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Paul Miller is a former restaurant owner and now the proud CEO and owner of CozyPhones, a business that makes and sells comfortable headbands with headphones embedded inside. His products cater to children (including those with special needs), active adults, and for those looking for a way to relax before bed.


Show Notes

We’ve talked to a number of different business owners over the years, each with a different story and path to success. Paul Miller joined us to talk about selling physical products online to hit his seven-figure success. We love physical products businesses at Freedom Fast Lane, but Paul’s approach incorporates something a bit different: selling licensed goods.


He explained how you can tap into an exclusive niche this way. His experience gave us awesome, actionable insight into different options for your product development and sales.


Paul spent a long time and millions of dollars on a restaurant business, but that didn't work out in the long-run. After a traumatic accident which broke his collarbone, he decided on a different path: ecommerce. He scaled dramatically within 12 months, selling different products. Now he’s landed on a real winner: comfortable headband headphones.


What really amped up his sales was branching out into licensed products. He’s worked with other businesses, offering to design CozyPhones with their brand imagery on them, and paying them a royalty on each sale. This has gotten his company noticed by Disney and Nickelodeon, the latter of which has a deal with him to sell Paw Patrol-branded headphones.


That was an awesome catch for Paul, in two ways. First, Paw Patrol is one of the most popular children’s television shows across the world. Second, his deal is exclusive, meaning no other business can sell similar headphones with Paw Patrol branding. He’s both created and cornered a lucrative market!


If you’re in the physical products space, you need to consider opportunities to sell licensed goods. Otherwise you could be leaving money on the table.

Key takeaways:


  • Physical products with third-party brand licensing are attractive to consumers
  • They let you create a niche and monopolize it at the same time
  • Look into partnering with complementary businesses for such opportunities


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