smart Marketer, Inc. and founder of Zipify Apps, a company building solutions for Shopify stores. Plus, he is speaking at The Capitalism Conference in Austin, Texas this December.

Ezra teaches business owners the trick to turning cold advertising into profit. It starts with focusing on building your brand (not just your Amazon store) and being willing to test strategies for engaging your audience.

In previous episodes with Ezra, we’ve discussed ways eCommerce entrepreneurs can leverage Facebook Messenger to add more customers to your business.

This time with Ezra, Ryan zeroed in on his belief that if you’re making sales on Amazon but struggling to convert through your own channels, you haven’t built a brand.

On this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ezra talks to us about the solid strategies for building a brand beyond Amazon, strategies for turning social media views into conversions, and creating a long-term view of your model using a direct response funnel.

Plus, Ezra shares an exciting new solution by Zipify Apps called Zipify Pages, which allows Shopify users to create landing pages quickly. Zipify Pages gives entrepreneurs the ability to write long-form sales pages which they can test and optimize to turn visitors into converters more effectively.

Key takeaways:

  • Building a brand which is bigger than its Amazon sales
  • The strategy for turning social media views into conversions
  • Using Zipify to create a long view of your model with a direct response funnel

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