with Ryan Daniel Moran

On this very special episode of #WineWithWyan I am joined by our Chief of Staff Ines.

We caught up about our takeaways from The Capitalism Conference and all of the inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners we had the privilege of meeting and took a few calls from the audience.

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Many companies break when they scale too quickly with poor infrastructure, and when Michael Dubin’s Dollar Shave Club hit momentum through a viral video, he had to figure out quickly how to scale effectively.

Hear his story behind the hit viral video from 2012, the importance of worrying and the golden ratio to tracking success.

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I was so grateful to have Alex Charfen speak at at this year’s CapCon, as he shares the research he’s found all successful entrepreneurs have in common.

He maps out what the path looks like to run an empire you’re proud of through The Billionaire Code, and the transitions it takes to become truly successful. Helping businesses scale fast, Alex knows what you need to regularly remind yourself along the journey.

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Freedom Fast Lane began back in 2013.

Ryan Daniel Moran ran it for over 5 years and then retired the show after completing the goal of finding personal financial freedom for life.

After a few exits from physical products brands (the latest of which was for over 8-figures in cash) and some well placed investments the journey was over. 

Now on the Podcast Network Ryan is bringing Freedom Fast Lane to discuss building businesses and investing the profits after all he has learned.

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Would you believe that there is a formula to growing your business, one that generates millions of dollars?

Mark Ford (pen name Michael Masterson) created it and has applied it dozens of times. There are four steps in this formula, and Mark shares them with us on today’s episode.

After growing a business to $65 million in four years, Mark took the process and duplicated it over and over again. Entrepreneurs who apply this process in their businesses experience success, and you can too.

Marketing is everything, and copy is king. Once you have those nailed, your business growth will take off.


Rule number 6 of Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules For Life is to set your own house in perfect order before your criticize others.

I talk about what this means to me and what this important lesson means for entrepreneurs.

- Ryan Daniel Moran

When starting your own product business, it’s easy to tackle a million and one problems at a time. Starting on the simplest problems first sets you on a much better path.

In this episode, Kevin Lavelle, founder of Mizzen+Main, shares how he made “the best damn dress shirt for men” that’s now worn by men across 50 states.

We uncover how Kevin built credibility through a crowded market, boosting immunity through making mistakes, and the risks of scaling too early.

This week on The One Percent Podcast (now on the Podcast Network) I give a behind the scenes look at the empire we are building.

I am joined by my right hand man and content creator C-Money in the Tesla and we had a conversation about some big changes within the company, the hiring of new employees, and our vision for the future.

We run through our current revenue model, unpack the good - and bad - hiring strategies we’ve used in the past, and what to do with company profits to continue making an impact for entrepreneurs around the world as the brand grows.

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Let's say your first physical product is starting to really gain traction and pick up sales.

What do you next? How can you grow your brand even bigger?

In this episode co-hosts Ryan Daniel Moran and Max Kerwick guide you through the next steps to make sure you're not just a "one hit wonder" but to ensure you can grow a sustainable and profitable brand you'll be proud of.

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After 13 years of entrepreneurship I wanted to give you a look behind the the curtain at where I've decided to go and where as a company is going.



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What leads someone to become an entrepreneur?

And what happens when the early programming and patterns of life that lead to success are no longer serving you?

About half a year ago I shared my experiences I had during and after Burning Man, on my own journey of personal development.

I realized that I had been operating my life through the lens of "Not Being Enough" which lead me to a lot of behaviors and thought patterns that I want to change.

In this follow-up I expand on my thoughts about validation, ego, purpose, and how to bring your life into alignment.


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Is your business a "lifestyle" business?

An escape from the corporate world? A means of independence?
Or the expression of a true passion? Could it turn into a long-term growth business?

There is nothing wrong with any of these strategies.

But it's important to get clear on the purpose of your business.

In this episode of The Brand Builder Podcast co-hosts Ryan Daniel Moran and Max Kerwick share their thoughts on operating a business you may or may not be truly passionate about.



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Is the Amazon gold rush over?
Well, not necessarily... but you can't use the same strategies you were using in 2011 or 2012.

In this episode I'll be walking you through the model that we are following when it comes to building physical products brands.

Amazon is just a distribution mechanism. A place to sell things.

In this monologue I'll be sharing my current strategies for selling physical products and building a scalable & sellable brand in 2019.

How much do you need to earn to live the life you want?

As entrepreneurs so often we chase freedom and work ourselves to death waiting for a payoff to come later.

This is my keynote from The Capitalism Conference 2019. My first keynote ever at my own event.

In this presentation I wanted to communicate my own path in the empire I am building with

I wanted to communicate this idea that freedom IS the doing of what you really want. Today.

And ironically, when we are in alignment with our purpose and zone of genius, the money just comes easily.


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Moiz Ali founded Native Deodorant 2 years before selling the company to Procter & Gamble for $100 Million.

 How does that happen? How is there still so much money to be made in deodorant, and how can YOU sell products people will pay a premium for?

In this talk from a event Moiz shares his journey, and how he quickly grew a brand that is now featured in Target and retail stores across America.

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How long can we go before the next recession?

Most entrepreneurs are holding on to their money or, worse yet, putting them into assets that will eat away at their wealth.

Sam Prentice is the capital warehouse expert I turn to deploy my own money in a way that will take advantage of the market upside without participating in the downsides.

In this interview we talk about best investing practices, what asset classes might be right for you, and how you can multiply your wealth in any market.

For more information about Sam Prentice visit

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Acquiring a business can help you bypass the time spent on building a business from scratch.

But what happens when you acquire business which hasn’t been reaching its full potential? How do you change it into something which makes you money without you needing to spend all of your time on it?

Shakil Prasla buys online companies for as little money as possible, sits in the owner’s seat, and delegates systems and processes to a manager.
This has allowed him to purchase eight different online businesses, all of which he has turned into profitable enterprises which makes him money while he has little involvement.

In this episode of The One Percent (one of Ryan's most downloaded Freedom Fast Lane episodes) Shakil explains how his business model works, how he acquires new companies, and the process he takes to make his income passive.

Key takeaways: 
- How to pick profitable products for a long-term investment
- Finding good people for a successful online business
- Spotting growth potential in companies you’re interested in acquiring 

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The best audience to sell to is one you are a part of.

Being part of a community you truly understand the pain points, the challenges that come up, and where people want to go in that niche.

So when Jake Rhodes started making products for crossfitters he started to gain some traction.

But it wasn't until he learned how to create relationships with influencers and athletes that his business truly shot through the roof.

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Should you invest in real estate, stocks, other businesses... cryptocurrency?

In 2019 we are looking at an unpredictable market.

Some say it could collapse any day.

Fellow entrepreneurs Mike Dillard and Jason Hartman are not so pessimistic.

But with the uncertainty of the economy I wanted to pick their brains about where they are investing their hard-earned money.

I have some of my own opinions as well.

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miss an episode.

Not long ago Roxelle Cho was making products in her garage.

 After she gained the loyalty and support of a growing customer base through Facebook Live, Instagram, and emails she had to scale quickly.

Fused Hawaii is a handmade swimwear brand that empowers women to live comfortably in the skin that they're in.

 In this episode Roxelle shares how she has created a community of superfans who want to buy from the company again and again while spreading their message and telling their friends.


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Brooke Castillo inspires me as an entrepreneur.

She is the founder of The Life Coach School, a massive empire that trains and certifies life coaches.

She really likes money and her results speak for themselves. She has built a thriving 8-figure business while just a few years ago it was generating only 300k annually.

She has done all this while working only... THREE DAYS PER WEEK.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and I think you will as well if you like money, if you like smart people, and if you'd like to have more free time I think you'll get a lot out of it.

Listen to more from Brooke Castillo on her podcast "The Life Coach School Podcast"

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We see a lot of physical product sellers who are really settling for low profit margins and who are really in the weeds of their business, particularly when it comes to navigating the challenges of

So we had Jeff Lieber on the podcast who works with Amazon sellers to free up their capacity as entrepreneurs and help them quickly scale. 

Jeff Lieber is the founder of Turnkey Product Management, a company dedicated to helping clients automate their sales growth.

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In this interview I talk with Ajit Nawalkha, cofounder of MindValley Teach and Evercoach.

In this conversation we talk about how entrepreneurs can take their purpose, passion, and practicality into account to live big in all areas of life.

He shares his story of growing up with nothing and going from an intern to becoming an abundantly successful entrepreneur and searching for meaning through it all.

If you like this interview, take the next step and get Ajit's book
Live Big: The Entrepreneur's Guide To Passion, Practicality, and Purpose... and maybe leave a review on Amazon while you're at it.

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George Bryant is a marketing wizard who helps companies ethically scale.

This means dialing in what is really important to the customer.

Finding what message will resonate on a large scale so that you can advertise to your ideal audience and ultimately grow a massive brand.

We sat down with George on The Brand Builder Podcast to discuss building trust and genuine relationships with customers to create loyal buyers. 

To hear more interviews and case studies like this subscribe to The Brand Builder Podcast.

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Perry Belcher is the co-founder of and

He is one of the world's best marketing specialists in the direct response world.

If you sell physical products, but you do not feel "in control" of your sales, Perry is the best in the world at creating physical products funnels.

In this talk from The Capitalism Conference Perry walks through his "ideal funnel system".

You'll learn how to target your ideal customer effectively and massively grow your business.

This year's Capitalism Conference event takes place in Dallas, Texas January 21st, 2019. has launched a NEW podcast I am proud to present to you on The One Percent.

The Brand Builder Podcast gives a behind scenes look at some of the world's most successful brands and gives you the keys to what is working right now.

I am joined by my counterpart Max Kerwick, one of the best branding experts I know.

Building a physical products brand is the most predictable path to a 7-figure business.

Go subscribe to The Brand Builder Podcast on iTunes so you never miss an episode.

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Do you want to build an empire?

Everything that’s required to achieve extraordinary results and, ultimately, build an empire is surprisingly simple – but that doesn’t mean everyone is doing those things. So in this with Geoff Woods episode, we discuss some of the simple little things that most entrepreneurs are not doing, preventing them from achieving the extraordinary growth they desire.

