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take his advice to know that their trust is well-founded. You see, you don’t know if a person teaching you to make money through building a brand on Amazon - or any other money-making approach - is telling you the truth unless they prove it to you. And Ryan’s willing to do that. This episode of Freedom Fast Lane covers the income that Ryan’s businesses and investments have made in the March 2017 period as well as some lessons learned from Ryan’s experience as he’s scaling those businesses.

Relationships matter, and here’s an obvious reason why.

One of the ways that Ryan’s Foxbrim brand has been able to scale so rapidly is through connections with retail partners who are buying up mass quantities of product in anticipation of an upcoming advertising campaign. But that retail connection didn’t “just happen.” It was made possible via a relationship Ryan was able to build with one of the FFL TRIBE members who had the connection. Ryan refers to it as a million dollar relationship and expects that valuation to go up and up as time goes on. He's also got a few words to say about the value of the relationships you can build inside the TRIBE, on this episode.

Staying aligned with business partners is important. When you can’t, changes are needed.

The Body Vega brand is one that has struggled to gain and maintain significant leverage in its market and the way forward is not something that’s been easy for Ryan and his business partner to agree on. As a result of incompatible perceptions of the way forward, the two of them made the decision to part ways and Ryan is now fully in control of the brand’s future. He’s determined to take the Body Vega brand out of its doldrums and make it a profitable, powerful brand. On this episode he shares a bit of how he plans to do that, so be sure you listen.

Do you know what the end-goal of your brand building efforts are?

You may not always build a brand or platform to increase profits. Sometimes it’s about something bigger, a message or movement you want to foster or create. That’s what Ryan is doing both with Freedom Fast Lane and Those platforms do produce some revenue but every bit of it is reinvested into the messaging because getting the concepts they are promoting in front of as many people as possible is what they end-goal is. Do you know what the end-goal of your brand building is? You’ll be inspired to hear how Ryan is going about it, on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:26] The 1.4 to 1.5 million dollar month!
  • [2:56] How a relationship within the FFL Tribe enabled Ryan’s retail sales.
  • [4:02] Update on the Body Vega brand.
  • [5:42] The progress of Foxbrim and how to leverage a brand toward higher pricing.
  • [9:49] The Freedom Fast Lane and Capitalism brands.
  • [11:42] Business Investments: Target is in Ryan’s sights.
  • [12:56] Personal growth: Hiring, firing, and team building lessons.
  • [16:40] Amazon’s attempts to take on more of the global retail landscape.

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