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There are many great success stories from the people who have gone through our Freedom Fast Lane process to build and grow a successful business. But Ralph Clesca’s story is one of Ryan’s favorites just because he’s done everything so diligently and with a savvy that’s uncommon. When Ralph decided to join the FFL community his business was already pulling in around $30K per month. But after he joined it went from there to $80K per month within the next 9 months. That’s an amazing growth spurt and one Ralph attributes to what he’s learned from the FFL courses and involvement. On this episode Ralph shares his story and how it’s moving him to a new chapter in his life and business.

A concept that changed Ralph’s perspective and multiplied his business growth.

Once a business begins to generate income and see a profit it’s very easy to add things and processes to how things work that make it more complicated, and therefore more burdensome. One of the things Ralph Clesca was able to do was to keep things simple. But he didn’t do it simply for the sake of simplicity, but to allow him the time to focus on the most important things. He discovered that when he focused most of his efforts on the 20% of things that produced 80% of his revenue, amazing growth was the result. Hear how Ralph applied that concept in his business and how you can do the same thing, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

The key things in growing an Amazon based product business.

One of the first things Ralph Cleska gleaned from the Freedom Fast Lane courses he took was that in order to grow and scale an Amazon private label business there are two things that are more important than anything. #1 - Get product reviews. That enables potential customers to feel comfortable with your brand through the social proof of other satisfied customers. #2 - Get more sales. As you sell more products, Amazon ranks you higher, which makes you more noticeable to potential customers. It’s a wonderful cycle that starts and grows the business exponentially. On this episode you can hear the results Ralph had from that narrow focus and how you can apply it to your own business.

Making the decision to put the business on autopilot instead of growing it larger.

When Ralph Cleska’s business hit $1 million in sales per year, he realized that he had a very important decision to make. He could keep working to grow the business even larger (which was very possible), or he could hire out people to run it and grow it for him and put his attention on causes that mattered more to him. The business became a vehicle to fund his life while giving him the time to focus on something that could produce good in the world. That’s what he’s doing through the launch of a second business that is aimed at saving the planet. Seriously. You can hear how Ralph’s doing it on this episode.

Targeting an audience that cares about the things you care about.

The second business Ralph Cleska has started is a niche business focusing on organic skin care products. He knows that people who care about that approach to skin care are very loyal and very dedicated to the brands they use. He also knows that people from that demographic are also very concerned about the environment, so he’s using his focus on saving the planet as the “why” behind his business and will make that cause front and center as he launches his brand. His belief is that when people with the same “why” as he has are exposed to his products, they will become his natural and enthusiastic customers. Learn more about this approach to building and launching a brand, on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:03] Ryan’s introduction of Ralph Clesca and his incredible Freedom Fast Lane success story.
  • [1:26] How you can get access to a Freedom Fast Lane free training.
  • [2:27] Ralph’s current situation and where he’s headed.
  • [4:09] What Ralph desires from his current cash flow business: becoming disruptive.
  • [6:14] The journey to this kind of success over the course of two years.
  • [12:58] Why getting sales and reviews are the most important thing to focus on.
  • [15:16] The power of building an email list as soon as possible.
  • [16:38] Why Ralph knew that he wanted to pivot out of his cash flow business.
  • [22:21] The process of developing a “disruptor” business.
  • [26:36] The launch process Ralph is following this time.
  • [28:53] Getting fans on board to launch a product with huge momentum.
  • [31:30] What happens when your customers buy into your “why.”
  • [32:51] How Ralph locates his target customers.
  • [36:19] When the audience is big enough and when to launch.
  • [38:42] The things Ralph has learned from Freedom Fast Lane that make the most difference.
  • [45:11] Ralph kept things very simple and focused on what would produce the most revenue.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Keep things very simple. Focus on the 20% of what you have to do that brings the MOST profit. Do more of that and let everything else go if need be.

FOR GETTING STARTED: Take a step every day toward what you’re wanting to accomplish. Don’t let a day go by without it. Step by step you climb the mountain.

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