Geoff Woods is the Vice President of The ONE Thing and the hosts The ONE Thing podcast which is in the top 5% of all podcasts in the world.

- How you can identify the talent you need
- Why you shouldn’t be on this entrepreneurial journey alone (and who you’re likely missing)
- How to get clarity on your vision partway through building a business and don’t know how to scale any further

You can hear more Geoff Woods at The Capitalism Conference (Jan 21-23 in Dallas), where Geoff will be a guest speaker.

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The journey of entrepreneurship is filled with many emotional ups and downs.

JP Sears interviewed me about my own path on his show "Awaken With JP" and I've received so much positive feedback about the conversation that I am putting it here on The One Percent.

You may know JP as the soft-spoken, ginger-headed, Youtube self-help guru and master of dry, deadpan comedy but JP is also a veteran "emotional healing coach" with a legit clinical background.

This year at The Capitalism Conference JP Sears is going to be co-hosting with me with January 21-23 in Dallas, Texas.

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Aubrey Marcus is an author, experimenter, unconventional fitness junkie, and human optimizer.

He is the CEO of Onnit, the optimal human performance fitness company that he has built into one of the fastest growing companies in America.

In this conversation we had in the living room of my lake house, my mastermind The Backroom got to ask Aubrey a few important questions about how he's been able to partner with Joe Rogan, use influencers, scale to 190 employees, and enjoy the process.

Come see more conversations like this at our next event
Learn more at:

The Capitalism Conference is our event for entrepreneurial empire builders.
January 21st-23rd, 2019. Dallas, Texas.

What does it take for a brand to consistently sell $1 million+ every month?

This episode is specifically for those of you who follow me because you know that I have built physical products brands.

I have made the majority of my wealth by building, scaling, and selling profitable brands that sell primarily on Amazon. Some had their own online stores, some moved into retail, but almost all eCommerce brands run into roadblocks when it comes to scaling from 6 figures per month to 7 figures per month.

In this episode I talk about how you can take a business that is already up and moving and grow it to at least the mid 7-figures and closer to 8.

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Joel Marion is the co-founder of a $100 million+ business, BioTrust Nutrition (we've had his co-founder Josh Bezoni on the show before).

He has truly mastered the art of scaling companies quickly.

Joel has ALSO built a personal brand to 8 figures in 12 months garnering over 1.2 million followers, and 1.7 million emails.

He has really dialed in how to scale, so in this episode he shares what he is doing differently from everybody else and how you can apply these same tactics.

Come see Joel Marion in person January, 21st-23rd 2019 in Dallas, TX

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Alex Huditan is someone that I look up to and admire.

Of all of the entrepreneurs I have ever met he seems to have more fun and truly enjoy his life perhaps more than anyone I have met.

In this podcast we talk about creation, work, and how to truly live the literal 4 hour work week. We talk about automation and delegation and whether or not the 4 Hour Work Week is all it’s really cracked up to be…

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Ryan Niddel has a thriving business, huge following, great health, a beautiful family, and a wildly successful podcast.

But when I first met Ryan he was a COMPLETELY different person. Broke, struggling, relationship issues... steroids.

In this honest talk we outline specifically how he transformed into an entirely new person and the steps that you can take to have your own transformation for a better life.

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Ever wonder how private equity firms work or what might attract them to invest into or buy your company?

A private equity firm is an investment management company that provides financial backing and makes investments in the private equity of startup or operating companies.

In this episode I speak with Tony Ludlow, the founder of the private equity firm that bought a majority stake in my biggest exit.

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In this episode we address the 3 main constraints business owners tend to face until they break through that $5m/year mark in annual revenue.

Until these hurdles are cleared it's very unlikely that they ever will pass this point.

Wherever you're at in your journey, this is a must-listen episode if you are interested in building a scalable and sellable company.


This is the most important podcast I have ever done.

I had a major breakthrough in my life, that was THE most impactful shift I have ever had in terms of personal development, and I want to share that with you.

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Is there really a perfect diet? In today's world of biohacking and data tracking it is easy to get overwhelmed with too many decisions.

That's why I had my own personal health advisor Dr. Anthony Balduzzi come back to talk about eating to optimize longevity, physique, performances, and happiness.

This is one you won't want to miss if you need some tips you can apply to increase your own performance in life.

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Dr. Loretta Breuning is the author of Habits of a Happy Brain: Retrain Your Brain to Boost Your Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin, and Endorphin Levels as well as The Science of Positivity: Stop Negative Thought Patterns By Changing Your Brain Chemistry; and I, Mammal: How to Make Peace with the Animal Urge for Social Power.

Habits of a Happy Brain is one of the best books I have read this year so I had to talk with Dr. Breuning about how our happy brain chemicals relate to the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

I was not disappointed, plenty of actionable takeaways here to help you operate at your best.

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What if you could live life at your absolute best, every single day?

How different would your business be, how different would you life be?

Craig Ballantyne coaches high-performing entrepreneurs and executives to get more done, have a massive impact, grow their influence... and finally have a fulfilling personal life again.

In this podcast I interviewed him about how entrepreneurs can truly have it all. Craig gives very actionable & practical advice that you can implement today to start to reach your full potential.

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It has been over a year since I sold the majority of my physical products business for over $10 million.

This episode is all about my journey as an investor since then, what I am doing to ensure financial freedom for life, and everything I have learned along the way.

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JP Newman is a professional real estate investor and founder of the real estate investment firm Thrive, FP.

I like to joke that he is the man who owns half of Texas.

After working at Sony Pictures he took a hard pivot into the real estate world and shares some of his lessons learned in this casual interview.

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Tax laws for business owners, especially those who sell physical products, have changed.

After the new tax law went into place the person whose expertise I trust the most is former Capitalism Conference speaker Tom Wheelwright.

Stay ahead of the curve on what to do with your taxes this year and how to take advantage of some changes that have taken place with the tax law. You could stand to lose, or gain, a small fortune.


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Ryan Michler is a husband, father, Iraqi Combat Veteran, and the Founder of Order of Man.

After growing up without a permanent father figure in his life, he felt the need to create a community and resource for men to become better.

As entrepreneurs it is all too easy for us to track the progress on our bank accounts, or even our fitness results, but improving our personal relationships and stepping into responsibility is not so easy to measure.

In a culture that is becoming increasingly soft, in this episode we talk about the value of resilience and grit.

Direct download: Ryan_Michler_TOP_Podcast_v2.mp3
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In this episode I talk about how I created wealth in my own life and became financially free through investing.

If you are interested in learning more about cash flow and how to truly live life on your own terms listen in, subscribe, share with an entrepreneur you know, and visit my YouTube channel "Ryan Daniel Moran" for more content!

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Have you ever had a turning point in your journey as an entrepreneur?
After our latest quarterly company retreat life is better than ever at but there have been bumps along the way.

In this episode I sit down again with my content creator C-Money to talk about marketing with authenticity, running a personal media brand, growing the Capitalism media empire, and my own personal ups and downs along the way.

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Today marks the first official show of The One Percent.
In this episode I talk about searching for greater meaning outside of just being successful in business.

I tracked my progress as an entrepreneur for 5 years under Freedom Fast Lane but this is the show for the One Percent bold enough create change, pursue wealth, find freedom, take control of their health, and reach their full potential.

I am an entrepreneur, investor, a father, and a skeptic who is on a journey to meet the world's highest achievers - those who live in the one percent of all aspects of life.

Direct download: The_One_Percent_1.mp3
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This is the show for the One Percent bold enough create change,
pursue wealth, find freedom, take control of their health, and reach
their full potential.

My name is Ryan Daniel Moran and I am an entrepreneur, investor, a father, and a skeptic who is on a journey to meet the world's highest achievers - those who live in the one percent of all aspects of life.

In this episode I talk about leaving behind Freedom Fast Lane after 5 years of podcasting so that I could start thinking bigger and move forward with The One Percent and growing the media empire.

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I have some very important news. Five years ago I launched Freedom Fast Lane in order to document my journey and share the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. It has been so much fun to have shared what I have learned along the way with you.

About a year and a half ago something changed. Some of the magic that I felt at the very beginning started to fade. I felt that I had to start monetizing the following of this show in order to make it sustainable. Monetizing this audience turned into a very stressful thing.

Show Notes

Allowing myself to indulge in retrospection

I’ve done a lot of reflecting over the past six months and I’ve analyzed where I want to go with my career. I’ve reflected upon all the highs and lows of these past six months. As I look back on what worked, it was always when I was curious, honest, humble, when I was always being myself.

Exploring new horizons

I feel like I’ve said everything there is to say and that I’ve shared everything there is to share on the topics that I’ve been talking about. I decided to try something new. So this is the last official Freedom Fast Lane podcast episode in this format. Up until this point I shared a lot about physical products and some of the strategies we’ve used. We’ll see what comes next.


Connect with Ryan

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I had an important mental shift this week about business and life.

So I went to Facebook live to share and take a couple questions...

I run a mastermind called The Backroom...

And at our meetings, each member shares some of their best ideas that are working right now.

So a couple of our members, Dylan and Dan, get up and sorta waltz on stage like they don't have a care in the world...

And Dylan grabs the mic and speaks with his adorable, disarming Kentucky drawl...

And over the next thirty minutes or so, he outlines how he is making millions on Amazon without doing, like, any work.

In fact, what he does is so stupidly simple and obvious that I asked my mastermind members if anybody wanted to start doing it.

In my estimation, it could be scaled to $100k per month in about a year, maybe less time if someone was really dedicated to it...

So there I was... sitting in my own mastermind, thinking about starting an entirely new business...

It was that good.

"We've sold about $15m on Amazon doing this one thing in the last few years," he said off-hand.

"That's on top of our normal sales, of course. We didn't need any reviews or anything like that."

Hang on, what?


Like... you can run OTHER businesses or a full time job while also doing this?


He doesn't get reviews.

He doesn't source products.

He doesn't even deal with competition.

That's what caught my attention.

So I had to have him on the podcast to go into more detail.

