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After hearing this episode of with Matthew Tremolada it should be obvious that there is no excuse for anyone when it comes to starting your own ecommerce business. Matthew Tremolada struggled through the addiction he had to heroin to build a million dollar brand that continues to move forward. His journey is an example of overcoming in spite of personal and practical obstacles. It’s an inspiring story that forced Matthew out of college and into a very desperate place.

Trying to get money for his next hit of heroin, Matthew stepped into ecommerce.

After dropping out of college because of his heroin addiction, Matthew was at his lowest. He was actually looking for more drugs, trying to find ways to finance his habit and found a MLM squeeze page that changed his life and led him into ecommerce sales. Matthew openly shares his story and tells how he made the journey from addict to business owner, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

The things Matthew did to go from $20K/month to $50K/month.

One of the things every entrepreneur has to be comfortable with is risk. Matthew says that to move from $20K per month in sales to $50K, the only thing he had to change was his attitude about risk. He had to let himself become uncomfortable, to make himself uncomfortable both financially and in terms of the skills he had to learn to scale the business. The risks were worth it for him and he shares how he made that mindset shift, the results it had, and how his struggle to grow impacted himself and his family, on this episode.

Building out the systems that allow the ecommerce business to scale.

When Ryan asked his guest, Matthew Tremolada what he’s doing to scale his business to the point of making a consistent $100K per month in sales, he said that the primary thing is building the systems needed for the recurring income to be consistent and strong. He believes that once the systems are in place he’ll be able to position the company attractively to be sold. Find out how he’s accomplished this so quickly and how he plans to sell the company, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Anyone can succeed if they really want to. Here’s a story that will inspire anyone.

Matthew Tremolada’s end goal is to build a business and income that will enable him to discover the things about life and the universe that he’s curious about. He’s eager to learn more about the possibilities of immortality for the human race and believes that his business can set him up to have the freedom to experience those areas of interest. Matthew allowed himself no excuses in pursuing his dreams and his business. He determined he was going to make it work, no matter what. You can hear his story and where he’s headed, on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:21] Ryan’s introduction to this episode and his guest, Matthew Tremolada.
  • [2:10] The current state of Matthew’s business and how he began with Amazon.
  • [7:37] Where Matthew began: Dropping out of college and searching for heroin.
  • [11:19] Moving to private label sales to build a wider business model.
  • [13:53] The transition from opportunity chasing to building an actual business.
  • [21:08] Infusions of capital to fuel business growth: How Matthew built his funding.
  • [22:30] The growth plan to get to a consistent $100K per month in sales.
  • [26:38] Why Matthew decided to bring on capital partners.
  • [29:56] The biggest contributors to the success of Matthew’s business (his thoughts).
  • [31:49] The difference in Matthew that has come from his success.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Educate yourself and set your mind. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t know what to do. But even more importantly, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t truly believe you can.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Consider finding capital partners who believe in your business and your approach. The infusion of capital can often provide opportunities and timing that you can’t easily achieve on your own.

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