with Ryan Daniel Moran

Ryan outlines 3 easy things you can do to ensure productivity when you work from home: because working from home means you never ever escape work?


Do you ever get lost in the sauce? If so, listen in to this quick episode.


Key Takeaways

[1:21] Because working from home becomes your very personal work-prison, we tend to use little distractions to try to escape… Tidying, snacking, taking breaks, etc.


Here are three easy things you can do to ensure better productivity.


1. Plan [2:23] First thing in the morning, if nothing else, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY and map out the most important thing for the coming day.


2. Workspace [4:04] it doesn’t need to be an office, it can be an area or a desk, just make it about work. Shut the world off.


3. Get out [5:44] Get the hell out. When we don’t have outside stimuli, our brains find problems to create.


Don’t let your own thoughts attack you. And don't let your brain make your house a negative space.


[7:55] If you work from home, you have a special set of challenges and opportunities. Live life on your own terms!


If you try these tips, share your comments below the video!


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