Direct download: No_Reviews_Needed_FFL.mp3
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Ryan had a very motivating chat with Sam Prentice, an investment expert and the co-founder of Wealthpoint, about generating passive income through investments. Here’s some of what Sam had to say about what to do if you get a big windfall (from selling a business for example):

Use 1031 exchanges wisely

Some of Sam’s clients used a 1031 exchange to take money from one depreciated property, reinvest it in another property, and defer all capital gain taxes. You can actually 1031 between asset classes as long as they are considered like-kind. Some people exited real estate for a great profit and reinvested the money in oil and gas.

Set up a capital warehouse and then go for the cash flow

First set up a capital warehouse, which means that you will have a limit to how much you can put into it each year. This is basically a liquid place to store capital which earns a return. For the rest of the money, go for anything cash flow.

Keep it simple

Look for assets that have a value and buy countercyclical assets when you don’t know what you’re doing so that you can trade them later. Always keep it simple. Look for sweet spots, aka places where you have a strategic advantage either in knowledge, or in the people that you know, or the sector you are familiar with.


It was great listening to Sam!


Key takeaways:

  • Take advantage of 1031 exchanges
  • Set up a capital warehouse and then go for the cash flow
  • Keep it simple and look for sweet spots


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Connect with Sam

Find out more about Sam’s company, Wealthpoint, at

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Want to know what's coming this year, next year, and in this next coming wave for Amazon, for selling in retail and in marketing physical products to audiences?

I have some thoughts.

Mike Zagare is one of the world's leading expert's on maximizing traffic to Amazon product pages.

Show Notes

A former physical therapist, Mike went all-in on pet products on Amazon and hit it big using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Here’s some of what Mike had to say about kickstarting success through marketing:

Go big under one tent

Mike reached his success by focusing on one niche area - pet products. He started with just a few items under one brand name, and expanded to over 40 products under that brand. This lets him get the most out of his marketing spend, since driving traffic to one brand means driving traffic to all his products.

Take your marketing spend seriously

If you're going to drop money into PPC advertising, do it right! Draft awesome ad copy. Craft great graphics. Make it have the best impact possible right out of the gate.

Target the right platforms

Facebook is great for building an audience. It’s not so great for direct response for Amazon products. Make sure that your PPC ads focus on the right venues for the market reaction you want.


It was great listening to Mike!


Key takeaways:

  • Optimize your spend with products under one brand
  • Craft excellent PPC ads, and
  • Put those ads in front of the right audiences


Connect with Ryan

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Will Clarke of Poo~Pourri - a company making essential oil sprays to neutralize bathroom odors - gave the best speech you may ever hear about taking a dump... and how 1 video can lead to millions of sales.

Show Notes

Hire polymaths

Hire people who are superb at more than one thing. You’ll have a really strong and well-rounded team that can produce excellence, as they understand how to achieve excellence in more than one area.

Empathize with your customers

Poo~Pourri relies a lot on humor to hit success with its ads. That doesn’t mean it isn’t sensitive to its customers who have serious health conditions, like irritable bowel syndrome. The company adapts its messaging appropriately so it can make those respectful, lasting connections.

Do epic shit

Don’t sell an okay product, or a minimally viable prototype. Make something that solves a problem in a unique way (like covering up embarrassing smells from bowel movements when others are in the same residence/building) and hone in on that awesomeness in your marketing.


It was incredible hearing Will talk at CapCon!


Key takeaways:

  • Hire a team of people who are great at lots of things
  • Rely on empathy in your messaging, and
  • Aim for excellence, not mediocrity


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Casey Gauss gave brilliant talk about HOW brands are currently crushing it selling products on Amazon at the Capitalism Conference this past winter.

The CEO of Viral Launch, he’s all about
sourcing, launching, and dominating your way to success. If you missed CapCon, now’s your chance to catch up on his awesome tips, including:


Killer hack: Be the best at everything

Source the best materials. Have the best branding. Write the best ad copy. Engage the best influencers. If you can come out of the gate with the best possible product and the best possible marketing you can give it, you’ll stun the marketplace.

Watch out for crowded spaces

If there are a number of established players in a product space with 4.5 star ratings, you might be in for a rough time if you try to go up against them. Sure, you might be able to craft a product worth at least 4.7 stars, but that’s not going to make a difference in the eyes of your average consumer.


Split testing can be your best friend

Why go all-in on one marketing strategy if another one might be just as good, or better? Take advantage of split testing to see what the market responds to better, so you can make more effective use of your marketing spend.


It was great hearing Casey Gauss’s talk!


Key takeaways:

  • Being the best at everything is one way to win
  • Avoid crowded markets, and
  • Use split testing


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I recently went on the Life After Business podcast with Ryan Tansom.

His show focuses on business exits and what life can be like on the other side after a big payday.

After my own big exit last year I am back to brand building and growing with events like the Brand Builder Summit and The Capitalism Conference.

My mastermind group The Backroom is geared towards helping entrepreneurs build sellable businesses so they can have an 8 or 9-Figure exit of their own.

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I just had a blast going to Kiev, Ukraine to meet with and talk to lots of entrepreneurs.

In this presentation I talk about how to kill it in the physical products space.

You can make a million in a year

How can you do it? Offer 3 to 5 products. Price them at $25 to $35 each. Sell 25 to 35 of them a day. If you can keep that up, you’ll have made a million dollars after 12 months. It’s a simple formula, but It’ll take hard work to get to that point and keep it up.

Build a community of superfans

If you can find a thousand people who are really interested in what you have to offer - whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram, a blog, or whatever - you can find 100 people in that group who to become your brand’s superfans. They’ll buy your products at full price and incessantly rave about how awesome your brand is to their friends and family online and offline until they buy it to get them to shut up about it.


Who wouldn’t want fans like that? You can find people that dedicated by targeting a superniche in a way that really speaks to them as human beings, even in a market that seems otherwise saturated.

Don’t worry about how well everyone else is doing

Don’t feel like you’re a “bad” entrepreneur because you’re “only” making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year when you see others who have scaled up to 7, 8, or 9 figure success. Even multimillionaires have their insecurities. It’s all about the chase to live a life on your own terms, not someone else’s. Don’t lose sight of that.

Key takeaways:

  • There’s a simple formula to become a millionaire in 12 months
  • Target a superniche to build a faction of raving fanatics for your brand, and
  • Don’t focus on how well others are doing.


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We usually never leak calls from our mastermind group The Backroom but I think you will find this excerpt particularly useful.

There is so much money to be made when you are HAPPY and in your zone of genius, not putting out fires and doing low-level tasks that can be delegated or outsourced.

This episode of Freedom Fast Lane is all about staying in your zone of genius.

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I just had an intriguing chat with eCommerce entrepreneur Jeff Lieber on what new strategies can keep your business relevant on Amazon RIGHT NOW.

If you’re working in the online physical products space, you need to listen to this episode today.


Make the most out of the Giveaway system

Amazon Giveaway is a powerful means to drive interest into your product. You can get really creative with it and get a lot of business. For example, Jeff uses Amazon Giveaway to run contests, getting thousands of people to watch a promotional video in exchange for only two product gifts and some small discounts for those who didn’t win; a really cost-effective offer!

Don’t think of yourself as an Amazon business

Ryan and Jeff know that Amazon is a dominant player in physical products sales. However, even successful business with a strong presence on the platform still expose their products to other markets, such as retail. The more you diversify how you offer your product, the less reliant you are on Amazon for success.

Informed confidence is the best mindset

It’s important to believe in what you’re doing as an entrepreneur; there’s no better way to motivate yourself. If you want to ensure your business remains successful, you need information to support that confidence.


Get knowledge of the sector you’re working in, what opportunities there are for you and your company, and who you might want to add to your team, and you could ensure the future for you and your business.


It was great chatting with Jeff Lieber!


Key takeaways:

  • Amazon Giveaway is powerful
  • You don’t run an Amazon business, but you may run a business that uses Amazon, and
  • Inform your confidence in your business

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Show Notes

Ryan had a great chat with Ukrainian entrepreneur Igor Kustov on adapting to the new Amazon game. If you’re selling physical products online, you need to hear this episode right away; you might benefit from the actionable tips Ryan had for us. Here are some of them:


Establish a community

You used to be able to just give product away and, by that alone, rank high on Amazon keyword searches. Those days are over. If you want to rank on Amazon, you need to have a large audience of engage customers, with good numbers on an email list. If you have that engaged community, Amazon will reward you.

Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a really powerful tool for building that audience you need. It’s great at connecting people to your product and keeping them engaged. Make sure to learn the ins-and-outs of it.

Don’t ask for reviews until you’ve delivered value

If you are good to your customers, they’ll be good to you. Ryan’s often waited a year before asking particularly enthusiastic customers to post an online review of his products. No one will write nice things about you if they don’t know anything about you; build a strong relationship with lots of people and they’ll be singing your praises!


It was great chatting with Igor Kustov!


Key takeaways:

  • Build a strong community
  • Embrace the power of Facebook Messenger, and
  • Only ask for reviews after you’ve delivered value
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Molly Pittman had an awesome talk on creating high-performing ad campaigns at the Capitalism Conference this past December. She had a ton of great information, so you definitely need to listen to the whole episode to make sure you make the best use of her tips, but we’ll give you a sneak peek at a few of her main points here:


Craft a great offer

If your offer is bad, your ads won’t work. Period. Think about how the market would value your product and its competitors, and how you can play around with that to offer something really compelling to your target audience.

Write great ad copy

This ties in with the earlier point, as if you can’t figure out how to write great ad copy for your product, then maybe you don’t have a very good offer. Again, reflect on the value proposition that your product gives consumers, and try out a variety of ad copy “chunks” to see how your target market responds.


Produce awesome ad creatives

Make sure that the ads you end up making visually adhere to your branding. When you put your messaging out, if people can immediately realize which company’s ad they’re looking at based on its style and use of color, then you’ve made a strong impact before they’ve even finished going through the whole ad!


It was awesome listening to Molly at the Capitalism Conference!


Key takeaways:

  • Craft a great offer
  • Write great ad copy, and
  • Produce awesome ad creatives

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I just had dinner with Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes, Jay Shetty, Josh Bezoni, and Colin Stuckert.

I met Gary when I asked him to speak at the first Capitalism Conference.

I wanted to ask him about his vision and path forward to owning the New York Jets since I have my own goal of buying the Cleveland Indians.

