with Ryan Daniel Moran

Tero Isokauppila shares his journey going from $1 million to over $50 million in revenue with Four Sigmatic. He talks about bootstrapping the company, working for 2.5 years without taking a salary, and the key strategies that helped him grow.


Tero gives advice on building the first 100 raving fans, focusing on product-market fit early on, preparing for retail expansion, and more.


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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Four Sigmatic:


Blue Ocean Strategy book:


Rep Lo:




(2:00) - How Tero Made His Money


(6:14) - Sharing Revenue With Early Employees


(8:29) - The Tim Ferriss Effect


(15:00) - Scaling Four Sigmatic


(19:30) - Tero’s New Venture


(21:15 )- The Blue Ocean Strategy


(27:00) - How Tero Would Launch In 2024


(33:00) - Getting 100 True Fans


(43:00) - Standing Against Something


(53:00) - The Power Of Saying No