with Ryan Daniel Moran (Business)

Paul is trying to wrap his head around launching a supplement line for men over 50 and Ryan Moran breaks down how to rethink of this "market" and how to best serve them.

This call was recorded during Capitalism Community Coffee in The One Percent (or Church for entrepreneurs as we like to say).

Join at

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On this episode we talk with long-time friend of the show Ryan Michler, host of the Order of Man podcast.

We discuss choosing a winning product, the mindset for building a business, and how to stack the deck in your favor to create financial freedom.

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The Tom Woods show is THE leading podcast for libertarians.

Tom Woods is an author, historian, and senior fellow at the Mises institute and he recently had on Ryan Daniel Moran to discuss his new book - 12 Months To $1 Million.

In this podcast they discuss how capitalism is changing and what that means for entrepreneurs who are building highly profitable businesses.

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In this short in-between-isode I talk about approaching entrepreneurship from a mindset of FUN.

Really, business is often a proxy for freedom and doing what we truly want in life.

So why are we always so hard on ourselves and why do we make it such a grind?

I have some thoughts...

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On this episode Ryan Daniel Moran is put in the Hot Seat by Bram & Greg on their podcast Love Line For Business which was birthed within The One Percent community.

We started doing these hot seats informally within the group to help members get unstuck and it's morphed into a growing podcast where the boys help entrepreneurs reconnect with loving their work and moving past roadblocks.

Go subscribe to Love Line For Business for more case studies like this and if you'd like to join us in The One Percent just visit

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Today we're sharing a call Ryan did with Alex Huditan.. or as is friends call him "Hudi" - another leader in the Amazon space who lives in Romania.

Hudi is the host of the Amazonienii annual conference in Romania, Ryan has spoken at twice, and he's a human who truly lives the 4-hour work week lifestyle - he's often seen traveling the world, loving life, and inspiring others to launch and automate their own businesses.

They talk about how the eComm game is changing in 2020, how influencer marketing strategies will change, how to sell to foreign audiences, and the mindset necessary for success and happiness.

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This week we're leaking a community call from our member's area.
Charmaine JUST joined us after discovering our content and getting Ryan's new book and if you haven't heard there is some real magic in The One Percent community.

Ryan goes live for Capitalism Community Coffee on Sundays - or as we like to call it "Church for Entrepreneurs" to touch base with the community, answer questions, and help people where they are stuck.

This is one of those special moments where Charmaine called in worried about how to communicate a PRO-Capitalism message to the LGBTQ community and what followed was... pretty cool. What you won't see from this podcast is all the comments showing her love and support and all the connections she is making in the group.

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Leah bought a business and things are going great... except she spends all of her time putting out fires, jumping in to solve every problem, and it is sucking up all of her time.

She called Ryan Daniel Moran to discuss the next steps... should she fix it or just sell it?

Ryan had some thoughts on how she can give the business a more clear focus and optimize systems so that regardless of which direction Leah decides to go she should be much happier.

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This week we are sharing a podcast from The Brand Builder Podcast w/ our host Max Kerwick.

Max interviews none other than Ryan Daniel Moran, the millionaire maker, to find out how he has been able to help entrepreneurs build so many 7-figure brands.

If you're not already subscribed, head on over to The Brand Builder Podcast, a separate show we produce over here at for EXCLUSIVE interviews and case studies from Max you can apply right away to building your own brand.

There is no going back to normal after the pandemic.

But the good news is that there are tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs.

In this episode I outline the state of eCommerce and what the landscape of the future looks like.

Almost every industry has been hit hard... but there's never been a better time to be a physical product seller.

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I didn't really learn much about entrepreneurship in business school.

But my economy professor Dr. Tom Lehman completely changed how I saw the world.

I began to really understand how supply & demand worked. How incentives can drive our world, for the good or the bad.

As we are living through an unprecedented pandemic and The Fed continues to print money to keep the country from falling apart, I thought I should give my old college professor a ring.

We discuss the economic impact of COVID and what could happen as a result of all this after the dust settles.

Entrepreneurship isn't just about becoming financially free.

It isn't about running away from money problems, or putting in years of hard work so that you can actually be happy at some future date.

It is about doing work you enjoy every day.

I've learned a lot of lessons like this over my years building and selling companies.

On this podcast I share some of these insights from my new book 12 Months to $1 Million.

Get your copy today at:

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Investing capital into a business can be the fastest path to growth... if that business is already healthy and profitable.

It helps when that business has an audience of incredibly loyal buyers like Courtney Lee's Prymal brand that sells healthy coffee creamers.

On this episode we talk about the future of The Capitalism Fund investing directly into Courtney's company.

To learn more about the fund visit:

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Ethan and Garron are two brothers who acquired a small 6-figure business.

But they are hitting some roadblocks on their journey to scale the business. founder Ryan Daniel Moran steps in to help them troubleshoot what is keeping this business from quickly turning into a million dollar brand.

Order the new book 12 Months To $1 Million today at

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JP Sears is a famous YouTuber, author, and comedian.
You may recognize him from his trademark purple shirt and long red hair or his most recent viral video What It's Like To Believe Everything The Media Tells You.

In this talk with Ryan Moran they discuss how extreme self-responsibility will grant you the freedom to get whatever you want in life.

Order the new book 12 Months To $1 Million today at

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On this episode we are leaking a call from The One Percent group where Ryan Moran is hosting weekly live calls any member can jump onto for a 1-to-1 Q&A.

This is Capitalism Community Coffee.

In this clip one of our community members Leah Cupps hopped on to tell us about how she left her job to start building brands with her husband David who also jumps on the call about midway through.

To join the community visit

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We are now officially partnering with emerging entrepreneurs.
We are raising money from investors and making an impact infusing capital into promising brands with a lot of potential for growth.

This is a behind the scenes look at my pitch call with investors and fund financial advisor Sam Prentice.

To learn more about The Capitalism Fund visit

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Mike Dillard is one of the most influential entrepreneurs and marketers in the world.

He just invited Ryan Moran onto The Mike Dillard podcast to discuss how Ryan's "0 To $1m In 12 Months" formula was created when he started his own supplement company for less than 1k, had an 8-figure exit, created hundreds and hundreds of million dollar brand owners along the way by sharing his journey.

This episode is full of value bombs, braingasms, inspirational moments, and practical takeaways.

If you're looking for answers on where eCommerce is going in our new economy moving forward... this is the episode for you.

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In part 2 of this deep conversation with Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School we talk about how to actually IMPLEMENT thinking big on a practical level.

