with Ryan Daniel Moran

Are you looking for new areas of opportunities? Tune in for an intense discussion on trends in entrepreneurship with the iconic Gary Vee!

They also discuss being who you are, playing the long game, buying baseball cards, living within your means, and Oh! There was A LOT of wine: the longer you listen, the sloppier Ryan “Drunk-on-Red” Moran will get!


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“So many people are so insecure and they want to achieve to prove to everybody and if they just understood that if you achieve at 36 instead of 24 you’ll still pull off what you want.” — Gary Vee

“I think this newest version of myself is about genuinely realizing that I am making an impact, and feeling a tremendous sense of responsibility.” — Gary Vee

“The biggest thing that surprised me so far is how genuinely involved Gary is on the content.” — Zayne

“The things I’m singularly most proud of in the world, not a person knows. I’m comfortable promoting business, it’s business! The real humanity is quiet as fuck.” — Gary Vee

“Do you know why I almost didn’t have a K-Swiss deal?” — Gary Vee

“You know how they say ‘don’t meet your heroes’ well my goal is to be better than you thought I was.” — Gary Vee

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