He had some really powerful advice on the next steps in my career and wherever you're at in your entrepreneurial journey, I think you'll find his truthbombs just as meaningful.

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Ryan was delighted to have the chance to ask superstar entrepreneur Kimbal Musk a bunch of questions at the Capitalism Conference. He had a lot of interesting insights to offer, which you can implement in your business right now. Here are some of the main points:


Chase your passion

Food’s always been one of Kimbal’s passions. He’s turned that into a massively successful career as a social entrepreneur: growing, cooking, and selling real, healthy food to an increasingly overweight America. You can also find what really drives you, and use that to make decisions on the types of products and services you want to sell.

Don’t let people calling you crazy stop you

If you want to make something new to sell to the public, a lot of people might think you’re nuts. That could make you lose confidence and stop you in your tracks, but don’t let it. Kimbal’s encountered a number of “crazy” business ideas, but he doesn’t dismiss them on that basis alone.


The Information Age will affect everything

The interconnectedness created by technologies like the Internet has already made dramatic changes in how we live our lives. Kimbal sees those technologies as continuing to impact every industry in the years to come.


It was awesome talking with Kimbal Musk about his views on entrepreneurship!


Key takeaways:

  • Chase your passion
  • Don’t let people calling you crazy stop you, and
  • The Information Age will affect everything

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There is no such thing as "big goals" or "small goals", there are just targets.

I started lining out some targets for the next steps in my career and what's coming next from the Capitalism office.

I'm also trying to create as many millionaires as I can and give more away for free without taking such a salesy direct response approach these days.

One of the most common questions that entrepreneurs ask me is, "how can I grow my business without feeling like I'm pushing my products or services SO hard on my audience?" No one wants to feel needy or desperate. I have some thoughts on that...

I want to work with people who WANT to work with me. It's energizing. People who feel they NEED my tutoring, or my course, or my event to get to the next level are energy-draining.

Think about what will energize you in your business and then providing value to others will be rewarding... and FUN!

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Show Notes

In this talk at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2018 in San Diego Ryan talks about how to build a REAL brand that is SELLABLE... how to create a company that "old money" would like to buy from you for a big exit some day.

It’s filled with actionable advice that you can implement right now. Here are some of the key takeaways:


You can turn any marketing stream into a physical products brand

Do you know how to build an audience of tens of thousands? If you do, even if you don’t sell physical products right now, you can launch a line of three or four of them and sell them to people who you already know are interested.

People will always buy stuff

The market may change in many ways, but one thing always stays the same: people will always need to buy physical products to meet their daily needs. There will always be demand for that. That alone creates a huge incentive to get into the physical products market..

Make and brand stuff that speaks to people

If you come up with a unique idea for a product that really embodies the values of your target market, they will adore you. Not only will they buy your stuff, they will tell everyone they know who might be interested to buy your stuff. You’ll see a multiplicative growth in revenue.


It was great hearing Ryan’s talk!


Key takeaways:

  • You can turn any marketing stream into a physical products brand
  • People will always buy stuff, and
  • Make and brand stuff that speaks to people


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Show Notes

Aubrey Marcus had an awesome chat with Ryan about getting everything you want out of life. Many of us believe that we can only chase certain goals by sacrificing other things we desire. Aubrey’s life is proof that we don’t have to do that; you need to listen to this podcast so you can incorporate his great advice right away. Here are some of his key points:


Time is not what you think it is

For Aubrey, 30 minutes of absolute presence with someone is worth 3 days of not really paying that much attention to them. If you give people and tasks concentrated attention, you can accomplish much more, since you are more efficient with your time.

Balance is something to be measured over a lifetime

Work-life balance is crucial, but it’s not what you think it is. Sometimes Aubrey parties and relaxes for a few days, and sometimes he has work “sprints” lasting months or years. You can put your nose to the grindstone for awhile, and then take a lot of time off to decompress, and that’s a balanced life.


Perpetual action is distraction

It’s really hard for entrepreneurs to take time away from their business. The self-validation that comes from economic success and hard work seems to disappear when one takes a vacation or pursues something else. Don’t get locked into a mindset that you have to keep at it all the time; that just distracts you from what’s really important in life.


It was great hearing Aubrey’s perspective on a life worth living!


Key takeaways:

  • Time is not what you think it is
  • Balance is something to be measured over a lifetime, and
  • Perpetual action is distraction

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Show Notes

Garrett Gunderson gave a great talk at Capitalism Conference 2017 about how to invest your money properly and save a ton of cash. There’s so much great information in his 50 minute talk that we can only cover some of the best tips here; you really need to check out the whole thing to make sure you’re not flushing tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) down the drain. Here are some of his awesome, actionable tips:


Focus, don’t diversify

Diversifying your investment portfolio makes no sense if you don’t think about why you’re putting your money where you’re putting it. The key is to focus in on a couple things that will actually pay off in the long-run, which means paying proper attention to your investments.

Compounding interest over decades is super slow

Anybody can invest in a safe plan with their bank, with a tiny bit of growth compounding over decades. That’s really slow wealth creation. Garrett prefers wealth acceleration, by taking advantage of high-return investments that will pay off in a few years, not a few decades.


Have a brainstorming session with your accountants

Look at all your annual expenditures, and meet with your CPAs to figure out how to write off as much as possible. Garrett’s written off housing expenses, travel expenses, and lots more by being creative but still working within the IRS’s regulations.


It was awesome getting all this great advice (and more) from Garrett!


Key takeaways:

  • Focus, don’t diversify
  • Compounding interest over decades is super slow, and
  • Have a brainstorming session with your accountants

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Ryan was stoked to talk to Zach Lee, his first student who ever came to one of his paid-for workshops. A father of young children, Zach’s found a way to be there for his family while also reaching 7-figure success. Here’s how he does it:


Find A Good Idea, Then Hone In On It

Zach likes to build businesses from scratch, scale them to 7-figures, and then start another one. He’s managed to build several brands with dozens of products that way.


With the limited time he has available, Zach figures out a good product idea for the marketplace, sets a team to implement it for him, and then oversees the process. By focusing on one idea at a time, he’s effective and efficient when at work.

Put A Premium On Your Business Time

If you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing when you get to work, you’re going to be wasting your time. Zach’s become really good at delegating tasks to his team and contractors, and dedicating his own time to take direct action with his businesses. He doesn’t lose a minute.

Put A Premium On Your Family Time

As a parent of young children, once you step away from your desk, you step right into your “second job”: being there for your family. You need to devote attention to your rugrats, especially during their high-demand early years.


And you shouldn’t want it any other way. As Zach knows, now is the time when they’ll want to hang out with you the most. These years are short and you need to spend the time on them they deserve. Doing so will make you a better parent and a better entrepreneur (since you won’t be clouded with guilt about not being there for the little ones when you go back to the office).


It was awesome hearing from Zach!


Key takeaways:

  • Find a good idea, then hone in on it
  • Put a premium on your business time, and
  • Put a premium on your family time


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Show Notes

We’ve leaked another great Q&A session from Capitalism Conference 2017. Russell Brunson talked to us about building a great team and more, and we wanted to share his actionable tips with you. Here they are:


Build a team with the best people so you can do your best. Russell’s amazing at some things. He’s horrible at lots of others. That’s totally okay. He was able to grow his businesses by building a team with awesome, talented people with complementary skill sets. Just like the Avengers, they’re so effective, it seems like they do the job of ten or more people each!


Make sure your business is doing the best it can by getting the best people.


Your marketing funnels may be better than you think. If you think your funnels aren’t doing well, you might be wrong. You need to look at each of your touch-points throughout the funnel and identify which ones are bad and which ones are actually doing well. It could be a traffic issue, an ad copy issue, or something else that’s at the core of the problem, not the entire funnel.


Don’t be afraid to express vulnerability. We want to show ourselves as strong in a hyper-competitive business world. However, customers are really drawn to authenticity and vulnerability. Being able to talk about issues that are important but may also make you seem vulnerable - Russell did when discussing fertility issues - can really resonate with the public.


It was awesome listening to Russell at CapCon!


Key takeaways:

  • Build a team with the best people so you can do your best
  • Your marketing funnels may be better than you think, and
  • Don’t be afraid to express vulnerability

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Show Notes

Ryan had a great chat with Travis Sago of Bum Marketing fame. He told us how “idiots” (really meaning “regular” people) get rich with pretty straightforward tricks. It sounds cheesy, but we know you can get something out of what he has to say to get your business booming. Here’s what he shared:


Offers x Execution = Business Success


If you have a great product for the market (Offer) and build it, market it, and distribute it well (Execution), then you’ve “won” at business. That’s all there is to it.


It’s possible to do well with an awesome product and okay execution, or with a mediocre product and great execution, but you’ll find greater success doing well at both.

Watch what the market wants

Anyone can sit in a corner and imagine something. However, if you don’t look at what people’s actual purchasing interests are, you’ll have no idea whether or not it’ll make a wave in the market.

Let’s say you're relaxing at a farmers’ market. If you just observe what shoppers are looking to buy and where and how they are dissatisfied with what’s on offer, then you’ve found an opportunity to meet an unmet demand.

Dial-in on value multiplication


You could tunnel-in on stuff like SEO or other tasks that might get you 4% more traction in the marketplace. That’d be a boost, no doubt, but wouldn’t you be better off making something that really resonates with the market? That could multiply your revenue!


It was great hearing from Travis!


Key takeaways:

  • Offers x Execution = Business Success
  • Watch what the market wants, and
  • Dial-in on value multiplication

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This has been a rough week. Rough month? Year?

My content creator C-Money was over at my apartment, I had just put Esther to bed, and we got out a bottle of whiskey.

I started opening up about some of my frustrations as an entrepreneur, some of the mistakes that I've made, and if we could do it all over again, how I would do things differently.

I've had some ups and downs, I have had to fire some employees and hire new ones, and it feels like a time of transition.

But my whole life as an entrepreneur has been filled with ups and downs... maybe you can relate?

Listen to this episode if you want to avoid the mistakes that have cost me millions of dollars.


Show Notes

Ryan had a great chat with real estate investor superstar Andrew Lanoie. He’s given us some great tips to generate passive income, and we thought you should know what they are. Let’s dive right in:


The mobile home market is really underrated

Andrew puts a lot of his focus on investing into mobile home communities. Investors hadn’t really looked into that market for a long time, and Andrew saw a great opportunity here. You should consider looking into it.


