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Very few people in the world have the ambition, drive, and talent to walk a billion dollar path. But Nathan Latka has proven already that he’s able to do it. He’s still in his 20s and has already built and sold a company for more money than most companies ever make. He’s a voracious reader and learns everything he can about entrepreneurism, billionaires, and how they go the where they are. Today’s conversation is a blunt look at why Nathan approaches business the way he does and where he’s headed. Your mind will be opened up by this one, guaranteed.

He’s made it a public goal to be a Billionaire by age 30.

There are many people who say that Nathan Latka has a big ego and he would totally agree with them. He says that he ego is actually his biggest asset. It’s that ego that has given him the belief that he can become a billionaire by the time he’s 30 years old - and he’s well on the path to achieve it. During the chat Ryan and Nathan chat about what it takes to be able to produce a billion dollars and how Nathan plans to do it. He also reveals some plans for his future that may be surprising, but definitely fit the scale at which he thinks.

What life is like on the billion dollar path Nathan Latka has set.

Nathan Latka boldly says that his life is happier than almost anyone who’s working a 40 hour a week job simply because he’s been able to build a lifestyle of absolute freedom. He’s built and sold a business for an astronomical price and now is investing his profits into things that can fuel his life long term. But he’s also assessing opportunities, looking for the one that will take him to the place where one billion dollars is not only possible, but inevitable. Join Ryan and Nathan as they range all over the place in this engaging talk about the quest for billionaire status.

Buy on cash and everything else is a bonus.

One of the things Nathan Latka is doing to fuel his billion dollar dream is studying and investing in real estate. When it comes to finding good investments he has a very simple philosophy: If the cash flow works, everything else is just a bonus. On this episode he walks through the numbers on his very first real estate deal to give an example of what he looks for in a good investment and tells about some other things he’s stepped into that are related to real estate but not quite the traditional route. You’ll find this very interesting.

Looking for something of lesser value to make it something of greater value.

Long term, what is a guy like Nathan Latka looking to sink his teeth into? The Presidency? Check. Other business ventures? Check. And when he surveys the entrepreneurial landscape he sees that the sharing economy has just gotten started. He’s looking for ways to leverage assets people already own - those things that are currently of lesser value - in ways that make them into items of greater value. He believes it’s a business model that not only will last long into the future, but will also change the future. Get inside the always moving mind of Nathan Latka, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:06] Ryan’s introduction of this year’s Freedom Fast Lane LIVE speaker: Nathan Latka
  • [1:40] How Nathan has stretched Ryan’s “normal.”
  • [2:12] How Nathan started his business while still in college.
  • [4:39] The point at which Nathan realized he should sell the business.
  • [9:10] Nathan’s biggest mistake and what he did after selling the business.
  • [12:40] How Nathan started the fastest growing podcast in iTunes.
  • [14:51] What Nathan is investing in and what he considers a good investment.
  • [16:44] The discipline required to invest wisely and effectively.
  • [17:41] Nathan’s approach to real estate investing.
  • [21:14] The real estate things Nathan is looking at right now.
  • [23:47] The process and criteria Nathan is using to assess his next opportunity.
  • [30:00] What Nathan wants to do when he reaches billionaire status.
  • [31:28] What CEOs or thought leaders is Nathan following right now?
  • [33:24] What does the word “capitalism” mean to Nathan?
  • [34:06] Nathan’s podcast: The Rise To The Top.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Become hungry and never stop learning. Read as many books as you can about people who have become successful in the ways you desire.

FOR ACCOUNTABILITY: Invite people onto your team who have different strengths and perspectives from you. The balance will make your overall business better.

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