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Every person who is trying to make something significant of their life is faced with the challenge of effective time management. We all have the same 24 hours - but it’s what we choose to do with them that will make the difference between success and mediocrity. This episode features Ryan’s good friend, Sean Coyne who shares his use of the Eisenhower Matrix to determine the tasks that are worth focusing on at any given time. It’s a great, practical way to evaluate all you have to do so that you can do the truly important things.

What IS this thing called the Eisenhower Matrix?

The Eisenhower Matrix gets its name from former President and U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower. It’s a tool he used to manage his own time and priorities and has proven to be a failsafe way to make decisions, delegate, and prioritize. In reality, it’s nothing more than a chart with 4 squares that you can use to evaluate every task you have to do and make decisions. On this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Sean Coyne describes how he uses the tool and makes recommendations for best decision-making, delegation, and achievement. If you are at all struggling with making the most of the hours you’ve been given, this episode is for you.

Delegation is a skill you’ve got to learn. Here are some tips for doing it well.

One of the things the Eisenhower Matrix helps you determine is whether or not a task on your to-do list is something that YOU have to do. If not, then you need to figure out a way to delegate that task to someone else - a person on your team, a sub-contractor, a person from Fiverr - anybody but you. Sean Coyne walks through some of the most important parts of what goes into good delegation and what often causes efforts at delegation to fail, on this episode.

Increase the time you have is by establishing a “don’t do” category for tasks.

When you first look at your to-do list every day you may feel overwhelmed. It’s a natural feeling at times so don’t beat yourself up about it. BUT, many of the tasks on that list may be things that you really shouldn’t do at all. If you are able to determine what they are then you can cross them off your list immediately. On this episode, Sean Coyne unpacks a simple way to find the “don’t do” tasks on your list so you can focus your efforts on things that matter more. It’s all on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

If you are going to manage your time well, you’ve got to practice.

It’s great to learn about new tools to help you manage your time and projects - like the Eisenhower Matrix Sean shares on this episode. But if you don’t put them into practice and keep on practicing them, you’re going to wind up frustrated and worst of all, remain unproductive. No matter what your personality or bent, when the rubber meets the road you’ve simply got to do it - over and over again to be productive. Sean Coyne gives his best tips for staying at it and developing habits that can serve well over time. This one is a “must listen” episode of the show.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:00] How you can connect with Freedom Fast Lane TV.
  • [0:35] Ryan’s introduction to his friend Sean Coyne.
  • [3:29] Sean’s introduction to the Eisenhower Matrix and the basics of its use.
  • [8:00] A deeper dive into each of the categories on the matrix.
  • [10:22] Tips about applying your decisions to each quadrant on the matrix.
  • [14:14] The different way of thinking required by the tasks you must delegate.
  • [16:45] One way to determine what tasks belong in the “don’t do” category.
  • [19:14] Practice, practice, practice.
  • [20:14] The most important of the 4 categories in the Eisenhower Matrix.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Google the Eisenhower Matrix and learn the basics of how the tool works. The more you know a great system like this the more potential you have for managing your time and efforts well.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Take the time to USE a tool like the Eisenhower Matrix - regularly. Nothing Sean has shared will do you any good if you don’t employ it in your life.

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