Entering into fragmented, underserved fields can lead to amazing scaling

Andrew said that the mobile home market is very fragmented. There hasn’t been a consolidation of businesses in the space into major owner/operators, and it’s only recently that large investors have been paying serious attention to the market.


Andrew is convinced that, if he plays his cards right and executes his plan well, he can become a major player in this space once it matures.


Work with people who know the asset class you’re interested in

Andrew is aware of investor excitement in other asset classes, such as cryptocurrencies. It does interest him, but he’s going all-in on his real estate niche. If he were to enter into another asset class, it would only distract him from the empire he is trying to create.


To ensure the best possible returns, Andrew works with a number of people who really understand the market, and focuses solely on his expertise in this space.


We hope you enjoyed listening to Andrew as much as Ryan enjoyed chatting with him!


Key takeaways:

  • The mobile home market is really underrated
  • Entering into fragmented, underserved fields can lead to amazing scaling, and
  • Work with people who know the asset class you’re interested in

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Show Notes

There have been a bunch of changes in the physical products world that have some people frustrated. Ryan’s been thinking about it a lot, and he’s come up with actionable advice to share with you about rethinking your ecommerce strategy, particularly if you rely on Amazon.


Another large consolidation is happening. We had one a few years ago, when Amazon was in a “Wild West” period, where you could white label almost anything, get a few reviews, put up some decent copy and make a good profit.  


During that gold rush, people became lazy. This let companies that were doing really well squeeze out and buy up their smaller competitors, increasing their domination on the market. This made it harder for new entrepreneurs to get success with the same strategies


A similar thing is happening now, which means you need to change your strategy to stay successful.


The old way of doing ecommerce is over. Amazon has gotten hawkish about what you can do on the platform. Some of this is great, such as banning a number of black-hat strategies. Some of this is not so great, such as making it harder to market to your audience.

Is there still opportunity? Yes. Are all the good markets taken? No. Are there any lucrative, high-profit margin niches out there? Absolutely. Here’s how you can tap into that:


Go super microbrand. Ten years ago, you could sell protein powder and do very well. Now there’s dozens of types of protein powders out there, such as whey-based, keto, and plant-based.


They all make money on high-margin products. A lot of them didn’t even have to redesign their goods, they just had to rebrand to target a specific, small niche with their marketing. You can do that too with your own products!


Don’t be discouraged by the changes to the ecommerce world. Embrace the change and be the change!


Key takeaways:


  • Another large consolidation is happening
  • The old way of doing ecommerce is over
  • Go super microbrand


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This week we chatted with Madhavi Gupta, who’s made a 9-figure business, Best Nest Wellness, out of doing what she loves.

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Show Notes

From working as a neurologist to business success in supplements (while raising two kids), Madhavi had an incredible entrepreneurial journey. We wanted to share some advice we learned from Madhavi that you can take action on right now.


Become part of communities. Madhavi sells supplements. That’s a really hard field to break out into, since you need regular, habitual consumers and must differentiate your product from those offered by the established big brands.


By forming genuine relationships with communities of people focused on wellness, Madhavi was able to get a sense of their needs, and improve the design and marketing of products towards her target audience.


Get the word out.  Nobody will buy your stuff if they don’t know you exist! Madhavi started by focusing on marketing two products to those communities she connected to, including groups for expectant mothers interested in a “natural” birth.


She spread the word out about her products through them, as well as offered heavy discounts on the products. Since her products were of really high quality, they sold quickly in those communities she had connected to, who evangelized her products to their social circles.


Focus on why you are an entrepreneur. Madhavi is able to spend a good deal of quality time with her children, as her business gives her flexibility with her schedule. Being an entrepreneur lets her provide for and be with her family.


While she is working to scale the business and dreams of great things for Best Nest Wellness, she has kept her goal in mind all this time: to be there for those who matter the most to her.


We hope you enjoyed hearing about Madhavi’s experience as an entrepreneur!


Key takeaways:

  • Become part of communities
  • Get the word out, and
  • Focus on why you are an entrepreneur

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Show Notes

This week we chatted with Dr. Jenna Zigler, who runs Eye Love, an eye care and sunglasses company, with her husband Dr. Travis Zigler  They’ve scaled it quickly, with an awesome $500,000.00 revenue earned in December 2017 alone.


We wanted to share what Jenna learned along the way. We’ve summed it up in three actionable tips below:


Create an online community for product targeting. Trained optometrists, Jenna and Travis wanted to start selling their own products, instead of those from other companies. They listened to what their patients had to say about their eyes, and then launched a Facebook support group for dry eye syndrome.


Although that Facebook group started tiny, it has ballooned over the years to over 400,000 members! They now have a huge audience, from whom they can get product ideas and to whom they can advertise their new product offerings.

Focus on providing value to people. Jenna and Travis want to make people’s lives better. While they are delighted to be making a profit off the work they’re doing, they make products specifically to help people with vision issues.


There are millions of people with dry eye syndrome, which gives them a number of daily issues. Jenna and Travis are delighted that the products they make helps them manage this condition.


Find a way to tap into a giving mindset. It can be easy to approach business as a means to “take”, to get what one wants out of life.


But to sustain your passion for your work, you need to connect it to a giving mindset. By focusing on how you can make life better for others, you make your own life more meaningful.


Jenna’s and Travis’s giving mindsets stems from their passion to fight preventable blindness, which affects over 700 million people around the world. They make trips every year to help people with vision issues directly, and also contribute a portion of their profits to fight preventable blindness in South Carolina and Jamaica.


We hope you enjoyed hearing about Jenna’s experience as an entrepreneur!


Key takeaways:

  • Create an online community for product targeting
  • Focus on providing value to people, and
  • Find a way to tap into a giving mindset

Connect with Jenna

Learn more about Eye Love at


Connect with Ryan

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Show Notes

This week we talked with Travis Killian, who has made a 10-figure business out of selling physical products on Amazon. We wanted to let you know what Travis learned about growing his business; he’s got great tips that you can apply to your own venture now.


Commit to the journey. Travis got into entrepreneurship as a teenager, but it was years before he felt he had made it. He would discover a talent for search engine optimization and lead generation, which he would harness for his 10-figure success: selling physical products on Amazon.


It may feel rough in the early days, but you need to hang in there if you want to taste success. Travis did.


You either provide value, or you don’t. Years ago, Travis was so desperate for business success that he was pushing affiliate links online for products and services he didn’t really care about. When a close friend told him he was basically trying to make money by getting people to buy things they don’t really need or want, he had an epiphany.


He shut down his affiliate marketing business, and vowed from that day forward to make and sell things that actually improve people’s lives. He hasn’t looked back, and it continues to be at the core of the focus on quality behind his physical products enterprise.


Don’t be greedy; a giving mindset will bring success and a team who wants you to succeed. Travis makes sure he goes above and beyond with the work he does. His colleagues and friends have picked up on that, and as a result, he’s been able to hire a team who also goes the extra mile for him.


With only about six full-time equivalent staff on hand, he’s been able to scale to 10-figures in less than two years. How? Because he wants to do right by other people, so he attracts people who want to do right by him.


We hope you found Travis’s journey as insightful as we did!


Key takeaways:

  • Commit to the journey
  • You either provide value, or you don’t, and
  • Don’t be greedy; a giving mindset will bring success and a team who wants you to succeed


Connect with Ryan

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Guest Information







Show Notes

This week we let you eavesdrop on Ryan Moran and Ezra Firestone talking candidly about a number of things at the recent Capitalism Conference. We wanted to share their awesome insights with you.


Provide an enticing reason for people to enroll in your newly-launched courses. If you’re trying to break out as a business mentor, you need to onboard people quickly, so that they can use word-of-mouth to let others know how much value you’re providing. Ezra does this by launching early “beta versions” as a discount, requiring attendees to provide written feedback.


This draws an early audience and lets you tailor future versions to better cater to your niche. A win-win!


There are other tactics besides medication for depression. Ezra’s read up a lot about depression, and while he’s not a psychologist, he’s learned that even getting a better night’s sleep can make a big difference.


Beyond that, he’s read about how depression is a lot like grief, except you are grieving for yourself. If you find yourself down a lot of the time, reach out to a professional for guidance.


Building connections with others is what drives us. We’ve “detribed”; we no longer live in small groups, but as individuals in massive societies. But we get so many rewards from making connections, whether it’s emotional, financial, or even neurochemical.


That’s why Ryan and Ezra are exploring the idea of buying up land and building their own communities, so they can create a space where meaningful connections are easier to grasp.


Hope you enjoy being a “fly on the wall”, listening in on Ryan and Ezra’s off-the-record talk in this episode!


Key takeaways:

  • Provide an enticing reason for people to enroll in your newly-launched courses.
  • There are other tactics besides medication for depression, and
  • Building connections with others is what drives us.

Connect with Ezra

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Show Notes

What are you going to invest your money in over the next 24-to-36 months? How can you reduce your tax burden?


We recorded our awesome Investor Panel from the past Capitalism Conference to help you answer these questions and more. You have to listen to this great talk, filled with wealth-growing and cash-saving opinions (some of them contradictory, which happens in a panel!) that you may be able to act on right now.


DISCLAIMER: None of this material here is formal investment advice. Make sure you talk to a professional investment advisor before making any decisions about where to invest your wealth.


Ryan’s not too keen on cryptocurrencies, but the panel as a whole believes they are revolutionary. There’s been an incredible growth in the value of Bitcoin over the past few years, with some of our elite panelists seeing further surges in value to come.


While Ryan’s not convinced that cryptocurrencies will continue to appreciate as holders of value, the panel was unanimous in its belief that it will change the world. Many industries will benefit greatly from the reduction in transaction costs, and credit agencies could even use blockchain technology as a personal identity system.


Puerto Rican business entities can be a great way to reduce your tax burden. Puerto Rico offers compelling tax advantages over other tax shelters to park your wealth. Make sure you look into all the relevant rules with an advisor, since there are a number of restrictions and obligations you will have to address to best harness the territory for investing your wealth.


