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The Freedom Fast Lane LIVE events are an amazing opportunity for you to get connected with high level entrepreneurs, people who are working to build a business for themselves (just like you), and everything in between. One of the things you’ll benefit from most is sessions like this one, where those who have experienced incredible ultimate success, John Mackey in this case, share practical thoughts and strategies to help those who attend. You’ll get a lot of value from hearing John’s story in building Whole Foods to the incredible company it is today, what money is and what it’s used for, and why capitalism is not the evil thing many people portray it to be. You won’t want to miss this episode.

A clear purpose brings out the haters. Here’s how Whole Foods has handled it.

During this conversation between Ryan and his guest, John Mackey the topic of haters was brought up, and John had some great ideas to share. He points out that any time you are successful you will become noticed by both the purists and opponents - and both can become quite a thorn in your side. During this Q&A from Freedom Fast Lane LIVE, John shares how Whole Foods has navigated the waters of opposition that come from the success the company has enjoyed. John is a great voice of wisdom for you, so be sure you listen.

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