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A-Players are those people who do everything a notch or two above everyone else. And while that may not sound like such a big deal it makes a world of difference when it comes to productivity, morale, and team dynamics. Get more than one A-player on your team and the results become exponential. Russell Brunson says if was starting all over, building a business from scratch, the first thing he’d do is refine his mission and product idea, then he’d go find A-players to help him make it happen. He goes into an amazing amount of detail on what he’d do in this episode, so be sure you listen.

Finding A-players for your team is the key to amazing success.

One of the things you’ll notice about Russell Brunson is that his success seems exponential. And it is for a very simple reason: He finds and hires the very best people to be part of his team. They are the A-players, the ones who are self-motivated, incredibly good at what they do, and who buy the vision of his companies and get behind it full force. Russell says any company that is struggling is probably not building a team to begin with, and those who have are probably not finding the best players for the team. Russell knows what he’s talking about from mistakes he’s made along this line in the past. Find out how he remedied his problem and found A-players, on this episode.

An A-player is worth 30 times more than a B-player. Find them.

It’s easy to find people to do the work you need done in your company. But it’s extremely difficult to find the RIGHT people, with the RIGHT skills and attitude and drive, to do the RIGHT jobs that will move you forward. Russell Brunson says it’s absolutely vital for massive success to find the A-players who will move your company forward. They free you up to do what you do best and amplifies everything your company does. Find out how he goes about doing that on this episode.

It’s fairly consistent what it takes to get to $1M in revenue.

When Ryan described the typical FFL listener - a physical products brand owner who’s approaching or has reached $1M in sales - he asked what advice Russell would give those people about how to reach their next level of success. Russell said it’s not difficult. The same things that enable one company to go from $1M to $10M are the things other companies have to do as well. It has to do with delegation to the right team members, systems and processes, and getting out of your own way as an entrepreneur. You can hear all of Russell’s advice for owners of physical products brands in this conversation.

Will you coast to the end of the year or will you double-down and make more happen than ever?

When your business is doing well you can get complacent, feeling you can afford to sit back and watch your profits come in. But you may find that it’s not very fulfilling to do that. You’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to be creating, growing, and building something of value. What would it mean for your business if you decided to double-down on your effort until the end of the year? What if you invested in yourself and your company by getting the help and insight you need to make greater success happen? The Capitalism Conference is coming up and it’s an event that will undoubtedly be the biggest thing to happen to your business - ever. Find out more on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:22] Hanging out with Russell Brunson and how he’s made a name in sales funnels.
  • [6:53] Russell’s suggestions for physical products brands to infuse personality into their brand.
  • [9:11] Is it possible to build an audience after products are already being sold.
  • [10:36] Funnels for people who are selling physical products.
  • [14:33] Russell’s observations about what makes people stand out.
  • [20:03] How Russell is able to run so many things and get so much done.
  • [24:34] The best way Russell has found to deal with the frustrations of growth.
  • [26:46] What serves as motivation for Russell these days.
  • [29:17] Advice to get from $1M to the next level.
  • [32:00] How Russell has changed Ryan’s life: Ryan’s personal story.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Find your face, mission, and message to firmly establish your brand.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Infuse personality into your brand, even if it’s a physical products brand. People buy more from people than they do from brands.

Connect With Today’s guest: Russell Brunson

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