Watch out for climbing interest rates. The panel expects interest rates to go up over the next 24-to-36 months. This has prompted a number of investors to transition towards more liquidity and into areas that are expected to grow in a recession; for example, real estate investors switching to investments in mobile home parks.


We hope that you found this talk as useful as we did!

Key takeaways:


  • Ryan’s not too keen on cryptocurrencies, but the panel as a whole believes they are revolutionary
  • Puerto Rican business entities can be a great way to reduce your tax burden, and
  • Watch out for climbing interest rates

Connect with Ryan

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Guest Information






Guest Bio

Justin Dyson is the proud founder and owner of Kids N' Such, a physical products brand selling useful items for babies and their parents, such as nursing covers, bibs, and baby carriers. He runs the company entirely from the comfort of his own home.


Show Notes


Justin Dyson knows how to turn a failed launch into something really strong. Here’s how he did it:


Keep looking forward. After a trademark notice halted sales of a product, Justin decided to just have Amazon destroy the remaining units. He started from scratch, going back to the drawing board and pushing through.


He came up with new products that sold well and complemented each other. Instead of dwelling on the past, he looked to his talents and drive and went for it.


Focus on what works. Justin’s found that making more money can amplify pre-existing mistakes. When his business started taking off, he had more money to throw at advertising…


...which meant more money lost on failed advertising campaigns. He then honed back in on what worked well for him (PPC ads, making products that complement existing offerings) and made the business grow more that way.


Make products that solve problems. When Justin’s revenue started to flatten, he looked to what his competitors were saying about their products online, and the comments that their customers would post. That gave him a lot of great information to build products that worked for his audience.


Those products are things that solve your customers’ problems. It’s one thing to make something with nifty-sounding features, but if you want your physical products business to really take off, you need to make things that make people’s lives better in a tangible way.


Key takeaways:


  • Keep looking forward
  • Focus on what works, and
  • Make products that solve problems

Connect with Todd

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Guest Bio

Jeremiah is the co-founder of Tribe, a fitness brand specializing in mobile device armbands, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales per month. He has since branched out into starting other companies and mentoring other entrepreneurs. He is an equity partner of Roam, a brand selling physical products for outdoor adventuring.

Show Notes

How the heck do you become a millionaire at 20?


If you’re Jeremiah, you had a little luck, of course, but you also harnessed your skills and attention to detail to take advantage of your luck.


Here’s how Jeremiah did it, and how he would do it differently if he could start again. You need to hear his awesome story, since he’s got amazing insights that you can apply to your physical products business right now.


Private labelling can get your foot in the door, but it’s hard to scale if you don’t take control. If you can find a good designer and take care of your customers under your brand name, you can build trust and loyalty. This translates well into snowballing your business on a platform like Amazon. The problem is you end up relying on a third-party to produce quality products.


So Jeremiah decided to design his own products under his brand, Tribe, which sells mobile device armbands for fitness aficionados. That led to a great boost in positive reviews and sales, while giving Jeremiah control over the products that got into his customers’ hands.

Focus on revenue generation. Designing a logo can be really fun and feel rewarding, with something shiny that you’re proud to put on your products. But does the new logo actually translate to sales?


Figure out what steps you can take that measurably increase revenue, whether it’s a Facebook ad campaign, adding a new feature to a revision of a popular product of yours, or a promotional sale.

Hire a team early. Jeremiah and his partner would get burnt out periodically at Tribe. While they’ve succeeded in building it to a seven-figure sale, Jeremiah wishes he had taken on employees earlier on.


At Roam, his new company, they’ve hired a full-time employee and are in the midst of recruiting. This helps ease the pressure off the founders while also adding more hands on deck to scale faster.


We hope you’ve found Jeremiah’s story helpful in your own journey to a multimillion dollar payday!

Key takeaways:


  • Private labelling can get your foot in the door, but it’s hard to scale if you don’t take control
  • Focus on revenue generation, and
  • Hire a team early


Connect with Ryan

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Guest Bio

Paul Miller is a former restaurant owner and now the proud CEO and owner of CozyPhones, a business that makes and sells comfortable headbands with headphones embedded inside. His products cater to children (including those with special needs), active adults, and for those looking for a way to relax before bed.


Show Notes

We’ve talked to a number of different business owners over the years, each with a different story and path to success. Paul Miller joined us to talk about selling physical products online to hit his seven-figure success. We love physical products businesses at Freedom Fast Lane, but Paul’s approach incorporates something a bit different: selling licensed goods.


He explained how you can tap into an exclusive niche this way. His experience gave us awesome, actionable insight into different options for your product development and sales.


Paul spent a long time and millions of dollars on a restaurant business, but that didn't work out in the long-run. After a traumatic accident which broke his collarbone, he decided on a different path: ecommerce. He scaled dramatically within 12 months, selling different products. Now he’s landed on a real winner: comfortable headband headphones.


What really amped up his sales was branching out into licensed products. He’s worked with other businesses, offering to design CozyPhones with their brand imagery on them, and paying them a royalty on each sale. This has gotten his company noticed by Disney and Nickelodeon, the latter of which has a deal with him to sell Paw Patrol-branded headphones.


That was an awesome catch for Paul, in two ways. First, Paw Patrol is one of the most popular children’s television shows across the world. Second, his deal is exclusive, meaning no other business can sell similar headphones with Paw Patrol branding. He’s both created and cornered a lucrative market!


If you’re in the physical products space, you need to consider opportunities to sell licensed goods. Otherwise you could be leaving money on the table.

Key takeaways:


  • Physical products with third-party brand licensing are attractive to consumers
  • They let you create a niche and monopolize it at the same time
  • Look into partnering with complementary businesses for such opportunities


Connect with Todd

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Guest Bio

Devin is the Co-Founder and CEO of DSquared International LLC, an eCommerce company specializing in consumer brands.  He is a ninja when it comes to building brands on the Amazon platform. He is currently best-known for his Grillaholics line of barbecue products..

Show Notes

Amazon is a great platform for minimizing the friction between creating a product and connecting it to consumers. But how can you scale up and make a big splash in an ocean of global competitors?


That’s why we approached Devin Dorosh, who has hit some awesome goals and brand recognition, to share with us tips that you can use now in your Amazon strategy - and maybe even get featured on television.


Stay focused on the things that you do well. Devin made sure he launched products that fit the niche he was targeting, with branding consistent with message. He kept rolling out more products, but focused on doing things well on Amazon (his strong suit) instead of getting distracted with new marketing techniques.


Treasure your interactions with your market, both positive and negative. Devin has a policy of replying to every single Amazon review his products get, whether they praise his goods or criticize them. This helped him build a feeling of real connection with his target market, pushing his brand to best-seller status on Amazon with great reviews.


That unique touch Devin takes with his audience is what got him noticed by Rachael Ray’s television show, getting his products and brand in front of the mainstream television-watching population.


Keep to a long-term vision to motivate you through your short-term goals. Growing your business can be a grind. Devin even found himself managing his supply chain during his honeymoon, when inventory matters became time-sensitive. But Devin stays motivated by thinking about the freedom he can give himself, his spouse, and his future children through the strong financial safety net he’s building.


We wish you the best of luck on your own Amazon business journey!

Key takeaways:


  • Stay focused on the things that you do well
  • Treasure your interactions with your market, both positive and negative, and
  • Keep to a long-term vision to motivate you through your short-term goals

Connect with Todd

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Guest Bio

Todd Herman is a high-performance coach and advisor to Olympic athletes, billionaires, and entrepreneurs. Among many successes in athletic and business coaching, he is the creator of the “90 Day Year”; in his own words, “a program for business owners who are frustrated with their level of performance and want a highly refined system to get out of their own way and see their business and personal leadership thrive”.

Show Notes

We’ve had so many amazing conversations with people over the years, so we’ve decided to go into our archive and bring back some of our favorite podcasts for you. In this Freedom Fast Lane replay, we learn from coach and advisor Todd Herman about structuring your productivity calendar and goals in ways that deliver you better results, in a faster and saner way.


Todd won’t deny the importance of a long-term vision for success. But achieving that vision through long-term goals is the wrong way to go about it. We need to stop chasing goals with year-long, five-year-long, or ten-year-long deadlines, and we should instead break down our quest into 90 day sprints.


Why 90 days?


It’s short enough to feel tangible and doable, while long enough to achieve a serious goal. You also take advantage of positive neurological feedback loops by bringing the rush of success from achieving your goals more quickly, giving you the drive to ramp up your business faster than ever.


How can you get started?


You pick one particular, high-impact skill or goal that, if you focused on honing right now, would deliver the best performance results. That’s your target for the next 90 days.


These can be outcome goals (e.g. losing X pounds in 90 days), performance goals (e.g. doubling Facebook followers in 90 days), or process goals (determining who will do what, when, and where, to enhance business clarity and momentum).


Don’t let long-term goals drag down your long-term vision. Break things down into 90 day sprints, and you’ll see results sooner.

Key takeaways:


  • Long-term vision is important, but long-term goals are inefficient at achieving that vision
  • Pick your most high-impact skill or goal, and focus on that for 90 days
  • These can be outcome goals, performance goals, or process goals.

Connect with Todd

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We had such a great response to Jeff Hoffman’s talk that we wanted to share his brief Q&A with Ryan. Even in just 14 minutes, he tells us three awesome, actionable tips that you can use now to build your business and plan for the future.

No matter how good you are, Jeff says, you can’t scale up your company without hiring other people. You can’t do everything, so you shouldn’t try to. Get the best people for the right job and put them to work for you.

Jeff also dispelled myths about initial funding. You don’t need to take on debt, talk to venture capital, sell private equity, or try all those other “traditional” approaches to get early cash. Jeff built his airline kiosk company by asking airports for a 50% deposit in advance. That way, he told them, they would be at the front of the line when the kiosks were completed.

It worked! He got a big pile of cash directly from his customers.

Jeff notes that we build businesses to chase our dreams. But sometimes they seem impossible to reach. Jeff’s managed to reach his, and he told us how.

Picture your goal, and work your way backwards in time from that moment. Jeff imagined meeting Elton John, and worked backwards from that imagined meeting to figure out how to make it happen (Jeff figures out products that the music industry wants to buy -> Jeff makes that product -> someone in the music industry takes his phone call -> he gets introduced to Elton John).

