with Ryan Daniel Moran

Getting your house in order.


For Ryan, 2018 was about physical health and mental health — dealing with burnout and overwhelm that all entrepreneurs deal with.


Today he shares the importance of figuring out, and getting back to the core of what you want in life.


Key Takeaways

[1:28] Ryan has been guilty of following formulas for business success, not personal happiness, and of losing sight of what made him happy about his businesses in the first place.


[3:15] Doing things against your better nature becomes a painful grind.


Ryan has to work at becoming clear on what he wants from his business, and surrounding himself with people that enjoy and are talented at the things he is not.


[4:34] The Wealth Dynamics Proflies Test Ryan once did revealed he was a “Star” and an “Investor”. It turns out that was spot on, ever since childhood, Ryan has dreamed of performing, being on stage...


So for him, the thing to do now is more PR and talking about economics and politics… Communicating authentically.


[5:55] It’s scary, letting go of what you know produces the results you are accustomed to.


But when you pursue the things that make you happy, the money shows up — maybe because of talent and passion and energy.


[6:43] Transparency, honesty and authenticity creates connection with your audience which in turn creates conversion which is how you fun what you want.


[7:01] Don’t lose sight of why you started: build the business to support what you want your life to be to begin with and all of these things will be added unto you as well.


Wishing you happiness, love and success.


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