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Cameron Herold believes that it’s relatively simple to build a successful small business these days. He’s on record saying so many different times. The reason is that the technology and tools that exist make it a fairly straightforward process for anyone who is willing to learn how to put them to good use. But beyond that, to scale a business 100 times larger takes something special and Cameron is a pro at helping entrepreneurs figure out the pieces that make it possible. On this episode, Ryan speaks with Cameron about the things that most entrepreneurs miss when it comes to building a company that is able to scale - and Cameron unloads a boatload of tips for you.

A level people will walk away from more pay in order to work for a better company.

Most entrepreneurs who want to grow their business into the stratosphere don’t understand that in order to do so they have got to get the right, capable, proven, A-level players on their team. The objection is usually that the company simply doesn’t have the money to hire people of that caliber. Cameron Herold says that the A-level players can be attracted to your team if you create a better company. They will leave a higher salary to become part of something better that is going somewhere - and that’s where you can shine. Cameron gives his insights into what it takes to build that type of company culture and how you can go about finding and attracting those A-level players, on this episode.

The leader’s job is to grow the people they are supporting.

Many owners have it all wrong when it comes to carrying out the role of leadership over their company. They think that their job is to manage, to hold people accountable, but it’s not. The main job of any leader is to grow the people on the team. When the team members are able to carry more weight, make better decisions, and move the business forward without the leader having to call the shots, everything runs more smoothly and grows at an accelerated pace. Cameron Herold unpacks what that looks like on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, so make sure you listen to get all the insights he has to share.

How you can find A level players to bring onto your team.

If you are committed to bringing A level players onto your business team you’ve got to be willing to do the work. And the work doesn’t start by putting an ad in the paper or scouring LinkedIn for candidates. The work starts by building a company culture that an A level team member would be willing and eager to join, even if you offer less money than they are making now. Cameron Herold shares how that happens in the companies he coaches and shows you how to begin taking the same kind of steps in your business, on this episode.

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Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:04] Ryan’s good news and bad news.
  • [0:45] Who is Cameron Herold and why Ryan invited him to Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016.
  • [3:19] Why Cameron says small businesses are not hard to build anymore.
  • [6:33] Why scaling a business is all about the people you build the business on.
  • [10:10] How Cameron attracts A level players and gets rid of C level players.
  • [13:27] Why people will walk away from more play for a better company to work for.
  • [15:41] The magic of making necessary meetings effective.
  • [19:12] How Cameron creates a great team culture in remote teams.
  • [24:18] What you should of if your brain doesn’t work in these kinds of structures.
  • [30:55] How to find A players for your organization.
  • [32:11] How does the organizational structure need to change to scale the business larger?
  • [35:32] What Cameron will bring to Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Understand that if you leverage the technology and tools available today you can build a successful small business. It’s much easier than it’s ever been. You have to believe it’s possible and that you are able to do it.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Begin building your team members rather than managing them. The leader’s job is to grow the people they are supporting, not hold them accountable. You need to hire people who hold themselves accountable.

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