You can make it happen, too!

Key takeaways:

  • You can’t scale a business without hiring a team
  • You can raise funding without taking on debt or talking to venture capital, and
  • You can chase “impossible” dreams if you work backwards from the dream to where you are now.

Connect with Jeff


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This week we go over an awesome, detailed talk about getting the most out of advertising on Facebook.


Curt Maly gave us a ton of practical, actionable information in just one hour. So we wanted to make sure you got those strategies.


These tactics include harnessing organic content properly. Make sure you post quality posts on your Facebook page on a regular basis, then test out which type of content resonates with your target audiences by promoting it through Facebook’s ad system.


Don’t worry about your clickthrough rates. Clickers are like window shoppers; 90% of your purchases come from people who never click on your ads, but see your content.


Once you’ve used Facebook’s tracking tools to generate lists of audiences with various levels of engagement with your brand, Curt says to host Facebook Live events at least once every two weeks. Every few minutes, make a call-to-action; for example, asking people to say where they’re watching from in the comments below, or to comment with questions they have.


That interaction reduces your ad costs, because Facebook detects that you’re putting out stuff that other people finds valuable. It also adds new people to your engaged audience lists for further targeted ads.


Curt also urges us to use Facebook Messenger bots now, to automate communication with interested leads and get them to see more ad copy.


Curt gave us so much great tips in this talk. If you want to scale up your business and are looking for advertising advice, you can’t miss this incredible hour-long speech. Get into Facebook Ads the right way, before your competitors do.


Key takeaways:


  • Focus on generating relevant organic content, then testing its relevance by promoting it
  • 90% of your purchasers don’t click on your ads, so don’t focus on clicks
  • Host Facebook Lives for your audience with quality content and regular calls-to-action
  • Take a look at using Messenger bots
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This week we leak one of the most popular talks at the recent Capitalism Conference.


Ezra Firestone gave us a ton of great strategies in his presentation that is packed with actionable takeaways. So we wanted to share it with you.


In particular, he advises that you spend 20-30% of your top line on marketing online to scale your brand quickly.


Facebook Messenger is particularly valuable for scaling up efficiently and cheaply in 2018. As Ezra tells us, text is the future of communication and marketing, so you have maybe one year to take advantage of the free access to this channel before Facebook begin to charge a premium for it.


Ezra breaks down the process of gaining Facebook subscribers using messenger bots and how to convert those subscribers into super profitable buyers, email subscribers, and more.


If you are a physical products business owner, you have to take action on this emerging channel before your competitors.


Key takeaways:

  • Three assets you should be generating for your Amazon brand
  • The window of opportunity in Facebook Messenger and how you can take advantage
  • Scale up with targeted marketing to expand your audience


Connect with Ezra

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Full show notes at

You’ve grown your business to seven-figures. What do you do now?

Having difficulties figuring out how to grow further?

Ryan’s answer is to double-down on your strongest skill. And he applies that throughout his work. His strongest skill is in scaling companies that sell physical products.

So Ryan is continuously looking for ways to apply that skillset. And he recently did this with one of his students, Hanny Sunarto, who faced the question that you might be asking yourself now:

How do I grow my business beyond where it is now?

Well, Hanny’s doing it by doubling-down on her engineering skills, with the help of Ryan.

Hanny’s company is NeatPack, which sells travel bags, like backpacks and diaper bags. She has an engineering background and has crafted great, durable products. She’s looking to scale up.

So she and Ryan worked out a deal. Ryan’s investing $85,000.00 into NeatPack for a percentage of the company, and has also agreed to provide ongoing advice, particularly around marketing, to help scale further.

Hanny is a great engineer, there’s no doubt about that. Her bags make great travel solutions. But she admits that she does not have marketing expertise. And scaling beyond seven-figures requires marketing expertise.

So Ryan provides his strength in marketing, freeing Hanny up to spend more time doing what she does best: making some excellent travel bags.

If you’re having difficulty scaling your company, figure out what you do best, and put your energy into that. Get other people who are excellent at other things in the business world to help you with that.

You may be surprised at how successful you might become.

Key takeaways:


  • Once you hit seven-figures, you can look to scaling your company
  • Double-down on your strongest skill
  • Get outside help so you can focus on what you do best

Connect with Hanny

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Full show notes at

You’re scaling your business up in value. Well done!

Have you considered how much it’s worth?

You should.

You may not want to sell your business now, but if you don’t take a good hard look at how much it’s worth, you may be overlooking something important.

You may be overlooking the most valuable asset you’ve ever held. And at a better time than ever to think about its value.

It’s a seller’s market for businesses right now. You can sell a seven-figure business for at least a 3-4.5 multiple, depending on how well organized the business is and the strength of its brand.

Sounds exciting, right? It is, but it can be complicated. There are a lot of things you need to take into account when selling your business.

An interested investor will start off with a formal Letter of Intent to purchase your business, proposing how the sale may go about. They’ll want to look through your books, to see how organized the company’s financials are. They’ll check to see if you’re holding any valuable intellectual property.

In general, you’ll be looking to go through an extended due diligence process, while also keeping your business up-and-running throughout the transaction. Not an easy thing to do.

Luckily, brokerage firms like Logan Chierotti’s Bizsold help facilitate the entire process for entrepreneurs. Even if you’re not looking to sell at the moment, Logan’s got lots of useful information for us about the process!

Key takeaways:

  • You could be sitting on millions of dollars that you haven’t noticed
  • You can get those millions by selling your business
  • Logan Chierotti runs us through the process

Connect with Logan

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Making millions without a big team seems, at first blush, rather daunting. How is it possible to make that happen?

As Elaine Pofeldt has found, it’s more common than you think. In fact, you can do it without hiring a single employee.

Before embarking on something like this, you need to make sure you start with your desired lifestyle in mind. A business is a means to an end. If you make the business itself your reason for being alive, you expose yourself to substantial psychological risk down the road (such as if you discover you hate the work or find yourself reflecting on missed opportunities to do other enjoyable things).

Then look to entering a field of commerce that interests you. You’ll find yourself enjoying the work that much more.

Let’s say you like traveling and enjoy writing. You could build up a business as a marketing consultant, traveling around the world, with your “office” being any computer with Internet access. Now you know what the “seeds” are for your zero-employee business.

Once you’ve planted the seeds, you can scale up more easily than ever before, as you can reach a global market through the Internet.
You don’t have to do it alone, though. It’s easier than ever to find non-employee help, harnessing online freelancer marketplaces like Upwork, or, if you have a physical headquarters, hire a contractor to do some tasks while you’re traveling.

Your business does not need a complex human resources system to be successful. You can keep it small while scaling to big profits!

Key takeaways:

  • You don’t need employees to reach a million dollars
  • There is less friction than ever before in building a business
  • Why your next business is immensely valuable to society

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2017 was a mixed bag for Ryan.

But he’s starting 2018 with seven strategies to make it the best year of his life. Listen in to hear what they are.

Seven Strategies to Make 2018 The Best Year of Your Life

Keep a journal about what’s going on in your life. Write in the journal when you are feeling good about yourself, and particularly when you want to make progress towards your goals.

Practice active appreciation. You don’t need to wait until you make the next business deal; until you can go to the gym next; until 2019 to feel good.

When are you going to be happy, if the answer is never “now”? Take stock of all the good things in your life, and make a conscious effort to feel grateful for them.

Set clear goals for yourself. This can be done by writing them down in your journal.

Write down: what the purpose of your life is now (not the totality of your existence, but where you see your life going). What are you moving towards now? This can be as complex as a major business change or as simple as exercising every day.

Listen to recordings from personal development experts in your downtime. These will help you stay on track to achieve your goals while also adding insight into other areas of your life.

When considering what path to take in your life, ask yourself what will matter to you thirty years from today. This will focus your decisions on what is truly important in the long-term.

The response to most major questions is "who?". Very little in life is worth doing alone; who will your major life decisions effect?

Lastly, when you wake up in the morning, please, PLEASE do anything but immediately check your smartphone! There are so many other better ways to start your day than with stressful emails, checking the market, and so on.

Have a great 2018!

Key takeaways:

  • 2017 may have been a great year, a bad year, or a mixed bag for you, but
  • 2018 can be the best year of your life
  • 7 tips to make 2018 not suck

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Are you taking proper care of yourself?

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the business world. Late nights, quick meals, and stressful work can become a new normal without you even noticing.

While all this hard work can pay off financially, you may be unwittingly digging yourself an early grave.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi’s dad worked long hours so his family could have a good life. But it took a grievous toll on his health, and he died at 42, leaving the 10-year-old Anthony without a father.

How well are you sleeping? Are you eating fast food a lot to spend more time on work? Are you exercising at all?

Do you feel stressed out much of the time from the pressures of entrepreneurship?

Have you had a checkup with a doctor recently? Considered doing blood-work to see if your hormone levels are within a healthy range?

You invest so much time in your work, charging ahead to keep on top of everything. How much time do you invest in your own health, in your own quality of life?

It’s time to check-in with yourself on your habits, and it may be time for you to talk to a professional about your health.

Don’t put it off until it’s too late. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be there for them. All the money in the world won’t replace their father, their mother, their spouse.

Key takeaways:

Entrepreneurship is fraught with health hazards
Checking in with a professional will let you know how your body is doing
Don’t put off your health until it’s too late

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Many high achievers get caught up in this idea of “living the dream”—living in a tropical paradise, running a business off of a laptop, working solo.

Then reality hits.

It hit Jeremy Sherk hard. He was living this exact scenario in Thailand in 2012 when he realized that his idea that he would simply “sail off into the sunset” was naive.

There were two aspects of that realization:

1. He wasn’t passionate about the business he was running.
2. He was alone.

That led to a Skype call in 2013 with his future business partner, Kevin Pasco. And thus began the journey to create their company, Nested Naturals.

In this breakout session from the 2017 Capitalism Conference, Jeremy and Kevin share their journey creating a business they actually care about, scaling up to a team of 15 people who they consider family.

They’ve created an amazing culture and team after doing the solopreneur thing off of their laptops. Listen to this episode to learn how.

