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Today is a rant-isode on the pursuit of happiness as well as an update on Ryan’s life and businesses.


Have you been wondering what’s in the works for Tune in for Ryan’s break down of his personal goals as well as the direction he’s taking for


Key Takeaways

[1:56] Calm magnesium calcium tea is today’s beverage of choice while Ryan experiment to give up coffee.


Will you just keep winning? [2:30] Ryan speaks to the strange delusion that entrepreneurs who have big success tend to believe they will just naturally keep on crushing it. NOPE.


The year after selling his last business was met with a few acquisitions and some seriously humbling moments. It then took one solid year of wound licking to find his voice again and decide on the direction of


Change of pace [4:06] under the channel, the podcast will now follow a 3 times a week program broken into 3 themes:


1. Mondays: The One Percent — interviews and events.

2. Wednesday: Wednesdays with Wyan — behind the scenes of Ryan teaching and non-business related chats (therapy, bio-hacks, illegal drugs, God, faith and religion, Trump, North Korea, 2020 election).

3. Friday: Freedom Fast Lane — audience submissions, Q&A, old episodes, etc. (Be on the show! Or submit your questions at

The future of TOP [6:50] In the real world as opposed to the Internet marketing world, 10 million businesses are the equivalent of just starting out… Ryan aims at talking to more people that are successful outside of Internet marketing: The One Percenters from all industries.

Send some suggestions of people to talk to that have a net worth above 10 million dollars but aren’t talking about it… ryan@

The biggest shift [10:00] C-Money helped Ryan see how selfish he is in business and in life. And though people tend to disagree, he always has had that voice asking “when am I going to get mine” and some of that is healthy, but building a tribe requires actual selfless generosity.

Happiness as a biological survival mechanism [13:44] Ryan has a new theory that biologically we are wired to survive, and happiness is what occurs when your brain thinks it’s doing it. So what is the best way for us to survive and increase happiness? Ryan explains giving without expectation as a mechanism for tribe unicity and standing.

Pursuing happiness [16:34] Ryan has distilled the 2 ways for him to pursue happiness as opposed to the things he believes will make him happy.

1. Service — giving without expectation.

2. Sleep — enter the coffee fast.

BBP [20:39] Max Kerwick and Ryan have moved the Brand Builder Podcast to its own channel now! Make sure to subscribe to the channel.

Shifting away from selfishness [22:27] this is Ryan’s current attempt at getting back to what business should be — making sure your customers get what they want — as opposed to how rich you can get, or how little you have to do:

- Reimburse training course clients after they complete the program.

- Divert some facebook advertisement funding for an entrepreneur scholarship or investment fund.

All selfishness is fear based — no one who is truly happy is selfish.

Xenu’s secret plan [26:58] You can 3 step your way to a million, but after that you have to become a different entrepreneur — there is no recipe or plan for going beyond that.

In that vein, Ryan has begun putting together a curriculum for the backroom that aims at getting entrepreneurs ready and upgraded to take their own business beyond the million.

Wine With Wyan on the Woad [29:01] Ryan has a traditionally published book called 12 months to 1 million coming out in May 2020 and he will probably tour for it, but he’d really like to try his hand at touring earlier than that… If anyone listening can gather 50 business people, Ryan would gladly take his show on the road and go talk, drink and record with you!

Also, where do you guys consume live content?

@ryanmoranWant to join the team? [33:19] will be looking for a full time “Podcast Manager” position, he explains what he’s looking for in terms of skill.

Also a “Head of Special Projects” for all the fun side projects… and a private equity partner, eventually!

[35:05] Not everything is going well, but Ryan realises that even if everything was going perfectly, his happiness would be the same as it is now, so the trick is really to seek happiness.

Thank you for listening, it means the world.

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