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Because you asked: today, we diverge from the usual interview and Max breaks down the very concept of ‘brand’ into easily digestible parts.

So is it just a logo?


Key Takeaways

[2:49] Max asked the community what it is you would like to see on the Brand Builder Podcast and you responded!


Over the next few weeks and months, he’ll be covering a lot of the questions raised but for today:


What do we mean when we talk about brand?


[5:15] A lot people think of brand as logos, palettes, packaging, marketing funnels and copy... All of those things are important aspects, but they are not enough.


Your brand is the collective emotional response to your product or service, and that includes your customer's expectations, memories, stories and relationship with regards to your company.


[6:32] In a perfect world, you are not selling someone something the one time, you are entering in a relationship that will last and spans months, years or even a lifetime.


That relationship is built on three principles:

1. Brand promise — the guarantee, quality and efficacy of your product

2. Meaningful differentiation — how are you different in answering your customer’s wants and needs

3. Elevating your customer — help them be the hero in their own story

[9:42] Your brand is the only thing that will keep your customers with you when the competition pops up.

[11:22] So brand is something you have do across every single touch point with your customer, and each of those points is an opportunity to strengthen or weaken that relationship.

Reinforcing that relationship requires two things:

1. Agreement on brand direction — you need to know where you are headed

2. Consistently strong communication — everytime someone gets something from you is an opportunity

[15:00] The best brands in the world are built with a specific customer in mind, a singular message that resonates with that customer and they communicate that message consistently across all channels.

That is how you build the equity that makes your brand valuable.

[16:30] Max recaps and invites listeners to share their comments, questions and suggestions with the community.

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