Brooke helped me think about some of my own specific goals selling my new book 12 Months To $1 Million, building, and some day owning the Cleveland Indians.

This is the podcast that will help you connect the abundance mindset of entrepreneurship with taking real action to achieve massive goals.

Direct download: Brooke_Castillo_Pt._2_-_How_To_Achieve_Massive_Goals.mp3
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I have recorded hundreds of podcasts since 2013 and this 2-part conversation with Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School is the one that had the biggest impact on me personally and immediately.

Brooke is a master at helping entrepreneurs change their thoughts and perspectives to think bigger.

This is the podcast that will help you move toward everything you've ever really wanted.

Direct download: Brooke_Castillo_Pt._1_-_Thinking_Your_Way_To_Success.mp3
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My book 12 Months To $1 Million: How to Pick a Winning Product, Build a Real Business, and Become a Seven-Figure Entrepreneur is now available and hitting the shelves on Amazon.

We started this podcast back in 2013 and I documented my journey of building and selling an 8-figure business.
We've interviewed a bunch of listeners along the way on their own journeys and it was based on all this success stories that I created the playbook for anyone to build their own million dollar brand.

This is everything I have learned packed into one book.

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For every share of a dividend stock that you own, you are paid a portion of the company's earnings.
You get paid simply for owning the stock!

We talked with Nick McCullum from 

Sure Dividend helps individual investors build high-quality dividend growth portfolios for the long run with the goal of financial freedom through dividends.

To reach Nick directly visit:

Direct download: Dividend_Stocks_-_The_Sure_Way_To_Passive_Income_w_Nick_McCullum.mp3
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A lot of people are sitting around waiting for things to go back to normal.

But we'll never go back, we can only go forward.

Many things will change in 2020 and there will be tremendous opportunity brought on by that change.

On today's solocast we're talking about how to stay positive and become happier in quarantine.

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Dan Yvars has learned how to make real money flipping baseball cards. Serious money.

But in the beginning he made some mistakes and it took a while to develop systems and strategies for him to come out on top.

We talk about this arbitrage cashflow business model and how anyone can make money reselling everything from sneakers to books.

Direct download: How_to_Flip_Baseball_Cards_For_Fun_And_Profit_-_CAP.mp3
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Moiz Ali is the founder and former CEO of Native Deodorant.

He started the company with $500 and grew it to about $100 million before having an exit with Procter & Gamble.

We talk about what he learned from his big exit and what entrepreneurs like you can gain from understanding his journey.

Direct download: From_500_Startup_To_100m_Exit_w_Moiz_Ali_CAP.mp3
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Chad Maghielse started a pet supplies company with $3,000 that he put on a credit card.

He grew this business for the purpose of lifestyle freedom. When he scaled his business to the point where he knew he could get a million dollar payday, he did just that.

In this interview he talks about some of the things he did well and many of the mistakes he wishes he could have avoided on his journey.

Direct download: How_Chad_Turned_3000_Into_7-Figures_In_3_Years.mp3
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JP Newman is a professional real estate investor and founder of the real estate investment firm Thrive, FP.

I interviewed him LIVE in The One Percent group. To join our members area visit:

I like to joke that he is the man who owns half of Texas.
He does manage a $1 Billion portfolio afterall... After working at Sony Pictures he took a hard pivot into the real estate world and decided he wanted to play a bigger game as an entrepreneur.

We got a little tipsy on this special edition of #WhiskeyWithWyan and talked about the meaning of money and the mindset necessary to grow your wealth.

Direct download: Money__Meaning_-_The_Mindset_Behind_Creating_Wealth_w_JP_Newman.mp3
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Many small businesses are being hurt badly by the current pandemic.

But the 2 trillion dollar stimulus plan and CARES Act present some unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for entrepreneurs.

I got 2 different opinions from Krista Hilton & Vinnie Fisher who have done tons of research about how this will effect capitalists, and what you can start doing to prosper through their uncertain times.

Direct download: Making_Sense_Of_the_Stimulus_For_Businesses.mp3
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Kaye Putnam uses psychology-driven branding to scale businesses and entrepreneur's personal brands and create more loyal buyers.

We talked LIVE in The One Percent group. To join our members area visit:

Whether you're building a personal brand or selling physical products, effective branding is the only way to really stay ahead of the game. In this interview I put Kaye on the spot and asked her assess MY brand after taking her personality quiz online.

Direct download: Why_Buyers_Buy_-_How_To_Use_Psychology_To_Grow_Sales__Build_A_Brand.mp3
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I just went LIVE to share my latest thoughts on the 2.2 Trillion dollar stimulus bill (and what this could mean for your business), eCommerce considerations amid this current pandemic, and make some upcoming stock market predictions.

To join our next live video like this, you can join The One Percent for 30 days for $1 at

In this episode I talk about my partnership with Liran Hirschkorn and Terry Williamson to bring strategic advantages to members of The Backroom.

In light of the pandemic, we are teaming up to provide FREE resources to the eCommerce community to address the big changes coming in 2020.

For more information visit

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Steve Doodian has a knack for spotting the overlooked influencer and celebrity that has massive impact. He also has a knack for spotting, not just celebrity, but real influence.

Steve has the eye for creating connections with influencers that are going to be profitable, and finding the exact right message and influencer to build a business around.

He comes with a vast network of connections, so he knows exactly what works and how to get the attention of these individuals.

We went live in The One Percent community to chat and take a few questions.

Mike Dillard made $3.2 million in a single week after the crash of 2008.

Now as the stock market is falling again I talked with Mike about how to build and monetize an audience for any type of business, regardless of where the economy is at.

We talked LIVE in The One Percent group. To join our members area visit:

Direct download: Mike_Dillards_Audience_Building_Formula_For_Any_Economy.mp3
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Most entrepreneurs obsess over picking the right product.

But truly successful brands focus on serving a particular audience.

In this solocast we're talking about how to identify and speak to your ideal audience so you can build a business revolves around them.

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Ryan just went LIVE in The One Percent group to talk about the Coronavirus.

This pandemic is having a massive effect on the economy, on our businesses, and on our mental health but we can take steps to support each other and come through on the other side stronger than ever.

Join The One Percent for 30 days for $1 at

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Scott Adams is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, and the author of several nonfiction works of satire, commentary, and business including Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter and his new book Loserthink: How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America.

In this talk we discuss audience building in entrepreneurship, politics, and current events.

Direct download: Scott_Adams_-_Listen_To_Your_Audience_And_Dont_Engage_In_Loserthink.mp3
Category:Business -- posted at: 4:00am EST

Are you hustling like an entrepreneur or thinking like a capitalist owner?

