with Ryan Daniel Moran

Ryan shares how to get customers and then get them to buy from you, even when humans convert and buy more on a one to one basis,


This is an excerpt from a keynote Ryan gave at Seller Con in which he shares the tactics of converting.


Key Takeaways


Building an audience [1:40] for the next 18 to 24 months from this keynote, the organic reach is on Instagram.


1. Document the growth of your business — document everything, publicly.

2. Spend 10$ a day on ads to get followers.

3. Reach out to everyone who follows you or comments and say: “Thank you!”

4. Send your following to a first-in-line group.

5. Post every review, every piece of love, photos, all of it where you are documenting your journey.

2 types of audiences [3:17] Ryan presses pause on himself and breaks down the types of audiences and people usually only focus on one...

1. Awareness — audience for content.

2. Conversion — audience for purchase.

He explains how to profit from mixing those two types of audience you build, and it all boils down to one on one interaction.

Audience is the key to rapid growth.

Thanks for listening and get in touch with Ryan on Instagram @ryandanielmoran

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