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We’ve leaked another great Q&A session from Capitalism Conference 2017. Russell Brunson talked to us about building a great team and more, and we wanted to share his actionable tips with you. Here they are:


Build a team with the best people so you can do your best. Russell’s amazing at some things. He’s horrible at lots of others. That’s totally okay. He was able to grow his businesses by building a team with awesome, talented people with complementary skill sets. Just like the Avengers, they’re so effective, it seems like they do the job of ten or more people each!


Make sure your business is doing the best it can by getting the best people.


Your marketing funnels may be better than you think. If you think your funnels aren’t doing well, you might be wrong. You need to look at each of your touch-points throughout the funnel and identify which ones are bad and which ones are actually doing well. It could be a traffic issue, an ad copy issue, or something else that’s at the core of the problem, not the entire funnel.


Don’t be afraid to express vulnerability. We want to show ourselves as strong in a hyper-competitive business world. However, customers are really drawn to authenticity and vulnerability. Being able to talk about issues that are important but may also make you seem vulnerable - Russell did when discussing fertility issues - can really resonate with the public.


It was awesome listening to Russell at CapCon!


Key takeaways:

  • Build a team with the best people so you can do your best
  • Your marketing funnels may be better than you think, and
  • Don’t be afraid to express vulnerability

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