Capitalists bring together people and multiply resources.

But no matter where you and your business are at, you can start thinking like an owner today.

Join The One Percent:

Direct download: Being_An_Entrepreneur_vs._An_Owner_TOP.mp3
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This week we're leaking a private talk we had from a Tribe event.

Matt Clark is a co-founder and face of Amazing. And's flagship course, Amazing Selling Machine, shows people how to build successful physical product businesses.

If you'd like to join The Tribe and build your own million dollar business & take part regular coaching calls, our community, and upcoming events visit:

Direct download: Matt_Clark_-_How_To_Grow_A_Brand_With_Other_Peoples_Audiences_TOP.mp3
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If you listen to some politicians you might think that income inequality is the most serious problem in the world.

But in free society we will always have some level of inequality and I believe this is actually a good thing that lifts ALL people out of poverty and fuels innovation.

Let's take an honest look at what cures income inequality and what the effects are...

Direct download: Why_Income_Inequality_Is_A_Good_Thing_-_Cap_Podcast.mp3
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Spoiler Alert: I'm talking about audience building again.

But this time I want to dive into some specifics and provide some examples that can give you a shift in your business in the way you think about audience building and monetization.

These strategies around bringing together audiences, products, and sales channels together are absolutely, without a doubt, the BEST opportunity for entrepreneurs over the next 3-5 years.

Direct download: The_Best_Opportunity_For_Entrepreneurs_For_The_Next_3_-_5_Years.mp3
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Alex Upperman made his money selling on Amazon and now he's taken his business knowledge into multi-family real estate investing.

He has graduated from just being an entrepreneur, to a true capitalist.

In this interview he talks about how he makes truly passive income through real estate, and brings resources together to fund deals, mitigate risk, and grow his family's wealth.

Direct download: How_Alex_Made_Money_On_Amazon_And_Creates_Wealth_As_An_Investor.mp3
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Tom Burns is still an orthopedic surgeon in Austin, Texas but he made his REAL money in real estate... and he started late.

In our 2nd interview I open up a bottle of wine to figure out just how he has figured out the secrets of work-life balance and what generates true long-term success.

Reach out at:

Direct download: Start_Late_and_Finish_Rich_w_Tom_Burns.mp3
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In this episode Ryan talks with Jonathan Twombly, an optimistic yet cautious Multifamily Real Estate investor.

The market is at an all-time high and appears to show no signs of slowing down, so where should you put your money?

There are ALWAYS deals, and no matter what shape the real estate market is in, it is important not to forget the criteria for what makes a great deal.

Direct download: Are_We_At_The_Top_Of_The_Market_w_Jonathan_Twombly.mp3
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Not too long ago Todd Dexheimer was a schoolteacher making about 30k per year.

Not he's making big money in real estate buying 100-unit apartment complexes.

So how did get to where he's at? Ryan asks Todd how he got started and how anyone can start making money in real estate with the right strategies.

Tom Burns is still an orthopedic surgeon in Austin, Texas but he made his REAL money in real estate.

He has over 20 years of real estate experience, both locally and internationally, involving acquisition, development, and management of multifamily property... but more importantly than all of that, he is happy.

He has found the work-life balance so many entrepreneurs are chasing and in this interview Ryan asks Tom how he has managed to have it all.

Reach out at:

Liran Hirschkorn & Terry Williamson called me from outside Amazon headquarters with some BIG revelations.

They just got an inside look at what is happening on the platform coming in 2020... and the next decade!

And if you thought the "golden age" of Amazon was over, you just wait. We are truly living through the greatest wealth transfer in history...

Hint: We're going to see a LOT of money moving away from big established corporations and into the hands of young, scrappy entrepreneurs.

We just did a LIVE training inside The One Percent with Courtney Lee, the founder of Prymal, a healthy coffee creamer company with an amazing story.

She shared some strategies she used to build her 7-figure brand WITHOUT making a single sale on Amazon and now that she has launched on Amazon the business is really taking off.

We cut this #WineWithWyan podcast down for time but if you want to join us LIVE for the next conversation you've got to join us

We just did a live training inside The One Percent with Travis Killian, the best Amazon marketer alive, where he revealed how he went from Zero To $25m+ In 3 Years.

He revealed what is working right NOW without doing anything blackhat or weird.

Just real long-term strategies to beat out the competition.

This edited version contains about half of the full interview.

If you want in on these live unedited trainings, our private community, and our monthly newsletters, you've got to join at

The full recording is waiting for you on the inside.

Thank you Travis for sharing your secrets over a glass or two of wine!

This is what it really takes to start scaling an Amazon business to $10,000 per month and beyond.

As an entrepreneur you'll have to choose between prioritizing cash flow vs. building the brand - and the more you can invest back into the company, the better off you'll be.

Direct download: WWW_-_How_To_Make_Your_First_10k_Mo_With_Amazon_FBA.mp3
Category:Business -- posted at: 5:00am EST Content Creator "C-Money" and I give an update to everything happening in the business, and in our lives.

I've just had a son, is seeing incredible momentum by focusing on our $99/mo community The One Percent, and C-Money shares what we can learn from a listening to a diverse collection of podcasts.

Try The One Percent for 30 days for $1 at

In this podcast we're looking at what it takes to start a successful Amazon FBA business when you're on a budget.

Like a TIGHT budget... 1,000, maybe 2,000 bucks!

It is easier than EVER to get started now that Amazon has so many distribution systems set up in place for you to start selling products... but you'll want to get started the smart way.

Direct download: Edited_WWW_-_How_To_Start_An_Amazon_FBA_Business_With_1000_Or_Less.mp3
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I have recently become the father again, this time to a baby boy.

Just like when I had my daughter, I've been given the gift of thinking more long-term about where my life is heading.

After stepping away from business for over a month I can see everything more clearly. I have to be more effective with my time. I can see where I was getting in the way.

It's amazing what insights come out of just looking into the eyes of your newborn son...

Direct download: Success_In_2020_2_Lessons_My_Son_Taught_Me_TOP_01-13-20.mp3
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In this episode Ryan discusses the many different ways you can start a physical products brand, and what mentality it takes in order for it to be successful.

Direct download: Edited_WWW_-_How_To_Start_A_Product_Business_That_Succeeds.mp3
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Having trouble growing your sales?

This week Ryan presents a keynote by successful business entrepreneur, Garret Akerson.

Throughout his presentation, Garret teaches 7 Key Takeaways that he used to grow his Shopify sales to 7 figures per month - and you can use no matter where you are taking sales.

