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What would it take to create a successful physical products business from the ground up? You can hear how James Swanwick made it happen on this episode. From making the decision to start his brand while running on the beach to building out a team, split testing, and maximizing profits you will hear what James did, step by step to start, build, and establish his physical products business. It’s a conversation that will help you see what it takes to get your business rolling right away.

The amazing product idea that came while running on the beach.

James Swanwick was running on the beach near his home in Australia when he heard Ryan Daniel Moran speaking about the opportunities that come from building a physical products brand and business (he was listening to the Freedom Fast Lane podcast). By the time James got home he had decided he was going to build his own business. He called his brother, established a partnership, and got the ball rolling. His success is almost legendary. You can hear the exact product brand James built and how he did it, on this episode.

Promoting his product brand through podcast interviews.

Most people who build a physical products brand immediately begin pushing for reviews, using Facebook ads, etc. James Swanwick made the decision to get himself featured on podcasts as one of his main ways of promoting his sleep improvement brand. But he didn’t do it by telling them about his great products. Instead, he focused on how he could bring great information and help to the podcasters and their audiences. Find out how James built the brand and success that caught Ryan’s attention and got him on the show.

Targeting the biohacking niche to find his raving fans.

One of the ways you can best promote your brand is to find the exact niche of people who will most excited about your products. When you are able to get your high-quality products into their hands and build enthusiasm through conversations and contests, you’ll find that niche doing the heavy lifting of promotion and your brand will begin to rock. James Swanwick tells how he targeted the biohacking community with his sleep products and the great results that his company experienced when those people got enthused about his products.

Using Facebook pixels and video to retarget people interested in his products.

When James Swanwick began using Facebook ads to promote his blue blocker glasses he devised a plan to do more effective promotions and get more sales. First, he ran an ad to very specific communities and people - like those interested in biohacking. Then he used Facebook pixels to retarget those who clicked on his ads. What did he send their way? Videos of all kinds, including video testimonials of people who loved his products. His results have been stellar and he’s going to share how he did it, on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:24] Ryan’s introduction to James Swanwick, his guest today.
  • [1:55] How you can get in on Ryan’s training and the Tribe Summit.
  • [3:21] James discovered how to launch his Amazon products while running on the beach.
  • [5:00] The different marketing approach James used for his Swanick Sleep glasses.
  • [10:01] How James sought podcast interviews to promote his brand.
  • [14:14] The Facebook advertising approach that James has discovered and used.
  • [17:02] The results James has seen from his efforts.
  • [18:45] Why James fancies himself as the CEO of a sleep company.
  • [20:30] The big things that made a difference for James and his product promotions.
  • [24:00] Getting your price right through testing is vital to maximum profits.
  • [26:10] The importance of testing everything in your physical product business.
  • [32:45] The team James has built to run his business.
  • [37:37] The point when it was viable for James to go all-in on this business.
  • [39:40] The things James does to deal with the fear he feels everyday.

Action Steps From This Episode


FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Use video for product promotions, testimonials, and product info pages. If you can get video of customers interacting with your products, you will win.

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