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When it comes to accomplishing the things you really want to accomplish, the resources available to you are the same resources available to anyone you admire as a success. What makes the difference? They have learned the power of yes. They have learned how to act on the belief that every desire and every goal that comes into their consciousness is a big “yes” in terms of their ability. They don’t allow their natural doubts to hinder them from moving forward. They’ve also learned how to reframe obstacles, how to get their own mind out of the way and live according to who they were made to be. On this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Guy and Ilan of Satori Prime bring you a fire hydrant of great mindset coaching to help you get out of your own mind and say "yes" to the opportunities for success that come into your life every day.

How many negative experiences in your life have become great learning experiences?

After the fact, we are able to see how the most excruciating times of our lives were used to teach us valuable lessons. They are the turning points, the pivotal moments that change the direction of our lives in significant ways. When you learn the power of yes, you are able to apply that wisdom to the negative situations you face every day. That means you have to draw on that wisdom to enable yourself to embrace the difficulties AS lessons, to face them with gratitude and positivity. You’ll discover that the power of yes, applied in that way, will enable you to glean even more insight and learning from those situations. Find out more about moving into the mindset that says "yes" from Guy and Ilan of Satori Prime, on this episode.

The more you get out of your mind, the more you can use the power of yes to succeed.

We spend far too much time analyzing. Don’t misunderstand: we need to think long and hard about the important strategies of business and decisions in life. But when we get stuck there, overanalyzing, we get bogged down in the minutia and miss the opportunity to live from a better place of freedom and inspiration. That’s where the power of yes comes in. Your success happens not only because of your careful analyzation and decisions - it also happens because you are present, ready to say “yes” to the opportunities that come your way and the nudges you feel about the direction you should go. Find out how the guys from Satori Prime understand and apply the power of yes, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

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