How would your life change if you owned a million dollar business?

In this interview with Stefan James from Project Life Mastery we discuss the so-called "playbook" to grow an eCommerce business and give you the freedom to move forward.

Stefan is also an internet entrepreneur millionaire who makes content that inspires and moves people to take action.

We talk about the mindset you will never to cultivate in order to make mistakes, beat the competition, and grow your business in 2020.

When his kids fall asleep and he has an hour to spare, Ryan “Dialer” Moran has been calling people on Instagram after posting for them to submit their recent business challenges.

Today’s clips are aimed at giving you more freedom and permission to go out and get more buyers — a subject that was tackled in some of Ryan’s more recent calls — and guess what, it should be natural easy and fun!


Mentioned in this episode


Want to get to 7 figures?

Want to grow past 7 figures?


The Modern Cowboy | Dr. Dan Hillenbrand

Cheryl Gallagher


Keep in touch


Instagram | @RyanDanielMoran

Buying a business sounds intimidating but it's not as expensive as you might think. And you don't even have to use your own money...

To learn more join The One Percent @

In this episode I share a few clips from our live events and talk about these business buying strategies.

Mentioned in this episode

Preorder 12 Months to $1 Million: How to Pick a Winning Product, Build a Real Business, and Become a Seven-Figure Entrepreneur, by Ryan Daniel Moran

Zevia | Paddy Spence

Capitalism Conference


Join The One Percent

Lesson on Buying Businesses with Shakil Prasla



Direct download: TOP_23.mp3
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Let’s talk about money! Today’s episode is all about how to invest to create passive income — and you get to learn from all of Ryan’s trials and errors.

Do you have any income that is not tied to your time? Ryan breaks down the steps and the most efficient investment strategies drawing from some of today’s top investment advisors.


Keep in touch

Capitalism With Ryan Daniel Moran on YouTube




Mentioned in this episode


Get Unstuck!

Inside The One Percent

Investing tips!


J. Massey

Garret Gunderson

Patrick Donohoe

Jason Hartman

Tom Wheelwright

Direct download: WWW_12_16.mp3
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From asking Ryan for advice 4 years ago to absolutely killing it today: Brooke Castillo is the founder of The Life Coach School, a massive empire that trains and certifies life coaches.

What makes success happen? Tune in to hear Brooke’s insight on what shackles us, the most important thing to get comfortable with, and how to save time.

Stay until the very end for a brand new bonus discussion — C-Money kept the cameras rolling for some thoughts on commitment!

Mentioned in this episode

Get Unstuck!

Direct download: TOP_12_16_V1.mp3
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Can you have it all? Ryan and Chase met through their personal trainer, he currently works for a private equity group and he loves it, but he wants more…


How do you break out of golden handcuffs? Tune in to hear Ryan guide Chase towards finding out what he could do, one episode at a time, to bring meaning to his and other people’s lives.


Mentioned in this episode


Chase Slepak

Nithanial Decker

Boylan Bottling Company

Direct download: FFL_12_09.mp3
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Today Ryan talks about something really important — a recurring issue with a lot of people he works with — and something you might well be struggling with.


Don’t let your brain justify things you don’t like in sacrifice of the things you do, just allow yourself to get where you want to be. You are deserving.


Keep in touch


Capitalism With Ryan Daniel Moran on YouTube



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Are you looking for new areas of opportunities? Tune in for an intense discussion on trends in entrepreneurship with the iconic Gary Vee!

They also discuss being who you are, playing the long game, buying baseball cards, living within your means, and Oh! There was A LOT of wine: the longer you listen, the sloppier Ryan “Drunk-on-Red” Moran will get!


Mentioned in this episode




“So many people are so insecure and they want to achieve to prove to everybody and if they just understood that if you achieve at 36 instead of 24 you’ll still pull off what you want.” — Gary Vee

“I think this newest version of myself is about genuinely realizing that I am making an impact, and feeling a tremendous sense of responsibility.” — Gary Vee

“The biggest thing that surprised me so far is how genuinely involved Gary is on the content.” — Zayne

“The things I’m singularly most proud of in the world, not a person knows. I’m comfortable promoting business, it’s business! The real humanity is quiet as fuck.” — Gary Vee

“Do you know why I almost didn’t have a K-Swiss deal?” — Gary Vee

“You know how they say ‘don’t meet your heroes’ well my goal is to be better than you thought I was.” — Gary Vee

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Today is a chat with a listener who runs an Instagram page with 300k follower and wonders if he can turn this into his full time job. Ryan believes he can turn this into a 100k a year business in 24 hours.


How much are your followers really worth? Reighan is thinking of selling and has some resistance to Ryan’s ideas, so there is a push and pull to find his best-fit solution, but more importantly, his first step.


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Bernie Sanders recently tweeted that there should not be millionaires. Other prominent leftist figures have alluded to this idea and today, Ryan opts to tackle the ethics and responsibility of making money.


Are you looking for food for thought — or arguments with friends! — around Capitalism, creativity, wealth, and ethics? Or do you just plain need to hear that it’s ok to make money: you don’t have to feel bad. This episode is for you and no, you shouldn’t feel bad, the pie is as big as we want!


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Billy Gene

Bernie Sanders

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Great Thunberg

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Ryan shares an episode he did with Dave from and if you’re in the midst of building a business with all of the highs and lows of decision making, this episode is for you.

Take it from Ryan “Recess Money Makers Club” Moran, the route to freedom is the pursuit of what it is that excites you, he offers up some advice on how to figure that out.


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Today, Ryan interviews Jeremiah Lee Klingman who did his workshop at 17 years of age and had a multi-million dollar exit at 20… The story gets really interesting after money show up.


Are you at the start your entrepreneurial journey or looking for an exit? This episode has you covered in both cases! Tune in for a showcase on the two sides of the entrepreneurial coin: how to start your business, and what to do once the money shows up.


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Listen to this episode before throwing your money at any and all influencers you can find! There is a wrong and right way to do influencer marketing.


Are you thinking of adding influencer marketing to your strategy? Max Kerwick welcomes influencers Lauren Fisher and Rasmus Andersen to talk about their side of a marketing relationship and share critical dos and don’ts of this kind of advertising channel.


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Lauren Fisher

Rasmus Andersen

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Judson switched careers, followed the plan, built a 7 figure business and developed a really, really weird relationship with Ryan “The Entrepreneur Pastor” Moran.


Tune in for a very interesting conversation on business, juggling multiple businesses, passion, spirituality, religion… Follow Ryan and Judson run head-first into the rabbit hole!


