with Ryan Daniel Moran

Today’s episode is a leaked interview with C-Money where he asks Ryan pointed questions on which subjects he chooses to talk about during the 8-Figure exits workshops and why.


Get a glimpse of Ryan’s strategic questions directed at helping shift entrepreneur mindsets from working in their businesses to running their businesses.


Key Takeaways


X-Figure exits [1:37] The workshops are there to lay strong plans to build the exit. They are built to help remove some of the stresses of business.


The Big Picture [2:43] Setting the amount of money that you would be comfortable living your ideal life with is the first step to breaking down the path to it into manageable pieces. It also provides a filter through which you should make all your other decisions.


Most can’t handle it [4:15] Entrepreneurs don’t all have the skillset, time, knowledge or energy to run an 8 figure business.


Giving up equity [6:11] Your job as an entrepreneur is to bake the biggest pie possible, and if you’ve baked a big enough pie, you will have enough to share. But to do this efficiently, you need to find the people who have the ingredients so you can oversee the baking!


Hiring? [9:27] Attracting and retaining good talent is simple: people want to be part of something and they don’t want to work for crappy businesses: you have to build something people care about. The tough thing for entrepreneurs is they often don’t care about the business, they care about what it gives them: guess who doesn’t like it either…


Only build the business you want!


Thank you for listening, it means the world.


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