with Ryan Daniel Moran

Who says there is no money in video games? Andy Redmer has built a brand that does $4M in annual sales for a very specific niche - gamers who play CS:GO aka Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Actually, this isn't the first time he built up the brand. He had a big exit selling the company and after some time had passed he acquired the brand again, just like Ryan did with Sheer Strength.


In this podcast Andy shares how he got started with email lists and small influencers to how these lessons apply to anyone building an online brand, even if, especially if they think their audience might be too small to go past a million.


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(3:00) - Andy’s Story


(9:00) - Focusing on influencer marketing


(11:00) - Inventory nightmares


(18:00) - Reaching burnout


(24:00) - Buying the business back after 4 years 


(29:00) - Finding the creative spark


(38:00) - Keep following your creativity

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