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Tune in for a QA with Ryan and Sylvia, long time listener and entrepreneur who lists off a slew of free resources that she and her husband used to launch and scale their business to 7 figures.


Operationally, how do you get big game influencers on board? Ryan answers some questions she has for moving into the next phase and offers advice — one of them has Sylvia scared — to further her brand and grow her sales.


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JP Sears

Brian Lee

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Are you interested in starting a business but you’re not sure where to begin, how to find what to do? Do you have a business you may be interested in buying? Today’s episode is for you.


Where is the easiest place to start? You. Ryan breaks down how and why it all starts with you and shares clips from a variety of people who have started their own things and made it big (Moiz Ali, Will Ferrell, Russell Brunson)


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Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki

Cashflow board game


Moiz Ali

Native Deodorant


Will Ferrell


Russell Brunson

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Ever wonder how the absurdly wealthy really make their money? Ryan used to, and he is still fascinated by this question. After interviewing a vast amount of multi-millionaires, he shares the one thing he has seen as a constant among all of them.


There is only one thing for you to do in order to start making money, Ryan shares this, as well as what you should do to turn THAT into A LOT OF MONEY.


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Naval Ravikant


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Today is part 2 of Ryan’s interview with Suzy Batiz which is essentially a deep dive into philosophical questions. They share how each of them broke from their faith and how they build their spiritual practice now.


Also, Ryan turns Suzy Batiz’s preconceived idea of Capitalism on its head!


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Instagram: @RyanDanielMoran

Twitter: @RyanMoran




“The pursuit of truth is also the pursuit of God, and it led me away from Church.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“I will one day write a book called: ‘Why I Left The Church To Find God’.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“Capitalism is very simply the way that we organise coming together to solve problems.” — Ryan Daniel Moran

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Do you have a million project ideas but no projects? Chances are you’re standing in your own way. John is stuck and looking for guidance on a side project he has been toying with for 15-20 years!


Ryan identifies the issues John is struggling with, and kicks down 3-4 doors for him to just walk through! Tune in to get a quick push off the cliff alongside John — just start.


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Do you ever feel like you’re too old to start? That’s it’s too late? That you’re entrenched in the life you have or have failed too many damned times? This week, Wednesdays With Wyan basks in the afterglow of the Suzy Batiz interview…

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Today, Ryan talks to Suzy Batiz to shed some light on the often overlooked sides of entrepreneurship: entrepreneurs don’t just show up one day, successful and rich, it’s a journey and it’s not always easy but the rewards are so, so worth it.

Suzy shows a very vulnerable and open side of herself while sharing the darker side of her story. She shares her thoughts on some of the more objectionable practices in business, the search for meaning, and how she clawed her way back up to happiness after 40.


Mentioned in this episode Life’s free investment guide

Instagram: @RyanDanielMoran

Twitter: @RyanMoran

Man’s Search for Meaning

Loving What Is

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Long time listener Steve Hutchings has been running his popular extreme sports blog since 2010. He’s been looking to turn it into a business but isn’t getting the traction he was hoping.


Have you been sitting on an idea? Ryan helps Steve see some golden opportunities he was blind to and shares tips on how to build


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Do you have an audience that you’re ready to monetize? Or maybe you’re just looking for a new side hustle?


Tune in for this episode geared at helping you choose what products to sell and build a brand around — visit for more written, video and audio resources on building a physical product business.


In this audio episode, Ryan breaks down all the steps required for that first product choice to happen, starting with the easiest path to figuring out who you want to serve, and some exercises you can do to hone into the ideal product for your person.


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In 2014, Ryan released the 0 to 1 million in 12 months on Amazon video— viewed about 1.6 million times — but 5 years is huge in the digital space… Today’s episode is all about the updated version of the 0 to 1 million in 12 months on Amazon.


What’s new and different in the Amazon space? What’s coming, what’s here to stay and what’s about to go? Ryan shares the best tools to use, where to put the bulk of your energy and breaks down the steps to getting to the million mark in easy to follow point form.


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Instagram: @RyanDanielMoran

Twitter: @RyanMoran



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Nick has tried a few things, and is investing a lot of time in PPC and optimization, but his sales are now stagnant and have gone down since launch. Ryan helps Nick clear up what it is he loves about his business and how he can do more of it!


Are you about to throw in the towel on your budding brand and switch your focus? Ryan shares insight on discontinuation, actionable tips on where and how to gather intel on your customer base and who NOT to listen to if you’re trying to build a business.

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Today is part 1 of 4 of a free video course by on scaling your brand to 7 figures! Has your brand gotten stuck at the million dollar mark? If so, this series was tailor-made for you and will walk you through the very specific steps that will help you muscle through brand plateaus.


Ryan opens up the series with an in-depth about audience building — He touches on where you should you put the bulk of your energy (instagram or email?) where your content need to be and where it needs to lead, what’s the best way to capture customer information and much, much more.


Tune in for part 3 to 4 to learn about crafting offers, working with influencers and cash flow management to scale your physical products brand from 6 to 7 figures.


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Craig Ballantyne is a high-paid coach, the author of The Perfect Day Formula, and the new Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Unstoppable he is also the founder of a multiple 7-figure fitness Empire.


Are you stressed and strapped for time? Today, Craig shares his story as well as a massive amount of tips you need to put into action if you need more time — cause that’s just what he does: gives you the structure to be successful and incidentally, find 10 more hours to play with, every week!


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Craig Ballantyne



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Ryan is joined by Omar — who runs Margin Business, an Amazon optimization agency — to talk about finding and hiring that anchor employee, the one who frees you up to build your business rather than work in it.


How do you hire for a role that hasn’t been systematized? Ryan shares the 3 most important characteristics that this person needs to have. He also highlights the critical steps to getting organised for that first hire to work out.


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Turnkey Product Management

Outstanding Foods

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Ryan “DMT” Moran makes an appearance on his Ayahuasca Shaman’s podcast to dive deep into every spiritual pool available and investigate how they relate to one another.

Join them for a thoughtful discussion on Ryan’s spiritual journey to this day, how Ayahuasca fit into it and where he thinks it may lead in terms of personal and professional development.


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Zach and Jess Poitra

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Jeff Lieber sits down for an interview with Ryan Daniel Moran. Is Ryan a robot? He shares the one aim that drives all of his actions and how his personal routines enable him to get more done.


Jeff and Ryan also discuss how to build an audience in Amazon, as well as how to prepare for the future in order to thrive in the long term despite Amazon changes.


