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Josh Bezoni is a level up from almost every other entrepreneur.

The proof is that he not only created a new business from scratch but he hit $100 million in sales in the first 12 months of the company’s existence. Ryan has long been advocating a system to build a company to $10 million - but Josh has raised the bar big time. The steps he took to build his company seem intuitive at first glance but Josh applied them at a level that improved the normal results by a factor of 10. On this episode you’re going to hear Josh’s story of how he built his company quickly and has navigated the rapid climb to success.

Find someone who has done what you want to do and create value in their life.

One of the things Josh Bezoni did to build his business quickly from the ground up was to build significant trust relationships all along the way. In every interaction he was concerned with how he could add value to the life of the person he was interacting with. He did this for two reasons: #1 - He wanted to be a true asset to them and their goals. #2 - He wanted that relationship to be an asset to him when and if the time came for him to call in a favor or two. His fundamental philosophy was to find the people who had done what he wanted to do and add value to their lives. You can hear how he developed that philosophy and how he implemented it on this episode.

How Josh Bezoni rented a list from a different niche to launch his first product.

It seems like an outdated approach to launching a products but Josh Bezoni tapped his professional network and borrowed their email lists to launch the first product of his new company. It was an old school approach but it worked powerfully. In his first day of sales he brought in $40,000 in sales. You can hear how Josh built a network of relationships that made that approach possible and how he leveraged the success of that initial push to scale the company rapidly - it’s all on this episode.

Josh Bezoni: Once you learn this one skill you can sell anything online.

As Josh Bezoni began to build his first business he knew that the success of the business would depend greatly on the sales copy that was used for each promotion and product. He began to study copywriting and became very adept at implementing a very simple formula: Problem - Solution. On this episode Josh shares a handful of incredible books he read to build his copywriting muscles and tells why it’s true that the skill of copywriting will enable you to sell anything online and build the business you desire. It’s all a part of this great conversation.

The best indicator of future success is past performance.

To build a company to $100 million in sales within 12 months it takes teamwork on a level beyond what most people can conceive. That means a team of quality people has to be assembled. Think “The Avengers” in a business context. Josh Bezoni approached the task of hiring A players for his quickly growing company the way he approaches most challenges: He began to study the subject. Using what he learned in his reading and applying it alongside some pretty novel approaches such as company ownership options, charitable giving, and more, Josh was able to enlist the help of top level producers in their respective skills to scale the company rapidly. Want to know more? Josh gives many of the steps he took on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:06] Who is Josh Bezoni? Ryan’s introduction of his success and journey.
  • [2:17] The first business Josh started and how it enabled him to pivot and grow more.
  • [7:01] The strategy Josh followed to get his first product off the ground.
  • [13:26] How Josh has built his sales processes.
  • [17:36] The transition from an ebook company to a much more successful venture.
  • [21:59] Using an existing audience, affiliates, and great business connections.
  • [24:41] The practical aspects Josh had to deal with while the growth was happening.
  • [32:59] How Josh was able to hire rock star talent quickly.
  • [34:51] The challenge of not taking the profits so more talent can be hired.
  • [37:53] Why most entrepreneurs don’t know how to hire and how Josh learned the skill.
  • [41:03] The overall business strategy for getting to $100 million in 12 months.
  • [44:34] The most expensive mistake Josh made on the way to success.
  • [47:14] The small team of 3 Josh led in his first business: How it was structured and the roles each person played.
  • [49:08] How Josh was able to grow to $100 million while remaining VIRTUAL instead of physical.
  • [52:36] Why people want to work for and buy from companies that are doing good in the world.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Don’t shortcut the hiring process. It takes time to do it right but the returns on the time invested are astronomical. Study how to do it right and don’t cut corners.

FOR GETTING STARTED: Start building trust relationships now. Seek out those who are already doing what you want to do and add value to their lives. Once you are on their radar opportunities open up to you in ways you never knew were possible.


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