with Ryan Daniel Moran

I often get the question “I know the 12 Months To $1 Million playbook, but where do I start?” 


Sometimes the hardest part of a new  journey is taking the first steps, but in this case taking a few simple actions to start building a 7-figure business does not have to be complicated.


So today, I wanted to make a podcast about the first 5 steps of the process.
I’m confident that if you do this, you’ll have the foundation for a million dollar brand.


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(0:00) - The First 5 Steps To $1M


(1:00) - Step 1: Pick Your Person


(3:50) - Step 2: Find Your Products


(5:55) - Step 3: Do Your Research


(9:15) - Step 4: Build Your List


(14:53) - Step 5: Create Content To Grow Your List


(19:53) - Bringing It All Together


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