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Turnkey Product Management

Sign up for the Playbook for Amazon Class over at




“I think the biggest opportunity, the biggest white space, is building brands around audiences.” — Ryan Daniel Moran

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Bradley comes on the Freedom Fastlane podcast to have permission to get unstuck.


Today, Ryan gives advice he rarely gives, and he coaxes Bradley into realizing you know what you want, even when you think you don’t know! Also, how to best use your social media when you’re an introvert.


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Black Rifle Coffee


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Ryan picks up a thread he didn’t get to on the last episode: his predictions for the coming elections, Woohoo! Controversy! He names names, makes bets, and draws interesting business lessons from the current candidate positions.


Ryan also touches on the lies he has believed about money and his current understanding of freedom.


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Patrick Donohoe interviews Ryan Daniel Moran in this intimate conversation about the nature of Capitalism and how defending its core principles serves humanity on a large scale and time frame.


Patrick and Ryan also touch on the hardships, failures and challenges of entrepreneurship as well as discuss politics.


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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Andrew Yang

Toms Shoes

Joseph Shumpeter

Frederich Hayek

Ray Dalio

Turnkey Product Management


Quotes (edited)


“Profit is the reflection of you doing good, and with that you can do whatever you want, you’ve already paid your debt to society by doing that good thing in the first place.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“The only person in politics smarter than AOC is Donal Trump.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“Today is the first time a message can be delivered at scale, and because of that, we are now incentivized to do whatever gets attention on a mass scale, especially when you’re doing something like running for president.” — Ryan Daniel Moran

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Douglas retired from his family business in 2011. He battled burnout and depression and has been dabbling in longevity meetups. He is looking for involvement.


Ryan helps him see how he’s already filling a niche — he looks good at 67! Now he needs to start, Ryan breaks down what he should do.


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Ray Kurzweil — The Age of Spiritual Machines




Peter Attia

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Ryan opens up today’s edition with some business news you need to find interesting — pay attention!


Creativity is the key to your pursuits, why? Ryan shares the insights he’s picked up over the thousands of attempts at creation he’s made.


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Quest Nutrition


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What does it mean to be a man and an entrepreneur today? Ryan shares his thoughts on masculinity, loneliness, creativity, capitalism, growth and religion.


Ryan opens up about what influence he wants to have as a man and what he has learned about women. And tune in to hear the number one rule of business he has always violated as well as what you should be willing to sacrifice in the pursuit of truth.


Key takeaways


Men are trained to shoulder and carry the burden, do it alone, and do it in silence. This is a lie.


Ryan’s journey started with being aware that he felt alone and noticing that every aspect of his life was better when he wasn’t.


Challenge [8:13] Ryan shares his biggest challenge so far in his journey as a human, a man, and an entrepreneur. He also touches on his take on the meaning of life.


[10:00] Loneliness shouldn’t be man’s default state, but it’s the case for the majority of male leaders today.


Capitalism [12:29] is one of Ryan’s entrepreneurial ventures and it’s been the vehicle for building the community he’s looking for.


[15:12] Ryan talks about the extraction versus the input mentalities he sees in young entrepreneurs and explains which of them best benefits Capitalism as a model.


Part of why exists is to change the conversation around entrepreneurship.


Fear and purpose [22:10] Who does Ryan fear the most in this world? He explains the pitfalls of eschewing in opposition to the importance of finding purpose.


[24:44] A 25 year plan is Ryan’s way of harnessing his ability to make good decisions long term. The benefits of long term thinking cannot be overstated.


Ryan is expecting his first boy in December — this led him to an ‘oh! shit’ moment — and it may well be the start of his thought process beyond the 25 year mark and into “post-Ryan”.


Q1 [31:19] Mike asks Ryan about working with very — very — young entrepreneurs. This leads to an interesting conversation about perception.


Q2 [37:17] Kids don’t have any preconceived notions, should it not be easier to make them entrepreneurs? Nature vs nurture: Ryan opens up about what he wants for his own children.


Q3 [40:15] Still want to buy the Indians? Yes, but… there’s a caveat! And this is a multi-part answer on how Ryan has grown and who he has grown into.


Q4 [46:38] John asks what is the impact Ryan wants to have on the world? To be an example. The perception of men and masculinity is of destruction and divisiveness. Masculinity is more about leadership, service and kindness.


Q5 [50:36] Leadership comes with criticism. Is there any way to avoid it or do we have to steel ourselves?


“Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it.”

— Credited to André Gide, 1952. Translated to English, 1959 (“Croyez ceux qui cherchent la vérité, doutez de ceux qui la trouvent.”)


Q6 [57:04] How did Ryan lose his religion? In short, the church has a lot of dogmatic people claiming to have found truth and Ryan isn’t done looking for it. But in reality it was a complex, scary and painful journey which may someday become a book.


Q7 [1:02:12] After questioning his faith and losing his religion, where is Ryan today? Ryan offer a vulnerable, honest and very personal answer.


Thanks for listening!


Mentioned in this episode x Paradigm Life’s Patrick Dohonoe — Free wealth strategy guide






“Men are trained to shoulder and carry the burden, as well as to do it alone. This is a lie.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“I just find that I make better decisions the longer term I think, it enables you to factor more things in.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“Are you here? Am I safe? Do you love me? If you think about it, ever fight you’ve ever had with a woman had its roots in one of these three things.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


“Listen to the man who pursue truth and flee from the man who has claimed to have found it.” — Ryan Moran quoting André Gide


“American Christianity specifically keeps most people from experiencing God that Jesus of Nazareth referenced.” — Ryan Daniel Moran


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Today Ryan talks to Kei Nishida — Author and founder and CEO of — a business for which he’d like to acquire more customers and see their sales increase.


Blog traffic is working, email channels are working and event presence is working… how do you increase scale speed? Ryan offer tips from ramping up content writing to using the attention you’re already getting to your advantage.

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This is a short clip from a recent event when an attendee asked what to do with your time once you’ve achieved a certain level of success.


Ryan touches on the feeling he’s chasing, more so than a passion, it’s a goal of family, tribe and community.

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Ryan sits for an interview on the Outsourcing and Scaling Show with Nathan Hirsh he shares his thoughts on “Amazon businesses” and tips on how to break from that and into a real business.


Also, did you ever wonder what’s structure is like, how Ryan structures his schedule and what he’s learned about building company culture? Tune-in for a peek behind the curtain!


Key takeaways

[2:35] Nathan takes a minute to introduce Ryan “Delicious Leftovers” Moran to his podcast and asks him to share a little bit about how he was as a child: try to remember how you used to have fun.


