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Predictions. Everybody has them but very few people are right. Ryan has a track record of being fairly right - sort of. And he’s trying his hand at it again. On this episode, Ryan revisits his predictions from the end of last year and makes additional predictions about what he sees coming in a variety of realms for 2017. If you want to know what he thinks is coming down the pike for Amazon sellers, in regard to the economy, and in the BASEBALL season coming up, be sure you make the time to listen.

The wild west phase of Amazon sales is over.

It used to be that anybody could create a product that sells pretty successfully on Amazon but those days are over. Not only is the market becoming more and more crowded but the bigger brands are moving in. The money they throw into the process makes it extremely difficult for the little guy to get the leverage needed to launch a new product. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can hear how Ryan suggests new sellers go about building their brand before they launch, on this episode.

What should you expect from the Trump administration in 2017?

Now that the dust has settled from the most contentious election in U.S. history, what can we expect from our President-elect and his administration? Ryan believes that Donald Trump will become a centrist President, working hard to bring people from both sides of the political spectrum to a middle ground where they can work together to make some changes. If you’d like to hear the details of how Ryan believes that move will impact foreign policy, Obamacare, and the economy, he unpacks all of it in this predictions episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

The economy is still going strong. But will it last?

In last year’s prediction episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, Ryan Daniel Moran said that he believed the economy would take a steep turn downward in 2016. It appears that he was wrong. But he continues to feel that things can’t go on unchecked as they have been. There’s too much overvaluation of companies and real estate and he doesn’t see how it can sustain itself much longer. So he’s predicting an economic decline again in 2017 - but thinks it’s going to be a good thing overall. Find out why on this episode.

New things coming from the Freedom Fast Lane team.

Moving forward the Freedom Fast Lane podcast is going to be bringing you great content and experts in business just as it has in the past. But the team is working to organize that content into seasons, where you can find certain areas of focus blocked together so that you can binge on the same area of interest all at once in one season’s content rather than have to hunt all over the website and podcast episodes to find it. More details are coming soon!

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:45] Ryan’s intro to this episode.
  • [1:59] Predictions about the Amazon sales channel.
  • [8:32] Predictions regarding the Walmart/Jet trend.
  • [9:15] How new and innovative products are going to grow in the future.
  • [10:35] A new kind of wide open west period on the horizon.
  • [12:30] 2017 will be the year of the big brand in online sales - and how it impacts you.
  • [16:07] Last year’s political and economic predictions Ryan got totally wrong!
  • [18:07] The political predictions for 2017 - Trump, centrist leadership, Obamacare.
  • [20:50] Economic predictions Ryan missed and why he’s standing by them.
  • [24:17] Ways you can buy businesses through Freedom Fast Lane’s tribe.
  • [26:19] Ryan’s predictions about BASEBALL - he got it right and what he thinks is coming in 2017.
  • [28:25] Emerging trends Ryan got right and where things are heading in 2017.
  • [32:54] Overseas policy predictions: tariffs, building a wall, and nothing to worry about.
  • [33:45] The future content production ideas coming from Freedom Fast Lane.  

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Start building an email list and community behind your niche now! You’ve got to be able to launch your brand and products with some momentum behind it in the future. You may even consider a crowdfunding platform to build interest.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Build your brand more than trying to build one-off products that sell. 2017 will be the year of the big brand and the more you can be seen AS a brand the more successful you will be.

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