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If you’ve listened to Freedom Fast Lane for any length of time over the past year you have noticed slight change in direction when it comes to Ryan’s focus. He’s no longer only featuring guests and topics that help you build a life of freedom, but has shifted attention to those who have built massive amounts of wealth for the sake of accomplishing particular goals. Ryan’s goal: To own the Cleveland Indians. On this episode Ryan announces the place and time of this year’s Freedom Fast Lane LIVE event and gives a bit of a preview of the kinds of speakers who will be presenting at the event.

Many people build companies. Very few build hugely successful wealth generating companies.

You often hear of entrepreneurs who have built a company from the ground up and have become online celebrities of a sort as a result. Ryan’s become very interested in another kind of entrepreneur, the one who builds a massively successful business without the need to become famous in the process because they are too busy making the business rise to the top. It’s those kinds of businesses he wants to deconstruct at Freedom Fast Lane LIVE this year, so be sure you hear this announcement about the place, time, and notification list for this year’s event.

You can get on the early bird list for this year’s Freedom Fast Lane LIVE event.

When you hear this episode of the podcast you’re going to want to be a part of the FFL LIVE event going on in Austin, Texas, December 9-11. It’s going to be a powerful event where Ryan is able to deconstruct the success practices and mindsets of business leaders who are building or have built billion dollar companies. It’s success beyond success that he wants to learn, and you can be a part of the group. Tickets will sell out quickly so be sure you get on the early bird list by taking action according to Ryan’s instructions on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:03] Ryan’s introduction to this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.
  • [0:40] Why Ryan’s whole life is set up to take advantage of his opportunities.
  • [1:20] Ryan’s 3 step process to achieving the life you want.
  • [2:52] The shift of the podcast on people who are scaling their businesses larger: why it happened.
  • [6:00] The various ways Ryan could achieve his dream of owning the Cleveland Indians.
  • [7:00] Freedom Fast Lane 2016: Austin, Texas, December 9-11
  • [8:14] The focus of the year - the companies that are building companies powerfully.
  • [9:22] Ryan’s recent fascination with businesses that have bucked the trends and lasted.
  • [11:07] The call to action for this year’s conference: Sign up for the early bird price & notification.
  • [14:06] How you can get the details of this year’s event dripped to you over the next month.

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