First ventures and umpiring lessons [5:16] Ryan doesn’t consider ever having had a first “serious adult” venture. It was really more of an accumulation of all of his smaller endeavours, driven by the goal of becoming a real estate investor. Both Nathan and Ryan used to umpire, they talk about the kinds of lessons they learned and skills they developed.


“An Amazon business” [8:15] The tools have changed drastically, from the time Ryan was coding dreamweaver on a dial up modem. But with more resources and ease of opportunity, there are now more players competing, so the game has become about quality — both in product and customer experience.


Most people are short sighted though and will start thinking that they run an Amazon business. No one ever says “I have a Walmart business” or an “affiliate business” but people do say I have an “Amazon business” the reality is that Amazon is a customer acquisition strategy, not a business.


People who win are the ones who do digital marketing, who focus on people.


Where to start [11:48] Ryan’s advice for people who want to start marketing starts with a mindset change: an AMazon business doesn’t exist, you need to start building your own asset.

1. Budget your profits — the cheque you get from Amazon is not your money, it’s the company’s money.

2. Invest in customer experience.

3. Build an audience — either build it yourself or create a long term partnership with an influencer.

4. Try your hand at search engine optimization, no one is doing it: you’ll have an edge.


People [15:04] Making money is about people, it’s about who you surround yourself with, and it’s about your emotional intelligence. You have to learn how to succeed through others.


Ryan shares what he hates to do that is critical to moving forward in building your business: job descriptions… What is required to move you forward? It’s always the right time to hire when you know what you’re hiring for.


The opposite never ends well, Ryan has failed that way many times and he shares a few.


Structures, meeting and company culture [22:53] Ryan shares a bit about how he structures his businesses: who’s in charge of what… He also touches on the traits he looks for in his teammates and colleagues, how he runs meetings and what kind of culture he is trying to develop at


Two things Ryan learned through personal experience: if your culture sucks, something about you sucks, and people need more guidance and feedback than he thought from the get go.


Scheduling [30:13] Ryan touches on which parts of his schedule he protects and which are more flexible, his current objectives and focuses as well as what he chooses to do weather it’s morning or evening.


Owning the Cleveland Indians [31:37] When Ryan was 12, he wanted to be the General Manager of a Baseball team but he also realised that if you are the general manager, someone has to hire you — you are not in control. The owner is in control.


Nathan and Ryan nerd out on Baseball. and CapCon [34:39] Ryan shares what the purpose of is and explains how the Capitalism Conference was born, what its goal is and what’s in the cards for the future.


Thanks for listening!

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Jason Franciosa — long time follower of Capitalism.Com as well as Co-Founder and CEO of Element 26 — joins the show to ask Ryan some questions on how to go from $50k a month to the $100k a month mark.


Tune in to hear Ryan’s tips on not skipping steps when planning ahead, how best to communicate with customers, better ways to build audiences and finding the magic-making team member.

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Corrupt politicians? Economic hardship? Income inequality? Compared to who!? When!?


In North-America, primary needs are met and more often than not, wildly exceeded. We have lost most of our bases of comparison and so the ability to evaluate our relative situation. Ryan shares his fears around us forgetting how good we have it and what we could lose as a result.

Direct download: WWW_9_2.mp3
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Are you in the low 7 figures, and a bit stuck? You might’ve become an Amazon channel manager. Ryan explains how to get off the hamster wheel and build up and past 7 figures.


Key takeaways

The three parts of business are pretty straightforward: 1. Sales channel, 2. Product and 3. Audience. Uniting these three aspects is the key to propelling your brand past 7 figures. Here’s how.


BUSINESS PART 1 [6:13] Sales channel — where are your sales coming from? For most of the world, the answer is not Amazon…


You are a channel manager. On a hamster wheel. [9:52] Somewhere in the low seven figures lives the hamster wheel in which you can’t grow as fast as you used to and you can’t do all of the work alone. That’s when you know you’re an Amazon channel manager. It’s humbling.


Tip: Don’t fall into the trap of then becoming a — let’s say — Shopify channel manager on top of an Amazon one…


Getting out of the wheel will suck [13:04] There was a time, when you just started your business when you sucked at it. But you got better. Now you’re good, the only thing that threatens you is if Amazon makes a change… So you protect your investment and you enter defense mode.


The only way out of defense mode is to hire better people who do specific things better than you.


Tip: After 180 days if a new hiree is not out-earning you, they may be the wrong person for the job.


Now you can focus less on working in and more on working on your company...


BUSINESS PART 2 [15:25] Products! No one got big, got rich or got famous selling the same product as everybody else. This is the unhappy place where we’re trying to outreview our competitors, over analyse our keywords and wage price wars.


Risky business [24:52] If you’re over a million, it’s time to take some risks on products: create a product people actually want, not what everyone else is white labelling from Alibaba.


More risk = more reward.


So, your sales channel is optimized and you have a unique product in the marketplace: you are ready to jump off the hamster wheel and into the big league.


BUSINESS PART 3 [26:38] Audience! Ryan’s favorite audience builder is currently search engine optimization — what’s old is new again — in fact all of his companies were built on search engine optimisation and email.


The hero’s journey [31:35] Whatever you sell, you should always remember that it’s about the people who buy your product and how it helps them in their journey: people don’t care about you or your business, they care about themselves. They are the hero. They are Luke Skywalker.


You are not the hero, neither is your business. You are Yoda, you serve the hero.


Tip: Add an email insert into your packaging, start turning sales into CUSTOMERS.


There is a huge difference between a sale and a customer, and the latter is where real value is built…


Ryan’s closing tip 1 [42:21] You are at a million or up and can’t pinpoint what your business’ purpose is — aside from more sales — you are in trouble. Figure out who you are.


Ryan’s closing tip 2 [47:09] Where is you time and focus going? Outsource all outsourceable tasks and spearhead new initiatives — stop being the operator of all things and start being the leader of all things.


Thanks for listening!

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Former pitcher for the Cleveland Indians Nick Hagadone joins the podcast today — a dream comes true today for Ryan and a great learning opportunity for listeners to find out what tips Ryan had for the ex-MLB star to maximise his businesses returns.


Are you looking for some pointers on how to how to craft a launch plan? What about things you should do to get daily sales? Sit-in on this star-struck interview.

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During Seller Con in Las Vegas Ryan got mobbed backstage by digital marketers with bunches of questions. Today’s episode delivers some seriously unfiltered Ryan.


Watch your ears though, there is some colorful language on top of some interesting pointers and a few blunt, blunt answers!

