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One of the most helpful and popular episodes published on Freedom Fast Lane was a previous episode with today’s guest, Geoff Woods. Geoff is the Vice President of an organization called “The ONE Thing,” the empire that is being built around the hit book by the same name, written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. Geoff is on the podcast today to share the power of The ONE Thing philosophy and how he is still practically learning to implement it in his own personal and professional life. But it’s not all about “how to” - it's also about the "what for." Geoff shares his personal story and the dramatic shifts that have taken place in his life from making these fundamental changes. You won’t want to miss this practical episode.

What is the 1 thing you can do that makes everything else more effective?

The fundamental principle behind “The ONE Thing” philosophy is this: Identify the one thing that when done, will enable you to be more productive and successful in every other area. Until that one thing is done each day you have not earned the right to move on to anything else. It’s this philosophy that has made Keller Williams one of the most successful real estate companies on the planet and it’s what has enabled Geoff Woods, today’s guest, to change his own life for and career path for the better. On this episode, you will hear Geoff’s story and receive his specific tips on how to get The ONE Thing philosophy working in your own life, so be sure you listen.

What most people do when they create a to-do list and how to make it better.

The typical to-do list is a column full of tasks. They are not in any priority order. They are not organized in any way. Most people address their to-do list by acting on the simplest or easiest issue first, then moving on to another fairly simple item once the first one is complete. But by the nature of those tasks, nothing truly important is being done. It’s just busy work. On this episode, Geoff Woods shares why a different approach to your to-do list could transform the amount of significant, truly important work you get done - and the impact it could have on you personally and professionally. You won’t want to miss this. It could truly change everything.

Why you need to think big and act small.

It may sound like a contradiction to say that you need to think big and act small. But it’s exactly right. Thinking big means that you get a big picture view of where you are headed. You know the WHY behind what you are after and the difference it will make when you get there. But in order TO get there, you’ve got to act small. You’ve got to narrow that field of vision so you can see the first, most vital things that need to be done in order to move you in the preferred direction of your vision quickly. That’s how truly significant things are accomplished and how you can reach your goals in record time with maximum effectiveness. Geoff Woods is on the podcast to share how to accomplish this and more, so be sure you listen.

The power of time blocking to truly get things done.

Time blocking is a practice that enables you to focus your attention over a prolonged period of time for the sake of being efficient and effective. It enables you to avoid distraction, stay on task, and walk away with a true sense of accomplishment. But more important than how you feel about what you’ve done, you will actually have done what is most important - which moves you forward exponentially. On this episode, Geoff Wood shares how time blocking works and how doing it the right way can free you up to live the life you want to live.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:24] Ryan’s introduction to his guest Geoff Woods.
  • [4:22] The problem we have: We don’t know how to manage our time.
  • [13:04] The things that helped Geoff double his productivity and build an empire.
  • [17:30] Why are you dividing your focus?
  • [19:53] “The One Thing” does not mean that you only do one thing.
  • [23:34] What most people do when they create a to-do list and how to do it right.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Assess where you are today and ask the simple question, “How can I do better tomorrow?” - AND THEN DO IT.


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