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So you finally settled the money part and now you realise the happy part doesn’t just happen? Today Ryan shares an interview with his friend and lifestyle inspiration Alex Huditan on how to improve life and scale happiness.


Ride the wave and love the flow of life: Alex does his best — and it’s really, really good! — at living by his own definition, and he runs a successful 7 figure business on Amazon.


Key Takeaways

[5:12] Alex shares what he does and the ways he tries to positively impact the lives of his fellow Romanian.


[8:31] Alex’s lifestyle is a goal of Ryan’s and stretches his perception. Ryan is the kind of entrepreneur who can do nothing else but be an entrepreneur…


“How does Alex have so much free time, and is so happy!?” When does he get any work done?


[9:26] Alex shares that he isn’t that good at time management, but has been focused in the past 5 years on getting better at being him.


He has created partnerships that free up his time to do what he wants: he mainly focuses on helping his community, and the other parts of life.


[10:53] You should invest in all of your relationships and give as much as you can, the universe will send it back, one way or another.


[13:34] Alex talks about how he was always a fun first person. He explains the fun side of ever job he’s held, every failure he’s had. It’s no wonder he’s a happy person, everything has a positive side.


In every job he’s had, he always prioritized learning and growing and made room for free time every day.


Ryan resonates with the idea that when things are right, they are easy and the negative connotations of “work” just lose their meaning.


[17:41] Entrepreneurs often fall in the trap of getting good at something, seeing results, getting better at that one thing and somehow beginning to believe they are only good at that one thing.


There are many things to do and create in this life, there is no need to focus on only one thing.


[19:46] Ryan thinks he tends to work and burn himself out because it is the thing he has found so far that gives him the most meaning, excitement, personal pleasure (Workaholism!). And a lot of entrepreneurs are under the impression that once you settle the money part, the happy part just happens.


Ryan know this to be false, by experience.


[22:27] Alex offers one piece of advice to people to have the money but can’t find the happiness: go listen to Ryan’s podcast about being enough.


It talks about how you need to be happy and at peace with who you are, in a materialistically detached way. If you lost it all or chose to give it up, you would still be enough.


[24:23] Alex shares one of his experience of a meditation retreat. By the 6th day, he felt like he wasn’t getting it and was about to quit until it all clicked.


[33:03] Singular events, psychedelics or extreme experience are often the cause of change in our lives even while being non-essential in nature. Epiphany can be achieved with mundane experiences, but that story is much less glamorous.


[34:08] Fun is fun, it really shouldn't be a pursuit in the first place! Let it happen.


Alex suggests trying new things — things that you are not necessarily comfortable with at first and more than once! — and going in with the right mindset.


Be careful of the stories you tell yourself when defining the world: “I don’t like clubs”, “I don’t like to dance”, “I don’t like fast cars”, etc. They are preventing you from keeping an open mind and experiencing the world.


[38:05] Alex shares an exercise a friend taught him called:


“Perfect Day”:

You are God on another planet and you can do whatever you want from dawn to night. You can bring things from our reality into yours but not by naming them, you have to describe the senses and feelings related to that experience.


[41:19] Alex challenges Ryan’s language on fun and happiness!


[44:01] The people you surround yourself with will dictate how you live your life… be careful to let people you want to be like enter your circle.


[44:50] To the people who have struggled to find the lifestyle after the money, Alex offers this:


Entrepreneurs often want to ditch the 9 to 5 and end up working themselves into a stupor… Delegate, meditate, start life now, start fun as soon as possible, there is no reason to put this off.


Meet new people, do new things and keep an open mind.


[47:56] The word entrepreneur has become a synonym for hustle and grind and workaholism, be wary of using it to define yourself, if only in your head…


[50:11] Ryan thanks Alex for being such an inspiration and invites listeners to follow Alex on Facebook.


Thanks for listening!


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