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Get ready for today’s episode, it’s finally part 2 of black man vs. White man!


Follow Ryan “Debate” Moran and Billy Gene into a multitude of controversial rabbit holes and hear what Billy had to say that may have changed Ryan’s mind on some subjects.


Key takeaways


Trump or Obama? [5:43] Billy and Ryan set the tone for this dialogue by going over drunken items from the last black man vs. white man debate — are people more divided than during the civil war? Are things better or worse for minorities? — and open up this year’s conversation with a personal story from Billy.


Putting other things first [:] Ryan points out that his choice to support Trump, or not, would be driven by his upbringing and his choice of peers.


Billy rebutts that as a black man, it’s hard to put other things — upbringing, peers, etc. — before race since so much of his experience of the world has been dictated by it.


One racist thing [13:35] Ryan asks if there is one thing about Trump that stands out as racist.


The tagline! Billy offers that Make American Great Again refers to a time past, but which? Maybe the one when people of color were segregated against and women overlooked — what about that could you possibly like as a black man. What the f**k does great again mean?


Representation [18:26] Billy notes that perception is key, and that we understand ourselves in the context of what we see, i.e. when he watches a 1920’s film, he understands that he was the milkman. So building pride and making certain that strong black representation exist in every area of life is important to him, he’s plated his Lambo “I’m black” — even if some white people take it personal!


Ryan concedes a point!


The opposite of racism? [21:40] Ryan asserts that he avoids making assumptions based on race and gender while Billy claims — as an advertiser — to be all about assumptions.


Billy thinks forcing hard conversations may be the one positive thing to stem from the Trump movement.


Privilege [24:38] Billy offers that privilege is the innate leg up that a white man may not realise he has in comparison to a black man. He also offers up the main opposing views of both sides which tend to generate disconnect:

1. Don’t say you came from nothing because you don’t know what nothing is.

2. Don’t villainize me for being born with what I was born with.

The true leg up is having people like you, in your surroundings that were successful, that’s when you believe it’s possible.


The controversial voice of privilege [29:10] Ryan agrees, but counters that privilege is less of a factor in success than ever before. Billy acquiesces but adds the following caveat: it isn’t gone and people are still not equal.


Empathy [31:33] In a “black man or white man succeeding” scenario, Ryan says he would bet on the person coming at a disadvantage. Billy immediately counters that this may be because Ryan doesn’t really truly know what disadvantage is. And that is privilege, with a little bit of lack of empathy sprinkled in.


Billy shares his personal story of privilege and luck which took root in his parent’s fight against disadvantage.


The key to moving forward with this whole debacle is empathy: for people who are privileged to be cognizant and humble about it and for the people who had none not to villainize.


Responsibility [36:40] Both Ryan and Billy agree that people who have privilege also have a responsibility to make other people’s lives better, whether or not that privilege was given to them or if they worked hard for it. And people without have a responsibility to themselves.


But people with too much privilege or too long of a history of privilege tend to get soft…


Is Billy stumped?


Soft, soft privilege [40:00] Ryan argues that socialist government policies like raising welfare, social safety nets and etc. play a role in softening the masses. Billy offers a personal caveat.


What is the role of government? [45:40] Ryan and Billy discuss the role of government: should governments force the “benevolent responsibility” of successful people? Should there be a fee for becoming successful? And once a program is successful, should it not be cancelled?


Ryan offers that Federal Government should only exist to protect our borders, freedoms, rights and constitution and State Government should decide everything else.


Abortion [48:35] Ryan is of the mind that State Governement should decide their own abortion laws — even if he thinks Alabama’s law is whack. The philosophical question that underpins the abortion debate revolves around when a fetus deserves equal protection under the law.


Billy debates whether men should even vote on it.


Marriage [54:33] Billy asks about the white entrepreneur’s recent obsession with open couples. Ryan isn’t even certain what he thinks about marriage but he does think that the recent spike in non-traditional narratives in the entrepreneurial community is driven by loneliness.


Entrepreneurship [1:00:40] Both Billy and Ryan believe that people have come to mistake entrepreneurship and freedom and it has created a fad around becoming an entrepreneur.


Instagram has created this idea that you can have the house, the car, the plane, the travel, the company and it’s a mistake.


Freedom and money are not mutually exclusive.


Looking for a rabbit hole [1:04:58] Ryan and Billy shop for another rabbit hole to tumble into, they go from universal basic income to the next election to what freedom means.


Freedom [1:07:05] Defining what freedom means to you is usually a journey that starts with setting a goal. Humans are easily bored, so finding the problem you want to spend some blood sweat and tears fixing is key and once it’s fixed, it changes!


It always changes and it’s very personal, Ryan and Billy find a very real human common ground.


Rapid fire [1:10:40] Ryan asks Billy business questions:

1. Fear of loss? Losing will make the win look different.

2. Fear of change? Embrace change with grace is a core brand value.

3. Driver for scale? Simplification.


Billy shares the peace he found with letting go of Billygeneismarketing’s reins — and the difficulties of letting the team make mistakes — having it become an asset that permits branching out into new ventures.


Ryan shares how trippy this is for him since Billy is describing the exact path he’s been on for the past 2 years.


Million dollar studio [1:17:12] The financial driver behind Billy’s business growth as well as his awesome studio and team was … *drumroll* … Ads! More specifically ads to video sales, that is the model.


Final controversy [1:19:00] Billy offers up the last piece of discussion: traditional therapy and medications. The typical person who commits suicide is the white male. Billy offers up that the “get bigger problems” might explain why minorities have have a different perspective and much lower suicide rates.


Ryan adds the “get soft and purposeless” as an aggravating factor to white male suicide rates. Two things make our lives feel fulfilled and happy:

1. Meaning

2. Community


Affluent people tend to lose both, especially if you don’t do most of what Billy and Ryan have discussed in the last hour: redefine your goals and focus on social responsibility.


Ryan goes full circle and pick the disadvantaged person again because they will be less derailed by adversity than the one who had it made.


Race again [1:28:20] Billy uses a sports metaphor to illustrate that the idea that “we’ve come so far, let’s double down” is a hard pill to swallow.


Also, if you want the women’s soccer team to get a raise, watch the damn games.


Closing out [1:31:15] Having these types of conversations helps contextualize everyone’s perspective, there is white privilege, there is black privilege.


But for people in the U.S. to have these dialogues, they need to be out of the “needs” category — you can’t worry about other people’s problems if you’re not sure how you’re going to eat.


In the meantime, Billy and Ryan share a hilariously awkward handshake.


Thanks for listening!

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