Check out more great breakout sessions and keynotes from the 2017 Capitalism Conference:

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Hal Elrod nearly died in a car crash. He defied his doctors’ grim prognosis, not only walking again but eventually running an ultramarathon.

He lost a lot in the 2008 financial crisis. He was on a downward spiral for six months, losing clients, putting on lots of weight, and struggling with housing costs. But he pushed through and built his life back up by focusing on translating personal development into positive gains.

Last year, Hal almost died again. At first, his doctors thought he had pneumonia, but he was, in fact, suffering from an aggressive form of leukemia. He was advised he would most likely die. But he beat the odds again and came out of this third “rock bottom” experience profoundly transformed.

Hal urges you to ask yourself what matters most in your life. To ask yourself what your values are. Then see how you can selflessly add value to the people you care about, to the people you come across on an everyday basis.

When you give of yourself selflessly to others, you will tap into great success and feel liberated.

Join us as we follow Hal’s incredible journey.

Key takeaways:

  • Accepting reality is the first step to defeating negativity
  • Give of yourself selflessly to others
  • Live in accordance with your values

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Jeff Hoffman is a remarkable, internationally-successful entrepreneur.

But he attained that success by hiring the best, building a team with them, getting out of their way, and treating them with compassion and respect.

This let him enter industries that he had no professional experience in - like building airport ticket kiosks, and working in film and music - and make a major impact.

Jeff’s incredible journey includes inspirational stories about how scaling to success beyond your dreams means treating your colleagues and employees with empathy. He once declined a potential joint venture when the other company’s CEO spoke derisively of his staff playing baseball at work one morning.

Why pass something like that up? Because he knew in that moment that his counterpart did not respect his employees’ judgment the way he did. And that would have posed trouble for potential joint work.

Join us today on the Freedom Fast Lane as we hear this amazing story and more from Jeff Hoffman. You’ll come away inspired to focus on doing what’s right, on doing what’s good, on being the best person you can be to those around you.

And that’s how you attract the best and brightest to make a strong impact in the business world.

Key takeaways:

  • Your success relies on persuading smarter people to help you
  • You win in business by empathizing with your team
  • Don’t let money denigrate you and your team

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Guy and Ilan are weird.

And that’s okay!

They’re hugely successful entrepreneurs, they’re compassionate coaches, and they share invaluable information on personal actualization on their Satori Prime podcast.

But that’s beside the point.

They’re weird because they act in accordance with who they are. And being themselves meant charting their path away from what the “group” does, leading them to their awesome Satori Prime project.

This isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things to do.

From a very young age, we are indoctrinated with the values of our parents, our educators, and what we absorb from mass media. It is easy for us to come to a conclusion at that stage in our lives about who we are.

If you decide as a kid that you are “worthless”, “not talented”, or “a loser”, it can be very difficult to shake that feeling.

Guy and Ilan are here to help you shake that false social programming, and get you to focus on being yourself.

Everyone has something to contribute to make the world a better place and give their loved ones a better life. You can bring that gift out.

Check in with yourself. Ask yourself what really matters to you.

Notice where you feel like conforming to what everyone else is doing. Think about whether you really need to conform as well.

Do what is consistent with your principles.

Be yourself, and you will reap the rewards throughout your life!

Key takeaways:

  • It’s time for you to be unapologetically yourself
  • Really successful people have achieved success by not caring about what other people think about them
  • Take action consistent with who you are, rather than your social programming

Connect with Guy & Ilan

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Scaling your business to 9 figures in value seems daunting. How can this be done without working insane hours?

Yes, scaling up by an order of magnitude may seem out of reach. But right now, you're probably closer than you think.

Getting where you are now felt difficult, but that’s because you were working so hard to get off the ground. Now that you’ve found some substantial success, you need a sound strategy with a network that suits your business’s products or services.

Going from 7-figures to 8-figures is primarily about dialing up your marketing and sales efforts. Here, you monetize the customers you currently have, increase your focus on ecommerce, and maybe pivot to other marketing channels.

Going from 80figures to 9-figures is about successful investments. And investing for exponential scaling is Ryan’s forte.

Once your company makes $10 million in yearly profits, you can look to an exit for 8-12x those profits. But what if your company is making $3 million in annual profits, with three other competitors about that size in your industry?

What if those competitors are, instead, potential allies? If you merged forces or collaborated on a joint venture, you can package your combined value in a roll-up, and add an order of magnitude in value when selling the package.

And that order of magnitude came just from making a relationship. From calling up your former competitors and seeing what you could do together, you added another zero to your exit value.

You just massively scaled your business without having to do much more work than picking up your phone and dialing a few numbers.

Now you see how reaching entrepreneurial success doesn’t have to be like climbing a long staircase to the peak of a mountain.

There are incredibly effective shortcuts that people have and continue to use to accelerate their growth. Learn more in this episode of the podcast.

Key takeaways:

  • Scaling from 7-8 figures in value to 9 figures is not as daunting as you think
  • Once you have a good product and vision, building a network accelerates growth

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You have a great product, produced using state-of-the-art technology. But if you don’t talk about how the product will help your audience (its benefits), and only talk to them about its technical specifications (its features), you are losing lots of potential customers.

Through his Swanwick Sleep company, James Swanwick sells blue-light-blocking glasses. They have a number of interesting technical features, but features aren’t enough to get people to make a purchase.

That’s why the company’s website ( says the product will make you "sleep better", “feel energized”, and “look cool” in large font. The benefits, not the features, are front and center.

And they’re so prominent because an interested customer is always asking, "what does this product do for me?" If you don’t talk about the product’s benefits, you’re not answering their question!

James makes a clear distinction between features and benefits. A feature is a factual statement about a product or service. Examples include a self-cleaning oven, or a product being made 100% from recycled materials.

A benefit is an improvement in one’s circumstances caused by the product or service. Examples include convenience, time-saving, and becoming more attractive to potential partners.

You can see the focus on benefits in everyday marketing. Let’s take weight-loss products for instance. If you watch infomercials about them, you very frequently see portrayals of men using the product having attractive, smiling women walk up to them.

It’s the same for a whole host of products. Marketing for anything that improves your physical appearance very often depicts attractive people entering the frame and looking at the user with adoration.

The inference the marketing establishes is that these products will make you attractive. The focus here is on that benefit, not on the technical specifications of the exercise machine or weight-loss program being sold.

James urges entrepreneurs to audit their sales copy, identifying where features are emphasized over benefits, and making changes to focus instead on the benefits. You should ask yourself why your customers do business with you, and ask them, too! You may discover all sorts of benefits your customers derive from your products that you had not known before.

Benefits you should be highlighting in your marketing!

Key takeaways:

  • People buy things to solve problems for them
  • Focusing marketing on your product’s features, not their benefits, will lose business
  • Audit your ad copy to maximize focus on these benefits

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Justin Colby has had a lot of success flipping properties. Ryan takes a similar approach with businesses. This line of work has brought them great rewards, but they seek to scale beyond the heights they’ve reached.

They know they can do it. It will take a lot of work, but they have a goal in mind and know they can reach it.

Join Justin and Ryan in this chat about entrepreneurship, embracing change, and reaching goals through hard work.

Key takeaways:

  • Flipping real estate is like flipping businesses
  • Calculate the costs of reaching your goals
  • Put in the work

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There's a mistake that so many entrepreneurs make when it comes to funding, and it's not that hard to avoid.

Jeff Hoffman addresses this topic in today’s Freedom Fast Lane episode. The clip is from the Q&A session we had with Jeff when he first spoke at the Capitalism Conference (formerly Freedom Fast Lane Live) back in 2015. We invited him back to kick off this year’s conference in Austin, which wraps up today.

In this episode, Jeff explains the clear steps every startup entrepreneur must take in order to determine what—if any—outside funding is needed to make the business successful.

Jeff blames Silicon Valley for creating the idea that entrepreneurs need to get funding as soon as possible. The truth is, most entrepreneurs ignore getting funding from customers by providing value. Instead, they go to bank debt, private equity, venture capital, you name it.

One of the biggest problems with small businesses is overcapitalization. Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, follow these steps Jeff recommends to make sure you’re ready to pursue funding.

  1. Make a list of everything you need to do between now and someday, whenever your goal deadline is, to make your company successful.
  2. Circle everything on that list you think you can do without someone else’s money.
  3. Go do all of those things.

Take it from Jeff—don’t get funding until you absolutely need it.

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Ryan Deiss understands the power of branding.

In this episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, we air Ryan Deiss' speech at The Capitalism Conference (formerly Freedom Fast Lane Live).

Ryan Deiss offers an analogy for reframing your ideas about branding. Start by thinking of your customer as a vault.

Marketing has the ability to do one of two things: it can make a deposit of relational equity into that vault, or it can make a withdrawal on relational equity from that vault.

Make no mistake. Every time you ask someone to buy something, you’re making a withdrawal against relational equity.

We all have a baseline of relational equity as human kind, but when you ask for someone to buy something the question becomes, “Do I know you?”

Whether we realize it or not, this construct is true. The question every entrepreneur should be asking themselves is, am I making a deposit of relational equity, or a withdrawal?

It’s like in Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook,” entrepreneurs must deposit, deposit, deposit, then withdraw.

This is how you develop a brand. It’s not your logo. It’s not your color scheme. Your branding is anything that makes a deposit in your customer’s relational equity vault.

Branding makes a deposit. Selling makes a withdrawal.

There are four ways to build up your customer's relational equity vault:

  1. Make them laugh. If you make people laugh, they'll like you.
  2. Make them cry. If you make people cry, they'll feel vulnerable with you.
  3. Make them feel like they're a part of something. If you make people feel like they're part of something, they'll feel that sense of belonging, of home.
  4. Deliver actual value in advance. If you give people actual value, they will seek to give you value in return.

When you’re not making a relational equity deposit for your customers, when there’s no soul in what you’re doing, then you’re just a logo.

If you’re a business looking to become an empire, it’s crucial that you consistently make deposits and withdrawals in this manner. These are the high-level thinkers we bring together for The Capitalism Conference.

Today is Day 1 of the event! We sold out our general admission tickets and upgraded many attendees to VIP. We are making parts of the event available through a livestream. Don't miss out - click here to purchase the livestream.

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